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Falling - Randy by Juliesrainbows
Falling - Randyby Julie
"I sighed in response, the everlasting heartache rushing through me when I thought about his brown eyes, the feeling almost making me nauseas. In my case falling in...
He is mine forever || Randy by Randy_Lover_
He is mine forever || Randyby Randy_Lover_
Other couples: Jirsty and Harplyn ⚠️Smut⚠️ Enjoy😊 # 1- jirsty # 2- billionere
Hurricane by Roadietrippytrip
Hurricaneby Roadietrippytrip
In which the boys get trapped in the school during a hurricane.
Wrong number by Roadietrippytrip
Wrong numberby Roadietrippytrip
Andy was added to a groupchat of weird people
Roadtrip boyxboy one shots by BTS_hrvs
Roadtrip boyxboy one shotsby Seavey_Cobban
Harplyn, jacklyn, Bikey, Marvey, Mack, Mindy,fluff, fanfictions
Randy one shots (smut) by Juliesrainbows
Randy one shots (smut)by Julie
Randy smut. A bit of Jacklyn and Harplyn as well along with a few OT5's.
Roadtrip Oneshots by quiet_roadie
Roadtrip Oneshotsby quiet_roadie
Continuing! First one shot book! Still including Jack but only as a solo artist that meets the boys occasionally. CAUTION: Includes kinks and heavy smut, read with that...
The one that got away - Randy by Juliesrainbows
The one that got away - Randyby Julie
(Sequel to "The boy next door") Andy is somewhat lost after his first year at college, about to face a summer full of confusion and feelings he doesn't quite...
Baby Talk (harplyn) by immaroadie
Baby Talk (harplyn)by baz❥
*completed* Its simple really, almost like baby talk, there are only five rules Brooklyn needs to follow: 1) Treat him with respect 2) Be grateful for what he gives you ...
Roadtrip Oneshots by splashing_stars
Roadtrip Oneshotsby Carmen Claire
Roadtrip one-shots. closed requests *complete*
I think I love you  by InsTeixeira584
I think I love you by Roadtrip1320_2.0
What happens when the two best friends realize they like each other?? Will they admit their love for each other or will there be complications??
dude bros ; roadtrip by leslies-06
dude bros ; roadtripby lei
just some texts between bros being bros totally not gay hahah who am i kidding? its very gay. - randy , harplyn & some bronny 🏳️‍🌈 IMPORTANT NOTICE: this book is NOT...
RoadTrip One-Shots by theboyssmellysocks
RoadTrip One-Shotsby TheBoysSmellySocks
One-Shots for all of the boys. Including all of the ships and requests from anyone. Just DM me on Instagram or on here for a suggestion and I'll write one! I will be upd...
Angel (randy) by immaroadie
Angel (randy)by baz❥
*completed* Andy needed to learn how to have fun and enjoy life before he becomes an adult. Rye needed to learn how to focus so he can eventually become an adult. One th...
ANGEL  by Fovvssstyles
ANGEL by Andy’s dimple poker
Rye is a well known photographer who used his girlfriend as his model for his photos but when she'd left him for someone new, he was drained and didn't know what to do...
ROADTRIP ONESHOTS // (boyxboy) by SubtleJacklyn
ROADTRIP ONESHOTS // (boyxboy)by SubtleJacklyn
just a place to dump my collection of written oneshots for the boys 😂
Forever and Always !!! by fovvslovesyou
Forever and Always !!!by Gianna Duperreault
This is a Randy fanfic! May have smut at some point, I have no idea... Mostly fluff! Slow development and slow updates... read to find out how Andy and Rye fall in lov...
Early Bird-Randy {DISCONTINUED} by kayla_019
Early Bird-Randy {DISCONTINUED}by Kayla
Andy and his younger brother Brook just moved to a new town and you can say they weren't exactly happy about this. That soon changed when Andy and brook find there new p...
Harplyn/Randy One Shots by roadtripsbagel
Harplyn/Randy One Shotsby roadtripsbagel
Hey! Here are some Harper & Brook / Rye & Andy One shots. i hope you enjoy xD