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Re.Mission - Classroom of the Elite (OCxCoTE) by Remission242
Re.Mission - Classroom of the Elit...by Kurapeeka 🐐
Set in an AU. Akira Kawakami, a prodigy with a hatred for the White Room has been assigned with the mission of expelling The 4th Generation's Demon. However, he wants mo...
COTE: Class A's Cool Protagonist by WSuperDemon
COTE: Class A's Cool Protagonistby WSuperDemon
A severe Otaku who is obsessed with being a cool main character attends the Advanced Nurturing High School. He is placed in Class A and his aim is to be the coolest guy...
Another monster in the COTE world  by Zsat90
Another monster in the COTE world by MEH
what would happen when an angry fan with high mental and physical capabilities reincarnates in the COTE world and wants to make some modifications...... a classroom of t...
Chaoskouji by Debankle
Chaoskoujiby Debankle
After realising how dull the rest of his classmates are, and how they could mess up his life, Ayanokouji decides to have some fun in high school instead, giving up on hi...
Kiyotaka traumatizing the school [COTE][on hold] by kylianmbappe087
Kiyotaka traumatizing the school [...by yakurr sakaj
'Will my illness really hold me back?' A young boy Ayanokōji Kiyotaka, is the youngest kid of the whole school with the age of 14. But that isn't everything. His educati...
White room : The Reaction by Aisuru_Hana13
White room : The Reactionby 𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓪~ 𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓷
The students of Advance Nurturing High school are suddenly teleported into an unknown location,sort of like a theater, where they see an unknown person in front of them...
COTE REACTION: The Unfamiliar Familiar World by STsombra
COTE REACTION: The Unfamiliar Fami...by STsombra
This fic is simply about the characters from the original story COTE responding to Kiraishin's fic titled "Classroom of the Elite: The Unfamiliar Familiar World&quo...
Classroom Of The Elite:Cruel Truth by Crystalcursed
Classroom Of The Elite:Cruel Truthby Eraquin
(ON A LONG HIATUS) As a video of Ayanokouji's monologue goes viral,his friends doubt if he even considers them as a friend. Not interested in the constant complaints and...
Ruta clase C: Cuando un monstruo se une a un tirano by ryasamori
Ruta clase C: Cuando un monstruo s...by Ryasama
La sala blanca se cerrara por un periodo de 3 años por eso va a ir s ls escuela AHNS y de paso para que aprenda habilidades sociales y se quedará con Matsuo mientras esp...
I will Protect You by MasterpieceP
I will Protect Youby 夫楽帝久
Ayanokouji is a normal boy belong to richest family of Japan is what everyone thinks and the story he tells but he keep a dark secret inside him He come to a town and me...
Classroom of the Elite: New Legacy (OC) by Quaggs
Classroom of the Elite: New Legacy...by Quaggs
Koichi Okamoto starts attending Advanced Nurturing High School as a member of Class B. How will he change the story of Classroom of the Elite? To those that kept up with...
COTE: I became Sakura by SuperDemonWriter
COTE: I became Sakuraby SuperDemonWriter
Sakura. What does this name remind you? Useless? Then I guess we are on the same boat. Be it Naruto's or COTE's Sakura, both are deemed useless. And I am going to chan...
Higehiro: After Story by KenzoTakashi45510
Higehiro: After Storyby Kenzo Takahashi
Higehiro After Story After Sayu Finishing High School, She Finally Decide To Go Back To The Place Where Her Knight In A Shining Armor Live Will They Be A Lover? Or Just...
My two favorite paths to peace by LIMC46
My two favorite paths to peaceby HiyoriSimpAndFollower46
Having passed my way at the sports festival, I realized that this school contains much more dangers that I will have to deal with.
Manipulation at its Finest - Classroom of the Elite by ArtemisFowl_ye
Manipulation at its Finest - Class...by Why MaHe
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka is on the way to enter the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Ultimate Nurturing High School, the most prestigious school in Japan, as it welcome most of th...
Random Shit About COTE  by qudrx_
Random Shit About COTE by qudrx _
...the title explains (Test#2) This is so fucking cringe (5/01/2023) Still cringe (1/03/2023) Yoo I got a sudden motivation to actually publish this 💀💀💀💀 pls don'...
My One and Only  - A Tokkitsune Fic (Kiriko x D.Va) by LoxiGoose
My One and Only - A Tokkitsune Fi...by LoxiGoose
One is the guardian of Kanezaka from Japan with fox spirit abilities, the other is an renowned gamer that fights to protect her home, Korea. Both require someone of thei...
Muscle katsuragi [On break] by katsuragi-kohei
Muscle katsuragi [On break]by Lust for life
I died and got reincarnated as katsuragi . So I decided to do some muscle training . There is not much description about it cause I have no idea how this fanfic will pl...
The Diarrhea Trilogy Introduction by SquiddyDay
The Diarrhea Trilogy Introductionby Lauren And Shannon
Hashimoto is having diarrhea. That sounds normal, right? Not today. There is something strange about his diarrhea this time, especially since it grows into an evil monst...