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Forever-Percy Jackson at Hogwarts by Annabeth_Aelin1682
Forever-Percy Jackson at Hogwartsby Not Today
Set After heroes of Olympus, during half blood prince, Percy Jackson and some of his friends must go to Hogwarts to help Harry Potter against Voldemort in the war. Throu...
Pharaoh's Love Book 0 by Cam-Moggy
Pharaoh's Love Book 0by Cam-Moggy
Follow my OC Character as she moves and lives with her cousin Yugi and Grandfather in Domino Japan and helps Yugi with his adventure. Not to mention remembering her past...
Perseus Son of the dark lord by bobeita
Perseus Son of the dark lordby Hippos4life
Rated T for teen as in contains language and violence Percy comes from a family of abuse his stepfather Gabe abused him and his mother until he snapped and something hor...
Mark Zucky x Y/N by AtticusLuelle
Mark Zucky x Y/Nby Luelle Kingly
Youre at a café when suddenly you spot a mysterious loner at the corner table. You catch eyes, where will fate lead you?
Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter x Reader The Princess Of Them All ❤️🧡🔔💛 Year 1 by Bells_Stories
Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter x Read...by Bells 🔔💛🧡❤️
A pure blood. She was attacked by Voldemort the night Harry was. No one knew why. Was it because her Grandfather was Dumbledore or something else? Or maybe because s...
Let Me Help (Harry+Draco) by The_Goblin_Princess
Let Me Help (Harry+Draco)by Chelseaa Valentine
Draco was the meanest boy in school last year, but this year he has came back to school and he hardly talks to anyone, let alone is mean to anyone. Harry Starts to notic...
Perfect Illusion: Scars Saga 2 by SLoraineP
Perfect Illusion: Scars Saga 2by Loraine
Devastated by her break up with Remus and the loss of her brothers, Kate Potter becomes Katherine Porter, Astronomy Professor at Hogwarts. She watches over Harry from af...
Lost in Love:The Sequel by juggie_sprouse
Lost in Love:The Sequelby Karla
This is the sequel to my story Lost in Love. It picks up after the war, and shows what the golden quartet is like after everything!
Ephemeral   🌹Various Drabbles [M/F/GN!Reader] by demonshinkai
Ephemeral 🌹Various Drabbles [M...by sparkle sparkle
ephemeral - (adj.) short-lived/lasts for a very short time. various characters from different shows/animes/movies etc. x reader drabbles Inspired by SodaPopWrites
Mirror Moon: A Wolfstar Fanfic by Robin_Eldrid
Mirror Moon: A Wolfstar Fanficby Robin_Eldrid
Sirius Black has been disowned, Remus Lupin is struggling with the reality of being a werewolf. Neither of them knows what their futures hold. When Remus doesn't show up...
A Prince that met his Princess by Itzaphrodite
A Prince that met his Princessby Ellie Madison Adamms
Y/n James Pevensie (His not related to the Pevensie from narnia) a pureblooded prince, who joins hogwarts and have adventures He has Many and i say many admirers and one...
Living with vampires || Harry Potter x The originals|| by Cannavino
Living with vampires || Harry Pott...by Cannavino
I sucks at this but I'll give it a try. Meet Amity, a 16 year old girl with a really hard pass. She lives with the Mikaelson family. She has live with them ever since...
The  One with the Hand Tattoos  {Drarry} by Aotknbmlmcy7wf
The One with the Hand Tattoos {D...by Aotknbmlmcy7wf
Harry has always felt comfortable in girl's clothing even thought he himself isn't a girl so when he goes through his creature inheritance and wakes up the next morning...
The Cave by PicturesqueTears
The Caveby PicturesqueTears
Voldemort gives Bellatrix a mission that he knows she can't complete. Will she pass his loyalty test? THIS IS NOT MY STORY, it's copied from fanfiction.net however, I w...
Art Book (probably fandom trash) by the_stressed_fan
Art Book (probably fandom trash)by Elizabeth
(slow as heck updates) Hi! So like this will be a book with HP, Fire Emblem, maybe Les Mis, random art and other things that I can't remember. yay!
One-Shots Severus Snape (Pausada) by _Mortifaga_
One-Shots Severus Snape (Pausada)by Sniara Graphics
Estos serán One-Shots de Severus Snape y solamente de el. La mayoría serán de la época merodeadora. Aunque ustedes podrán elegir la época. Pausada Por Tiempo Indefinido
Recueil d'os  by psycholifes
Recueil d'os by psycholifes
Comme dit le titre, c'est ici que je vais poster mes petits textes écrits rapidement. Parfois il y aura du triste, souvent du bizarre et quelques fois du joyeux. PS : C...
Vegas Magic by PLPanda
Vegas Magicby PL Panda
My answer to lost bet and Blood Brandy's Vegas Vacation Challenge. Sirius died and to unlock Grimmauld Place Dumbledore must send Harry to America with only Remus as a c...
Draco và những bí mật thầm kín by TranHoangBao7
Draco và những bí mật thầm kínby Tran Hoang Bao
Thể loại: ngược, sinh tử văn, ôn nhu cao ngạo M thụ x phúc hắc S công Nội dung: 18+ cân nhắc trước khi đọc, đây là truyện đầu tiên mình viết nếu có sai sót gì xin được c...
Cedric Diggory by Noahbeckissohot123
Cedric Diggoryby ❤️
Hi! I'm pretty new to wattpad! These are all story's about Cedric Diggory aka the love of my freaking life! I am pretty sure they will all be slightly family friendly. N...