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BNHA - Deku's Hypnotic Adventure by Ambivert_Author
BNHA - Deku's Hypnotic Adventureby Ambivert_Author
Midoriya gained a new power and decided to test it out on the girls. Yeah that's about it. Inspired by another story but I am too broke to view the whole series, so I d...
Unlovable-Tsuyu x Fem! Reader [DISCONTINUED] by Bees_goBuzzBuzz
Unlovable-Tsuyu x Fem! Reader [DIS...by Bee
••STORY IS CURRENTLY DISCONTINUED•• (Y/N) (L/N) was born in a world where everyone had a black mark where their soulmate would first touch them. Many people had marks on...
The Robotic Hero: Kinetic  |  My Hero Academia x OC by Corn_Husk
The Robotic Hero: Kinetic | My H...by Compressify
Yuno Kenshi, A boy with unnatural strength gets into UA and his loveable personality brings friendship to all. But daily life problems as well as those with dastardly vi...
Mum? Mei Hatsume just appeared in the bathroom  by jezza1234567
Mum? Mei Hatsume just appeared in...by Jez the Nejire simp
You are a normal person, in a normal world, no powers, magic or quirks to speak of. That is until you are thrown into an adventure after every weeb's favourite inventor...
Towards Change (UA Staff Chat) by duhhwhat
Towards Change (UA Staff Chat)by Mysterious Avocado
"All Might.... Can I- Can I become a hero without a quirk?...." The brawny figure looked at the fear-filled yet extremely determined green eyes and sighed.
Nezu's Private Class by CrunchyEnby
Nezu's Private Classby CrunchyEnby
A story about 3 students that Nezu has grown fond of. Something that can't be good for anyone. Izuku Midoriya is the first quirkless student to get into the UA hero cour...
Zero Gravity [BNHA X Naruto]  by HanamiQueen
Zero Gravity [BNHA X Naruto] by Hanami
[ Sakura Haruno as Ochaco Uraraka's replacement.] She was an anomaly in a world filled with supernatural abilities, called 'quirk's'. She didn't fit in at all. The one t...
Iron Man: My Hero Academia Season 1 by Fireheartsage
Iron Man: My Hero Academia Season 1by Fireheartsage
After Tony Stark snapped, saving the world in Avengers Endgame, his soul was given a strange mission before it could pass on, go to another world and teach someone to be...
Life always finds away. (MHA x Reader) by Memelord337B-man
Life always finds away. (MHA x Rea...by Breich02
Just read, and you'll get it. (Don't blast me for my thought process)(I might possibly make a lemon chapter. Just fare warning.)
Feel my Pain, Change my Fate by MarsTheAroAce
Feel my Pain, Change my Fateby The Life On Mars
Eveybody has a soulmate, that's just how it is. When you turn 15 you get your soulmate mark (or marks) and start to share your pain with your soulmates. Most people can'...
Twins bound by ice and fire by Sephizia
Twins bound by ice and fireby Sephizia
What if izuku was not born a midoriya but rather as the younger twin of shouto todoroki ? How will he cope under endeavours harsh training ? Will he be able to withstan...
Rise Of The Spider by Dekiru002
Rise Of The Spiderby Dekiru002
Not everyone is given a second chance. Izuku Midoryia was given a second chance by All Might. But that second chance didnt last long. Not many people are able to get a t...
Tinkerbell (Mei Hatsume x fem! reader) by settersquadsimp
Tinkerbell (Mei Hatsume x fem! rea...by just ur local setter simp
With your extraordinary quirk you were able to fulfil your dream of entering the hero course. Well, one of your dreams. Apart from a few tragic events that happened in y...
Good News by sonofophion
Good Newsby Albion Sol
Among quirks several types are discriminated against. Mutants are called freaks, quirks that destroy without any kind of flashieness are considered dangerous and best av...
The Mechanical Duo by TogaSimp171
The Mechanical Duoby TogaSimp171
What would happen if Deku jumped? What if All Might died without a successor? What if Hatsume had a partner in her babies? Find out now on The Mechanical Duo
My Hero Academia Tech Support One Shot SideStories! by ECL-2K
My Hero Academia Tech Support One...by ECL-2K
small oneshot side story's to my other book tech support. So if you want to read this I suggest reading tech support first, to understand somethings.
•Boo!• Neito Monoma x reader  by Mountain_DEW_WOOOO
•Boo!• Neito Monoma x reader by Six
Ooo spooky ghosttt Your quirk is ghost. You can do anything a ghost can do. Your mom is Midnight. She somehow kept you a secret. Your power kinda mixed with her quirk...
U.A Academy Romance (IzuOcha Fanfic) ✓ by daebinnie
U.A Academy Romance (IzuOcha Fanfi...by σchαcσlαtє 💕
Midoriya Izuku, the smartest student in U.A Academy and the top successor among the class, has no experience of being in a relationship or falling in love. Uraraka Ochak...
My Hero Academia: Evolution (X Male Reader) by rg808guy
My Hero Academia: Evolution (X Mal...by Clayton Kuhlmann
Note: This is a girls of BNHA x male reader. no genderbents. Description/ Summery: When I was young, I thought was Quirkless, and powerless. Everyone bullied me because...
Iron Deku by Outcasts_Anonymous
Iron Dekuby Outcasts_Anonymous
Midoriya Izuku; boy-genius and aspiring hero; kidnapped by villains and forced to build weapons in their underground prison. On his own, he would have done as he was tol...