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The Case of the Meddling Siblings [BBC Sherlock - Johnlock] by destinationtoast
The Case of the Meddling Siblings...by destinationtoast
Mycroft Holmes and Harry Watson team up to send John and Sherlock on a case to distract a Sherlock who's been pining after John. And Harry, at least, is determined to ge...
Play Pretend ➳ Sherlock Holmes ²‧¹ by shezzaspeare
Play Pretend ➳ Sherlock Holmes ²‧¹by 𝒃𝒍𝒆𝒔𝒔𝒊𝒆.
She's nothing more than a temporary solution. Sherlock Holmes × Fem!OC, Post Season 4 | One Year After. © Blessie (shezzaspeare) 2019
lost in space by 221bgaykerstreet
lost in spaceby honking heck
WARNING: RAPE AND ABUSE. john watson wants to get lost in space. sherlock holmes helps him come back to earth.
Sherlock One Shots ☂ by everwats
Sherlock One Shots ☂by 221B. -SH
// Sherlock Fanfiction // One shots about nearly everything. I'll take requests, ideas, all that love. At the beginning of the one shots I will give direct warnings and...
Legionnaire by LectioDraco
Legionnaireby LectioDraco
To think a soldier could be brought so low by something as innocent as water. Disease makes fools of us all.
Please Be John by aphjohnlock
Please Be Johnby Keith
In this (BBC) Sherlock AU Sherlock Holmes is given a pen pal named John Watson for an university assignment. Finally. Sherlock has made a friend. A best friend, and he h...
My chemical defect by Tol_Raincloud
My chemical defectby Derpy_Raincloud
!TEENLOCK! "Good round today, Watson!" Said, Mr. Bradford "I'm just trying to get better sir," replied 'Watson' "Just make sure you get cleaned...
back when we were kids | johnlock by MoonyMarauder
back when we were kids | johnlockby amy
his smile was as wide and as bright as a rainbow, there was no mistaking it. he was a boy with a head filled with dark clouds, but all he needed was another boy, a speci...
MAKE A HEAVEN OF HELL ━━ Johnlock by bakerstreets
MAKE A HEAVEN OF HELL ━━ Johnlockby -ˏˋ 𝒋𝒆𝒂𝒏𝒆𝒕𝒕𝒆 ˎˊ˗
❛ I'll follow thee and make a heaven of hell to die upon the hand I love so well. ❜ Between an abundance of murdered pupils, obstacles in the form of psychology majors...
Two hearts, one promise. by bombhumpa
Two hearts, one promise.by bombhumpa
What if John and Sherlock met when they were youths, but then they were teared apart until years later, when the universe decided to let them meet again? How is thas goi...
harry, the brother. by alsiies
harry, the brother.by eli 🪴✨
❝sherlock (looking impressed with himself): spot on, then. i didn't expect to be right about everything. john: and harry's short for harriet. (sherlock stops dead in h...
Shattered Stars by FragileStateofSanity
Shattered Starsby FragileStateofSanity
Jayden Watson has always been a loner and outcast, she only had her mom. And when she died Jayden's life turns upside down. (I do not own Sherlock but I do own this plot...
Strawberry Daiquiri by dragonQuill907
Strawberry Daiquiriby Elizabeth
Maybe coming out to the club with Harry wasn't such a bad idea, John thought mischievously as he locked eyes with the same curly-haired brunet he'd been admiring for the...