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QISMAT💞 by haya12fatima4
QISMAT💞by hayyaaa
Its all about fate....what will happen when a man who is just focused on his work, and is a big director meets a broken girl who is a small artist actor and has started...
Marrying the Terror by Shakti555
Marrying the Terrorby K S V Sindhu/Shakti5555
He is handsome, rich, and influential. And a terror to everyone he knows. No one dares to speak against him. Love is something he doesn't believe. For him, every relatio...
A Journey From Revenge To Love! (Completed) by JyotiiD
A Journey From Revenge To Love! (C...by ଜ୍ୟୋତ୍ତି ଦାସ
Well this is a love story started from a revenge and ended in love! A revenge-love story! He was boy whose ego matters the most. She was caring and always wanted to run...
NOW & FOREVER I Completed|√ by crazychocolate_16
NOW & FOREVER I Completed|√by 🖤
||RANKED 1 IN ROMANCE||✓ ||STAND ALONE BOOK||✓ ||A sweet romance which will melt your heart.||
But that's how Love is.  by independentlover
But that's how Love is. by love_loves_to_love
416 in Romance on 11.12.2016 This is the story of our "unperfect heroin" Anika. She was fondly known "her Hero's Anika" because of all her fantasies...
My Innocent Love by TunesOfHeart
My Innocent Loveby Author Neha
Novella to MY INNOCENT LOVE (TOLD IN MALE LEADS POV). If you can breathe - you can fight. Raisha's illness is not what defines her. The community she hails from tell he...
Falling in love with Mr.Arrogant by zohaar
Falling in love with Mr.Arrogantby freya
"So are you taking revenge from me. Isn't it?" She asked in a whisper. He stood up from his position and leaned towards her ear and whispered, with a devilish...
You are Beautiful (Completed)✔ by Shakti5555
You are Beautiful (Completed)✔by K S V SINDHU
#Only Sample is available on Wattpad. Book was removed from Wattpad. #1 in Chicklit #1 in fightback #6 in inspiration Life is something which doesn't happen according...
MFS2: Beyond Repair by VibrantMask
MFS2: Beyond Repairby Vibrant Mask
[Modern Fairytale Series 2: Beauty and the Beast] Sometimes, the beast inside our minds had to come out to put walls to protect our beautiful heart. Meet Bella; the girl...
My Mute Love by m0neyangel
My Mute Loveby Money
"Listen Arya you are my lovely daughter. You know i love u whatever i will decide for you is best for you. I want you to go to Dubai to serve my master"
Filling their voids by ruplaksa
Filling their voidsby Rup laksa
What happens when two people whose worlds are completely different collide with eachother???? Her current world is a small town , she is waiting for her teacher posting...
Life by m0neyangel
Lifeby Money
This story is real life story. How money had to marry a boy she never met before. She decided to give it a try. And you need to read this to find out whether she made it...
ATTACHMENT- The Unspoken Fear by BookPhilos
ATTACHMENT- The Unspoken Fearby Arya
The thing about life is that it's unpredictable. You never really know what you gonna find round the corner. Life says love with all your heart. Experiences say love is...
Smile  by PJmystery911
Smile by PJ
Peter doesn't care but Bella knows that no side is right. Cyborgs aren't better than humans. Cyborgs aren't less than humans. Cyborgs aren't equal to humans. She isn't...
Their Beautiful Journey by Rasanjanee
Their Beautiful Journeyby Rasanji
Highest rank - #19 in General Fiction 01.12.2016 She was a loving, caring, bubbly girl who believed that love can change everyone. He was a ruthless, arrogant, cold- hea...