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Harry Potter And The Forbidden Love by jackisnotasloth
Harry Potter And The Forbidden Loveby jackisnotasloth
Ron and Harry secretly like each other but will they ever be able to be together? They will have to get over many obstacles on their quests to find love but is it all wo...
  • rarry
  • snape
  • smutwarning
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Forever Connected (HarryxRon) by chickzilla18
Forever Connected (HarryxRon)by Jay
There was only a small change. Something that shouldn't even be counted as anything really. But it meant the world to Harry and Ron. Now they are caught together to suff...
  • nightmares
  • creep
  • harry
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Don't Leave Again - Ron x Harry by fatalfeelinqs
Don't Leave Again - Ron x Harryby devin
Takes place in The Deathly Hallows during the chapter "The Silver Doe," when Harry tries to get the Gryffindor sword and destroy the locket Horcrux. (When Ron...
  • hermione
  • ronxharry
  • rarry
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Magcon//O2l One Shots by Taylor5Caniff
Magcon//O2l One Shotsby M
This is a book of magcon an o2l One Shots! So i hope you all enjoy and inbox me for dedications and ideas! If you want a specific plot or paring i will gladly do it for...
  • carterreynolds
  • jackgilinsky
  • harron
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Magcon One Shots by Karma____
Magcon One Shotsby The Queen
Gay and Straight One Shots Fluff Sad
  • oneshots
  • harron
  • marter
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||Magcon One-Shots|| (boyxboy) by torikitty
||Magcon One-Shots|| (boyxboy)by torikitty
These are boyxboy *WARNING* There will be smut but I will warn You before - Tori
  • harron
  • jolinsky
  • catthew
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magcon boyxboy onshots by Kayla_Dolan
magcon boyxboy onshotsby Kayla
explained in the title
  • shaylor
  • jolinsky
  • catthew
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Magcon boyxboy one shots  by Softballangelhidden
Magcon boyxboy one shots by Angel
Gay love in magcon I'll also do girlxgirl for. Mahogany I'll do request
  • jacobwhiteside
  • matthewesponisa
  • gay
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Truth by fandomshey
Truthby Boe
This is the sequel to the book Secrets! This happens after MagCon They're older now,more responsibility. But what exactly will these responsibilities include?
  • shaylor
  • catthew
  • harron
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Life (Magcon/O2L) by boyxboy_lover_5
Life (Magcon/O2L)by shelby whaley
In this boys life time, it was a community of disadvantages and bad things that have happened along the way. One day, his life changes and everything happens so fast for...
  • present
  • travel
  • love
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Magcon Boys Oneshots ( boyxboy )  by princessnadia213
Magcon Boys Oneshots ( boyxboy ) by princessnadia213
Title explains it all
  • jolinsky
  • funny
  • random
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The Snooty Blonde. by tiannas_oc_stories
The Snooty Blonde.by tiannas_oc_stories
!DRARRY! !DRARRY! The story, you never knew! With a hint of Harron!
  • harrypotter
  • harron
  • lgbtq
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Cash  by batmancrazy101
Cash by batmancrazy101
  • cash
  • harron
  • shaylor
College Love Magcon BoyxBoy  by typicalweirdo16
College Love Magcon BoyxBoy by Melissa
"You're a dick" "That's probably why you like me so much"
  • collegelove
  • catthew
  • magcon
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Magcon text oneshots! (Boyxboy) by lover_123456
Magcon text oneshots! (Boyxboy)by lover_123456
  • magcon
  • catthew
  • harron
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Why don't we imagines  by kimmythedounut
Why don't we imagines by kimmythedounut
Requests are always open I have another book called jake paulers / Logang It has 23k reads please go read that to
  • corbyn
  • romance
  • lust
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Love Is Never Broken by Emma-g-Tucker_3324
Love Is Never Brokenby Emma-g-Tucker_3324
my first story enjoy
  • whydontwe
  • avary
  • ashley
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Magcon one-shots by YouTubebaess
Magcon one-shotsby Madiline Fowler
Tell me what couple you would like to see together. Otps?
  • catthew
  • shaylor
  • nammy
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Why Must it Happen? (Short HarryxRon One-shot) by Frost-Flame
Why Must it Happen? (Short HarryxR...by Frost Flame Snow Blaze
"Why must it happen?" Ron Weasley thought about what happened after Hermione Granger apparated them in a different place. It became hard for them, but why did...
  • evilharry
  • bestmate
  • harryxron
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