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recovery ✧ h. grier by -aestheticbieber
recovery ✧ h. grierby jay
❝even though I never said anything, I still cared. I saw everything.❞ ❝what is this?❞ ❝It was to say I'm sorry. To say I made a mistake.❞ - WARNING: I started writing th...
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"Best Friends" by bookprodigy_
"Best Friends"by bookprodigy_
I was destined for heartbreak. I came to the realization, that my previous feelings for him, were not only still alive, but the intensity between us, would make or brea...
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F A M E »Hayes Grier Fanfic« by hayesg_is_the_bae
F A M E »Hayes Grier Fanfic«by Mrs. Grier
Mia Davis...the most popular perfect girl at Wilson Gray High School. Everyone wants to be her or be with her. She dates the jock of the school and is the cheer captain...
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Drug Money by Hayeslol200
Drug Moneyby Hayeslol200
Hi I'm Mack and I just joined college and awesome things that change my entire college experience. Now it's full of being used, drugs, and death. Sounds fun huh, the tru...
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Playing Games with The Player: GAME OVER (Sequal to PGWTP) by VictoriaFoster0
Playing Games with The Player: GAM...by Victoria Foster
When the past begins to haunt Nash, everything finally comes into place for Gabby. She finds herself all over again, but as things are going well, she has no idea what a...
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a long way from home (Hayes fanfic) by eringracelouise
a long way from home (Hayes fanfic)by eringracelouise
Samantha is in an adopting agency and to her luck is adopted she's shy at first whilst meeting everyone but when she meet the next door neighbors (the griers) she can't...
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A Change for the Better (Hayes Grier fanfic) by mollyr1717
A Change for the Better (Hayes Gri...by mollyr1717
15 year old molly hates the Grier boys . but when she moves from New York to North Carolina, she finds out she is in a bunch of hayes' classes. what happens when she mee...
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the summer of '09 (Hayes Grier fan fic) by hayesglow
the summer of '09 (Hayes Grier fan...by hayesglow
Based upon a true story- my story. Expect Hayes Grier wasn't actually involved in it. I love you Jason ❤️ Mayce is an average teenager in love with a boy named Jason L...
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Sudden by okokwriting
Suddenby okokwriting
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Best friends or more by Its_me_briana
Best friends or moreby Its_me_briana
A girl name annah and hayes been friends since 1st grade. Until they go to a party and play truth or dare. Do they leave as a couple our just friends?
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Next door to the Griers by Emmahargraves
Next door to the Griersby Emmahargraves
This story is about Emma Johnson. A 14 year old who lives an amazing life in New York, with her parents and her 16 year old sister Victoria. One day she finds out terrib...
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Lucky #7 (Hayes Grier Fanfiction) by lovelygriers
Lucky #7 (Hayes Grier Fanfiction)by -
>> "Perhaps all we needed was just a bit of luck." Hayes Grier Fanfiction ...
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falling into your arms by __magcon__fanfics__
falling into your armsby __magcon__fanfics__
a girl named Peyton Woods moves to a new house and starts a new life and meets a boy named Hayes Grier and the two spend time together and eventually fall in love. Peyto...
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The new or old Hayes by lolodajon
The new or old Hayesby LOLO
This book is about a 17 year old girl qho gets bullied by Hayes Grier,but which Hayes will she fall for her old bestfriend Hayes or the bihhest new jerk of the school ye...
Learn to love || Hayes Grier by coffeeremix
Learn to love || Hayes Grierby Del M
Morgan was one of the most popular girls in school. She had all, the pretty face, perfect body, tons of friends, straight A's. To top it off she was dating the hottest g...
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New School, New Life by 5secondsofkaila
New School, New Lifeby kimmy
This story is about a girl who moves this new town because of he mother being transferred from work and expects everything to be the same as where she use to live. When...
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Leave?leave. by Skyes-imagines
Leave?leave.by Skyes-imagines
This fanfic is about Hayes and You (I). You are both in high school. 17years old now. It was just Hayes Birthday... N stuff happens ;). Have fun reading. Ily babes. Haye...
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Why? A Hayes Grier FanFiction by grieromq
Why? A Hayes Grier FanFictionby grieromq
13 year old Abby hasn't experienced true love until she moved to North Carolina after her parents separated. But her whole life is about to change. When she runs into to...
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Forever ? //A Hayes Grier fanfiction// by hayeswifeyhere_xx
Forever ? //A Hayes Grier fanficti...by hayeswifeyhere_xx
There was 6 bestfriends .....nothing can ruin their friendship . Everything was going well until things started to go down hill for one of them and everything just went...
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