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Another life. Another identity. by fantasyrides
Another life. Another identity.by BoundbyLove
Cover image found on DeviantArt. Fem Harry Potter crossover Vampire Diaries. (recent obsession hoping to go back to my Chinese drama fanfic after rewatching the series...
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Reinforcements by narabread
Reinforcementsby Nara Bread
Harold Potter's fourth year has come to an end - with the surprising revelation he is not the boy-who-lived. Dumbledore knows Hogwarts needs help so he reaches out to a...
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The secrets of the potters by SavierTheSpy
The secrets of the pottersby Savier Byers
in midwinter, Harriet (female Harry) suddenly goes through her inheritance. Professor Snape found her and helps her. It turns out that Harriet is a vampire and she has...
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Harry Potter e a Dimensão Alternativa by vizinhok6
Harry Potter e a Dimensão Alternat...by vizinhok6
E se Harry viajasse para uma dimensão alternativa, e encontrasse a menina que sobreviveu, Hariet Potter, que namora seu inimigo Draco Malfoy. E se Hermione da dimensão a...
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Harriet by ivebeenkashot
Harrietby Living Meme ™
Harry Potter, The boy in love with Draco Malfoy. Harriet Potter, The girl always in her brother's shadow. Draco Malfoy, the boy in love with Harry Potter. "He's not...
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The Worst Fanfics by lightninggirl_
The Worst Fanficsby Analise Ivy
"Some books are heart-wrenching, but this one was gut-wrenching. I seriously felt like throwing up while reading this." Welcome to a world where all fictional...
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harry potter's sister by da_girl_who_ran_away
harry potter's sisterby da_girl_who_ran_away
who would have thought that harry potter had an older sister, Harriet lily Hartley grace evans potter is the oldest child of lily and james potter. find out about her ad...
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⋆ i. ETHEREAL by -harmonically
⋆ i. ETHEREALby harmony
❛ αll hαil Queen Hαrmony ! ❜
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Tonterias by Tauros-san
Tonteriasby Tauros-san
Fem!Harry Potter x Ron Weasley
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Hailey Potter & The Socerer's Stone (Year One) by Will_Cipher_666
Hailey Potter & The Socerer's Ston...by Will Cipher
Hello. My name is Harriet Potter. I have been living with the durselys or I like to call uncle Vernon a fat arse same with Dudley you can barley see their necks! And Aun...
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💎LUMOS💎 |//Harriet Potter\\|a Fem! Harry AU by I_Want_Die_
💎LUMOS💎 |//Harriet Potter\\|a Fe...by Blckbrry
Harriet Potter was an obedient child. She never disrespected her uncle, Vernon. And she let her aunt, Petunia dress her up for birthdays and parties, even if she would n...
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The Year I Did Not Sign Up For Sorcerer's Stone edition by I_heart_cat
The Year I Did Not Sign Up For Sor...by I_heart_cat
No one signed Haley Potter up for this year, not Remus Lupin, her legal gaurdian. Not Minerva Mcgonagall, her professor and mother figure. Not even Voldemort, the most...
Harriet Potter y el prisionero de Azkaban [Agosto] by Kazune-chan
Harriet Potter y el prisionero de...by Samantha Carter
[Reto cambio de sexos] Re Interpretación de la obra "Harry Potter y el prisionero de Azkaban" de J.K. Rowling. Todos los derechos sobre lo aquí descrito le per...
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harrys twin - A Dumb Wattpad Cliché by TreblaAlegna2121
harrys twin - A Dumb Wattpad Clichéby woahza
Clichés are taking over Wattpad, so I made one of my own.
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Serpens and leona by FantasyBookWorms
Serpens and leonaby FantasyBookWorms
It's an AU story. Where you meet harriet and draco. They fall in love, but it's not always a walk in the park. See how tegu got it to work. ...
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