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Belladonna Dust Daughter of Hades AU by turtleangel10
Belladonna Dust Daughter of Hades...by turtleangel10
Hades daughter raised by my most favorite ship RadioDust from my favorite thing to watch on Youtube. Hazbin Hotel. Inspired by the Hazbin Hotel Comics and the Angel Dust...
Reaper ( Husk X Reader ) by 8Murphy8
Reaper ( Husk X Reader )by Hopeless Romantic
[ COMPLETED BUT UNDERGOING GRAMMAR EDITING] You are the famous Grim Reaper. You are feared by angels and demons. The only beings more powerful than you are Lucifer and G...
Through Life, Through Death: Alastor x Reader by 221b_blogger101
Through Life, Through Death: Alast...by Anna || they/them
When his death took you from him, it was only fair for your death brought him back to you. Through life, through death, you would always be by each others side. ~~~ All...
Alastor x Female Oneshots(REQUEST OPEN) by bookwriter1235
Alastor x Female Oneshots(REQUEST...by Britt
Alastor x Female Oneshots (REQUEST ARE OPEN) There will NOT be: Father! Alastor x Child! Reader Alastor x Child! Reader Alastor x OC Reader Alastor x Mother! Reader #1 i...
Fallout reader x hazbin hotel (harem) by Thfhfhcth
Fallout reader x hazbin hotel (har...by Christopher Peterson
y/n L/n someone who's gone through the wastes many times over even through the commonwealth and new vegas he has a preference as to were he stayed that being the capital...
Test subject by Mysterious_Klein
Test subjectby ✦Jewels✦
Lucifer is said to have been born in a laboratory and is now utilized as a test subject. He once trusted a scientist only to be misled; since then, he has grown to loath...
Alastor x Fem!Reader by Sassy-Fox
Alastor x Fem!Readerby Sassy Fox
the reader is a demon like Husk, minus the wings and feathers. you can choose the animal, but you wear clothes. Cover art by yours truly :3
Unexpected love<   (Alastor x fem reader)     by toasty817
Unexpected love< (Alastor x fem...by toasty<3
Hi, this is a hazbin hotel fanfic- im not sure what im going to do yet. This will be a alastor x fem reader. Im just gonna go will the flow and see how it goes (it will...
Izuku Midoriya-The Green Demon  by HayateAnaguma
Izuku Midoriya-The Green Demon by Hayate Anaguma
From something beyond his control, Izuku Midoriya was treated like a plague in the world Having so much anger for the Heroes and the society who treat the innocents like...
*•~Little doe~•* {Alastor x deer reader}  by SweetAngel888
*•~Little doe~•* {Alastor x deer r...by *~•{Sweet Angel}•~*
A not to slow slow burn between you and Alastor. Are you innocent or just as guilty as your lover? In all seriousness I'm horrible at summaries so please bare with me. Y...
Never Sinned  by Codegeass2023
Never Sinned by Codegeass2023
Y/n L/n is a good person, he is friendly to people, and had a loving family. Never did any drugs or hurt people till tragedy struck. Y/n was killed in a cross fire leavi...
Redemption (Hazbin Hotel x Male Angel Reader) by floridaman813
Redemption (Hazbin Hotel x Male An...by Lucian
Y/N is an angel, therefore, he is Lucifer's brother, and Princess Charlie's uncle. He decided to visit his brother when he heard of his niece's birth, and when God heard...
Arséne Lupin of Hell. (Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss ) by Zenodarkness98
Arséne Lupin of Hell. (Hazbin Hote...by Zenodarkness98
Waking up in line to hell, with no memory of why or how. He only knows how to steal, plan, and disappear into the wind. Follow a hellhound who takes on the name of the g...
The Lamb In Hell by ClickCryptic
The Lamb In Hellby CrypticScript
When a Cult sacrifices you to Hell, a place which you've never believed - though you grew up in a religious family. So, imagine your surprise when you wind up in hell...
Bosses daughter (Blitzø daughter) ON HOLD by TripWire3
Bosses daughter (Blitzø daughter)...by I’m in your walls
Hi, I'm Vespa, I'm Blitzø's biological daughter, my mom verosika was pregnant with me when they broke up, she didn't have the time to take care of me, to busy singing an...
this is when Lucifer fall in love with [Y/n] when they're still in heaven, he tried to confess but during his confession he quickly change the subject because he misunde...
Hazbin Hotel-Helluva Boss Girls x Male Angel Reader by Storyzaya
Hazbin Hotel-Helluva Boss Girls x...by ZAYA
After learning the dark truth about the extermination day in Hell, the Embassy casts you out to prevent word of this from ever spreading throughout Heaven. Although you...
The Muse (Hazbin Hotel) [Slow Updates] by Chanelypop
The Muse (Hazbin Hotel) [Slow Upda...by . . . 𝒞𝒽𝒶𝓃𝑒𝓁 . . .
"So What About His Broad? What's Her Deal?" "They Call Her The Muse. She Fell Down With Alastor, Stood By His Side With A Small, Twisted Smile On Her Face...
The Radio Kids. (Hazbin Hotel Fanfiction)  by MidnightViolex
The Radio Kids. (Hazbin Hotel Fanf...by Marcus
*UPDATES WHENEVER POSSIBLE* (Chapter 31 uploaded on April 29th, 2024) Ah, the stock market crash of 1929... One of the hardest times in American History. People left and...
The Gamer Demon, Hazbin hotel x Male Oc by TheCrimsonWrath
The Gamer Demon, Hazbin hotel x Ma...by TheCrimsonWrath
In the depths of Hell, where chaos reigns and redemption seems like a distant dream, Kurama emerges as an enigmatic figure. Once a renowned video game designer in the mo...