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Kingsman Prompts by RobinsBooty
Kingsman Promptsby 🔫 ☂️ 👓
My friend sent me over 80 dialogue prompts, and so i just randomly pick one to do when im in the mood. This is really just for me, but idk if anyone wants to read it any...
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Kingsman Smut (Nsfw)  by RobinsBooty
Kingsman Smut (Nsfw) by 🔫 ☂️ 👓
literally what the title says, request anything if you will, i will write any ship and any scenario (Kingsman only)
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Kingsman (Eggsy) Oneshots by RobinsBooty
Kingsman (Eggsy) Oneshotsby 🔫 ☂️ 👓
these stories range from Eggsy being suicidal to sweet kisses and cuddles, don't like, don't read. Requests are open and chapter descriptions are available
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PRINCE AND THE PEA | hartwin by verdilac
PRINCE AND THE PEA | hartwinby 𝐦𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐚
(COMPLETED) Eggsy couldn't sleep. The bed that Statesman had provided him is very uncomfortable and thoughts of Harry is rushing to his head like wildfire. He can't seem...
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•Hartwin• ~ No longer a secret, no longer a dream by GayButBisexual
•Hartwin• ~ No longer a secret, no...by Pamplemousse!
Eggsy woke up, he was really dizzy from yesterday, he didnt even know what happened, or how he got home? He looked up and said "Fuck" He DID NOT come home ye...
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Who's in the mood for saving the world? // Hartwin by justwritingstories0
Who's in the mood for saving the w...by justwritingstories0
Just Hartwin one shots because there are never enough. Open to Requests Also... these stories obviously contain swearing
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One room, one bed. (Hartwin fanfiction) by EvannaRosen
One room, one bed. (Hartwin fanfic...by EvannaRosen
It may be really weird, when Harry and Egssy go to mision with secret identity-gay couple and end up in a hotel room, with just one bed to sleep in...
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[Fic Kingsman] Don't you remember me? (HartWin) by kooperk_
[Fic Kingsman] Don't you remember...by KOOPERK
[THAI] ! Spoiled Alert ! "Kingsman needs you, The whole world needs you, I need you, Harry" - Eggsy ฟิคที่แต่งขึ้นแบบมั่วๆ เพราะดูหนังแล้วเกิดกิเลสมากๆ ฮืออ ผิ...
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Teasing Love ~ Hartwin Fanfic by GayButBisexual
Teasing Love ~ Hartwin Fanficby Pamplemousse!
Harry and Eggsy loves eachother, but no one tells the other! Merlin and Roxy notices of course and they annoy Harry and Eggsy about it until the day Eggsy gets enough an...
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Kingsman : What if...?  by Maraki_zrg
Kingsman : What if...? by Maria Zargani
(Requests are always open) What if Harry didn't die?? What if Eggsy was with Roxy?? So many what ifs... Let's find out!
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Kingsman One Shots by TorturePyjamas
Kingsman One Shotsby TorturePyjamas
A variety of Kingsman one shots!!! including: Eggsy x Harry Merlin x Roxy Roxy x Gazelle and also a variety of reader inserts!
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kingsman texts || ☆ by satiricxl
kingsman texts || ☆by confused
When the fate of the whole world isn't in their hands, The Kingsman agents spend their time texting each other. Just like any other person. - This is my first book in Wa...
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Return (A Hartwin Story) by ThinkABetterWorld
Return (A Hartwin Story)by Juki Makiko
Eggsy is on a Kingsman-Mission and there are two surprises! (I'm not good at summaries) Slash! Eggsy/Harry from Kingsman Secret Service (2015) You can read this also on...
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In My Dreams - Hartwin by hedgehog_goulash24
In My Dreams - Hartwinby hedgehog_goulash24
Harry and Eggsy oneshot
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•Hartwin• as dogs ♡ by GayButBisexual
•Hartwin• as dogs ♡by Pamplemousse!
As Harry saw Eggsy grow he could see something speciall in him, he was not quite sure about what... -"Now Eggsy, can you do your very best impersonation of a german...
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Pitter Patter | Hartwin by peachyfirth
Pitter Patter | Hartwinby she likes sunshine
Rainy days are perfect for cuddles, Harry thinks. Eggsy seems to agree.
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Eggsy - Hartwin by hedgehog_goulash24
Eggsy - Hartwinby hedgehog_goulash24
Angsty Hartwin Oneshot for Hartwin Week
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Hartwin Oneshots by Suzeandjesse
Hartwin Oneshotsby Suzeandjesse
This is a collection of short or long Oneshots about Hartwin. Can contain sidepairings. Short descriptions will be at the start of each Oneshot.
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Millions of One Shots by luckytobealive
Millions of One Shotsby Maggie
A collection of one shots! Comment or IM me for a one shot! -Kingsman -Stranger Things -HP -PJO -Broadway -Falsettos -Supernatural -Sherlock -And prob anything else.
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Obsessions | Hartwin by peachyfirth
Obsessions | Hartwinby she likes sunshine
Harry's dead and Eggsy's not quite taking it so well.
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