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Two to Four [KaiShin & SaguHei] by iamministarkrogers
Two to Four [KaiShin & SaguHei]by Peter Stark
Uh... It turns out to be a foursome relationship. ::>_<:: I'm a Saguru and Heiji shipper. ^^ As well as KaiShin. This is rated M! Just in case I put something that...
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Soulmates [SaguKai] by iamministarkrogers
Soulmates [SaguKai]by Peter Stark
Hakuba Saguru attended one of Kaitou KID's heist, Midnight's Nightmare, to find out that both of them are soulmates. Read at your own risk.
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Girlock Holmes (A Detective Conan FanFic) by FeatheredFox
Girlock Holmes (A Detective Conan...by FeatheredFox
After over hearing a evil plan from the feared Black Organization. Emma Holmes, the great great great granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes, travels to Japan in search of Shi...
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Detective Conan/ Case Closed Boyfrind scenarios  by Poogiebear2006
Detective Conan/ Case Closed Boyfr...by 𝕄𝕪𝕒~ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕟 🦄
¤ Shinichi Kudo ¤ Kaito Kuroba ¤ Heji Hattori ¤ Saguru Hakuba ¤ Conan Edogawa (sometimes) Imagine what it would be like if you were one of your favorite characters g...
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Boyfriend [SaguHei] by iamministarkrogers
Boyfriend [SaguHei]by Peter Stark
'Saguru giggled and Heiji had never heard anything so beautiful before. Shit. He's screwed.' Read on to find out what happened!
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Trust Faith (A Detective Conan fanfiction) by JadeNightTheWriter
Trust Faith (A Detective Conan fan...by JadeNightTheWriter
A new student comes to Teitan Elementary School, and something is different about her. She's like Haibara, secretive, smart, sarcastic, and way to smart for an ordinary...
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Forever Yours (AiCon) by SieHan
Forever Yours (AiCon)by Sie
The Book 2 of Confused Feelings More drama and revelations to come. Enjoy. I am so not good at story description haha. Previously NUMBER 1 ON THIS/THESE TAGS #Sonoko #Ko...
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Kaitou Kid One-Shots by NoraHanson1
Kaitou Kid One-Shotsby NoraHanson1
I already completed two stories of my favorite Phantom Thief below the Moonlight! Since I still have too many ideas roaming around in my brain which are impossible to br...
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Confused Feelings (CoAi Story) by SieHan
Confused Feelings (CoAi Story)by Sie
Previously Number 1 On These Tags -Shinichi -Shiho -Kaito -Heiji Yes, basically my main characters LMAO. Haibara Ai and Edogawa Conan or Shiho/Sherry and Shinichi's Fan...
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Kaitou KID One Shots 2 by NoraHanson1
Kaitou KID One Shots 2by NoraHanson1
(Isn't that cosplay the best of KID ever?!) Here I shall continue to post various one to three shots. All of that is either daily funny ideas I have or ships with Shin-c...
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Private Eye from London『名探偵 コナン Detective Conan Fanfiction』 by Agent4869_747
Private Eye from London『名探偵 コナン De...by さくら
The death of Satsuki Hisaki's parents was shrouded in pure mystery. The news claimed that their deaths were caused by lowly thieves who were psychotic, but the evidences...
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Complete by NoraHanson1
Completeby NoraHanson1
*Completed* To be honest I had the idea after reading a quote book and am actually really glad I recharged my inspiration. (Thanks a lot @mitzishin~) What happens once t...
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Roommates by blackismycolor31
Roommatesby •Blackismycolor•
Kazuha is going to study abroad, and she is going to live in an apartment with someone that she doesn't know, and that someone is Heiji. They fight a lot, bicker a lot...
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[Chuyển Ver/Edit]Chinh phục tứ đại ác ma by HarukoToyama
[Chuyển Ver/Edit]Chinh phục tứ đại...by Kang Dayeon
Tuổi trẻ chắc hẳn chúng ta cũng đã trải qua đôi lần, những tình huống không thể từ quyết định được, không thể làm gì khác được mà phải làm những điều mình không thích, c...
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(Shinran) Từ bạn thân của nhau , trở thành người yêu của nhau by Kawazuzakura
(Shinran) Từ bạn thân của nhau , t...by Mori Ran
Fic mới câu chuyện kể về 1 cậu bé cùng với 1 cô bé chơi rất thân từ nhỏ . Học cùng nhau trong cùng 1 lớp 1 trường . 2 gia đình của cô cậu rất thân với nhau , họ luôn đc...
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Detective Conan Quotes by ChristaSS123
Detective Conan Quotesby Golden Stake
The title said it all.
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You Lied To Me // Detective Conan/Case Closed by jailrose1987
You Lied To Me // Detective Conan...by Jail Rose [ON HIATUS]
[[ UNDER REVISION ]] {COMPLETED} {PREQUEL OF "BLACK ORGANIZATION'S HUNT FOR SHINICHI"} Conan has only two goals: To protect his relatives and friends, and to t...
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Detective Conan: Two New Shrunken Detectives by _virgilsanders
Detective Conan: Two New Shrunken...by Virgil Sanders
Two new kids, Anais Marie and Axel Romero, come to Conan's elementary school. The problem is is that they look familiar to him and are also really mature for their age...
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( Longfic ) ( Shinran ) ( Kaiao ) ( Heika ) Tình yêu đích thực by Kawazuzakura
( Longfic ) ( Shinran ) ( Kaiao )...by Mori Ran
Đây là fic đầu tiên mình viết về các Cặp trong thám tử lừng danh Conan . Mình sẽ viết cặp Shinichi với Ran , Kaito với Aoko , Heiji với Kazuha . Nên mong mọi người ủng...
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Detective Conan / Magic Kaito 1412: The Phantom Thief, Kaitou Siren! by Neko1290
Detective Conan / Magic Kaito 1412...by Shin-chan
The new partner of Kaito Kid, introducing Kaito Siren! The secretive charming teenager who Kaito's mother, Phantom lady, recommended. Kaito Siren is secretive, mysteriou...
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