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Forlorn  by Lyla_194
Forlorn by 🚫
I found I believed I loved then... i was forsaken. JONGIN × SEHUN KAIHUN
  • jongin
  • heart-warming
  • fanfic
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Reincarnated as the Demon King's Daughter by Tranquill_Sea
Reincarnated as the Demon King's D...by Tranquill_Sea
Basically those romance/betrayal Chinese novels, Isekai Japanese novels, and reborn as __ 's daughter Korean novels all bunched up together. Gone ̶y̶a̶n̶d̶e̶r̶e̶ Wron...
  • shoujo
  • fluff
  • complexplot
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The Scars I Bare (By The Bay #2) by authorjlberg
The Scars I Bare (By The Bay #2)by J.L. Berg
My life was adrift... Until I found her. Broken and bruised from an accident that nearly took my life, Cora was the nurse who cared for me. She not only tended to my wou...
  • standalone
  • heart-warming
  • nurse
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Shaamphilic's Immature by shaamphilic
Shaamphilic's Immatureby SRIJAN ARYA
Hello, this is Argh. I'm 16 and I love a girl named Nikiita. She is a brilliant student of maths. See how we met we fell for each other with drama. Will our mutual feeli...
  • girlfriend
  • boyxgirl
  • cheating
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☆︎King|Michael Jackson Imagines ~Vol.1~♡︎ by youngdaggerthighs
☆︎King|Michael Jackson Imagines ~V...by ~JAHATEMYTHIGHSHOE~
The title says it all!😊 (all eras) doing Vol.2 when I do like a thousand of these!❤️-YJ💕
  • love
  • heart-warming
  • completed
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The Gates of Magic. by SantanaGuimbellot
The Gates of Magic.by Santana Guimbellot
Alora Bloom and her mother live along the gates of the magical realm and the human realm. It is said that the gates are the most dangerous place because anyone can come...
  • faery
  • fantasy
  • heartbreak
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The Mistakes I've Made (By the Bay #4) by authorjlberg
The Mistakes I've Made (By the Bay...by J.L. Berg
Keep your friends close... And your enemies closer. I knew Leilani Hart was trouble from the minute she stepped foot into our small town. With her big city ideas and h...
  • friendstolovers
  • happilyeverafter
  • enemiestolovers
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Lover Boy by sstargazerr
Lover Boyby sstargazerr
"You have a month to make her fall in love with you, and once she does, crush her heart. Destroy her." "Alright, easy." "If you don't complete y...
  • love
  • happy
  • romance
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Even If You're Hated, I'd Still Be Loving You by NattyChris
Even If You're Hated, I'd Still Be...by NattyChris
The love story about a couple. Warm, sweet, funny compilation sketchs about their first meeting to their daily life as a married couple.
  • fiksiremaja
  • teenromance
  • wattpad
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Hope Loving Son  by MayraLagunas9
Hope Loving Son by Mayra Lagunas
A story in a poem I challenge you to find out What the story is about. Does the good outweigh the bad Hope is a.... What is the story Who are the characters Is their...
  • crying
  • suicide
  • lgbtpride
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《Moi-même》 by PewlaKitty
《Moi-même》by ~MK~
☄☄☄|| Moi-même || --> French for "myself" 《💕 Just a book about me and my life 💕》 Ft. Updates on my books, short stories, poems and artwork
  • highschool
  • movie
  • biography
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Your feelings  by Alexi2153
Your feelings by Alexi
Quotes or sometimes short stories that will make your heart touched
  • firststory
  • love
  • wattpadauthors
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Chasing Her by winterlust-
Chasing Herby 😈
Emily Valentine and Grayson Black. Aside from couple stolen glances between the popular high school students they've never officially met. But Grayson has always had a...
  • teenromance
  • newbook
  • badboy
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Fatherly Love. by LeAuthor09
Fatherly Love.by LeAuthor09
A story about a certain Fennec Fox who encounters an interesting puppy, who then lives with and grows up with for the rest of their lives. - In development. - I'm back...
  • sadness
  • newstory
  • furryfandom
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A villain love story Todoroki X Deku by s_and_s-9
A villain love story Todoroki X De...by s_and_s-9
Deku and Todoroki go to the same school one day they had a race with bakugou and kirishima they ran into each other and from there on things got interesting. After a few...
  • lovers
  • love
  • my-hero-academia
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To Love Again by writtenbyarsh
To Love Againby WrittenbyArsh
Grayson Xavier Knight, Sicily's famous bachelor billionaire sweetheart. He isn't your typical male player, he is just trying to find love, someone who can fix his broken...
  • broken
  • heart-warming
  • firstbook
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↳ your letter | 📝 by ahxyeong
↳ your letter | 📝by v
in which a girl who is hopelessly in love writes letters giving reasons why she liked him. inspired by: ↳ @pinkajoon
  • crush
  • heart-warming
  • ship
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Saccharine Scenarios by mellifluousmeows
Saccharine Scenariosby Lol
These short segments of text are truly just imagines, but I could not resist the alliteration in the title! To honor the title though, I will definitely follow through o...
  • scenarios
  • sweet
  • cute
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The Very First Boy I've ever Loved  by svmphoniaIX
The Very First Boy I've ever Loved by delilah
Gage A. Spring That's what his name tag reads. I feel like throwing up.
  • teenlove
  • college
  • comedy-romance
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The Lies I've Told (By the Bay #3) by authorjlberg
The Lies I've Told (By the Bay #3)by J.L. Berg
I thought I had it all figured out... And then he showed up. Growing up in a small town, I had one singular goal - get the heck out. After high school graduation, I nev...
  • romancestories
  • secretsrevealed
  • artist
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