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Shie Hassaikai shenanigans  by Sierra_Chisaki
Shie Hassaikai shenanigans by Sierra_Chisaki
its midnight where i live, school syarts in a couple of days so I'll save whats left of my vacation by writing this book of absolute noncence contains; chronohaul angs...
Bnha Villain Oneshots/Headcanons by ChisakisSoap
Bnha Villain Oneshots/Headcanonsby Soap
Mainly Chisaki because he's half of my brain space Idk I see a lot of stories with this thing so: Highest ranking- [Harikurono- #3] [Shinnemoto- #1] [Toyasetsuno- #1] [C...
Crazy Ō̷̪̇ͅb̵̳͙͓̱͛̆͗͂s̸̪̍͗̒e̸̝̹̭̿̾̚͝s̵̩̹̩̓̄̽s̴̜̩͔͙͒̈́̈́̽͝ȅ̵̘̗̝̺̑̅̅̕d̷͉̝̲͎͘ͅ by Lexacoolfox
Crazy Ō̷̪̇ͅb̵̳͙͓̱͛̆͗͂s̸̪̍͗̒e̸̿̾̚͝...by Lexacoolfox
Your a new doctor working at an asylum. You gotten new patients. You are their last hope! They have been from asylum to asylum. This is their last chance. Can you help t...
Izuku is a Therapist For Yakuza by Passing_Ghost_Friend
Izuku is a Therapist For Yakuzaby Passing_Ghost_Friend
The sequel to Izuku is a Therapist For Villains. This time in the reform program. Izuku has to deal with the eleven members of the yakuza that his friends (both hero and...
The Leader's Crush /OverDeku\ by ImGayFor_Tabe
The Leader's Crush /OverDeku\by I'm still alive
Izuku Midoriya, a quirkless boy in a world full of quirks, He believed he could never be loved. That all changed when he meet Overhaul, either it's for the worst or bes...
Conversion by Rayne1drops
Conversionby Rayne
Izuku Midoriya was kidnapped two years ago by Kai Chisaki and Hari Kurono solely for his quirk. The quirk erases quirk genes through the use of blood. Yes, solely for th...
His Dearest Soulmate || ChronoFemDeku by nana_academia1002
His Dearest Soulmate || ChronoFemD...by ✧・゚Izuka*✧・゚*
[ COMPLETE ☑] 💚 Chrono X Fem! Izuku ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ [ FIRST CHRONO X FEM!IZUKU FANFIC IN WATTPAD ] Hari wanted nothing else. All he wanted was to protect his l...
Bnha Oneshots by Chrysaothus
Bnha Oneshotsby Chrysao
In this thriller, obsessive fans kidnap a writer and forces her to do unspeakable things. Write. Netflix.exe has stopped working
Chronostasis x Overhaul by CheesyWheesy
Chronostasis x Overhaulby CheesyWheesy
CURRENTLY REWRITING THIS FIC AFTER LIKE A FEW YEARS LOL This is a story about a depressed and suicidal boy named Hari Kurono. After attempting suicide he was brought int...
Welcome To The Villain Daycare! by Lost_Hoodie
Welcome To The Villain Daycare!by Lost_My_Mind
You just moved in and got a job a local daycare. Kurogiri was your boss and you have to take care of 21 children. Oh let the nightmares began.... I own nothing
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Chronohaul oneshots by Kleptowo
Chronohaul oneshotsby Barely active
Four oneshots i wrote of these two. Don't feel like continuing it sorry but i still do have other works up
Not so sorry by Monsters_Are_Hot
Not so sorryby I regret nothing they're hot
Deku( Izuku Midoriya) is the young leader of the Shie hassakai, the young 19 year old is raising a child whilst using her blood to make quirk-erasing bullets. Only to fi...
✦ ┊  chronostasis oneshots by Tordoholic
✦ ┊ chronostasis oneshotsby ミ★ 🅣🅞🅡🅓 ! ˎˊ-
A series of oneshots for a certain arrow-head haired Yakuza right-hand man- I felt bad for veering away from a Chrono x Reader Oneshot in my Overhaul Oneshot book, so I...
malfunction | shie hassaikai x reader by Tordoholic
malfunction | shie hassaikai x rea...by ミ★ 🅣🅞🅡🅓 ! ˎˊ-
(FNAF!Shie Hassaikai x Reader) Cover art by @i_hAVe_kNifE_HaNDs You've taken on an offer to work at Hari Kurono's Pizzeria for $9 an hour, $120.50 a week! The salary is...
Bnha one shots by Kendou_Rappa
Bnha one shotsby ✨R A P P A✨
I do ships, X reader and nothing else. Requests are open till the day i die.
My love? by Lost_Hoodie
My love?by Lost_My_Mind
You were adopted by Pops at the age of 4. Kai and Hari have gotten very overprotective of you and promised to Pops that they will keep you safe and pure. As time passed...
Dreams Can Come True by i_need_entertainment
Dreams Can Come Trueby Zap
This is a Chronostasis x Female Reader book. It will be Lemon-free like my other books. I also don't cuss, so you'll notice words like 'fluff' and 'shoot' a lot, its jus...
Overhaul & friends  by Smol_lemon
Overhaul & friends by Beans
CONTAINS SWEARING! MAYBE SOME SMUT/LEMON This is going to be a completely random book of one shots about the eight precepts of death (the shie hassaikai) members and jus...