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Coco One Shots (Discontinued) by SwirlieGummy
Coco One Shots (Discontinued)by Sunny Moon Lol xD
Coco movie one shots! I don't own the movie or characters! I only own my own one shots, thank you! I have quit this account and discontinuing this, goodbye!)
Let's make music by ghostlyprogram
Let's make musicby ghostlyprogram
a miguel x reader and hector sees reader as daughter. when miguel meets a girl at the plaza whilst shining shoes he says a little too much about his passion and somethin...
The world es mi familia  (sequel) by ghostlyprogram
The world es mi familia (sequel)by ghostlyprogram
(y/n) and Miguel are still dating but they are still a new couple what happens when her uncle returns with a deal from Ernesto de la cruz both seeking revenge? Will Migu...
Un Poco Loco (ON HOLD) by ghostlyprogram
Un Poco Loco (ON HOLD)by ghostlyprogram
You were a normal girl living in Mexico and singing/ dancing was your passion. You lived in a small town which unfortunately meant one thing... You knew all the men. Yo...
Hector X Reader by EmilyWrites7612
Hector X Readerby EmilyWrites7612
You meet a man in a blind date from your friend Imelda hooking you up and you actually like him but playing hard to get may be good idea but what secrets do you two hold...
[DISCONTINUED] (Read desc) by RowenDoesThings
[DISCONTINUED] (Read desc)by dead - go to link
This story is being continued in another book. I am keeping this book to compare how much I have grown in writing. To read the rest of this story, search: The Cacoethes...
The Boy In Red (ON HOLD) by ghostlyprogram
The Boy In Red (ON HOLD)by ghostlyprogram
When you meet Miguel Rivera at dia Los muertos (A year after the incident) you fall hard and fast. But his doppelganger Marco de la Cruz also competes for your affection...