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Blue-Haired Muslim by HelenaWon
Blue-Haired Muslimby Helena Won
Raised as a Christian, Samuel Maximus Jameson Junior felt a close bond with the religion his mother had introduced him to. After her tragic passing, he continued to adhe...
The Dangers of Islam: The Terrorist by HelenaWon
The Dangers of Islam: The Terroristby Helena Won
Dawood Khan, an American Muslim soldier in the US Army, had been an outsider for a good portion of his life. His Islamic identity was something he cherished, but others...
The Dangers of Islam: The Imam by HelenaWon
The Dangers of Islam: The Imamby Helena Won
Nedim looked at the young teen in front of him and called out, "Khadijah." "I know what you're going to say, Imam Nedim. You'll tell me to have...
The Mughal's Magician (On Hold) by HelenaWon
The Mughal's Magician (On Hold)by Helena Won
Momin Cheema was what the world called a "Prepper." He was sure that something big would happen soon in the world and he had to be ready. His backpack was sola...