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Our Omega Coach is Gold-Class by gguwon
Our Omega Coach is Gold-Classby your father
〖ENGLISH TRANSLATION + MTL〗 ㅤ There was a legendary player known as Wing who appeared in the pro league for Gun King in the Chinese division. He landed his shots with de...
Cannon Fodder Becomes a God of Cooking by arin_nha
Cannon Fodder Becomes a God of Coo...by arinnha
For offline reading only Not my story or translation All right goes to the original owner Author(s) : Come Seven Months Alternate Title: 穿书后炮灰成厨神了 ...
Transmigration : TFLOA "Fool" (BL) [Myanmar Translation] by Comet222
Transmigration : TFLOA "Fool" (BL)...by Comet Comet
It's just an offline translation. I only translate for fun. Please support original author and english translator. Title : Transmigration : The Farm Life Of A "Foo...
Give a Kiss to Paranoid Men [Quick Transmigration] by Sabrialuvvv
Give a Kiss to Paranoid Men [Quick...by Orchaaryl
There was often a male villain in romantic novels. They were paranoid and crazy. However, readers were disturbed by unfair treatment and bad endings. Then, Ji Ting who c...
Poisonous Peasant Concubine by amaranthine-hart
Poisonous Peasant Concubineby Draco Regine
Alternate Titles: 农家毒'妃 / Poisonous Farmhouse 'Fei' Author: Yan Ruo You Ya ( 颜若优雅 ) Status: 755 Chapters + 31 Extras (Completed) SYNOPSIS Ling Jingxuan, a once world-ren...
My Cats are All Bigshots by readnovelsallday
My Cats are All Bigshotsby GOGO
Wen Xin transmigrated into a lucky koi novel set in the entertainment world as the female supporting character who served as a contrasting image for the female lead. Wit...
The Popular Group Pranked Me So I Turned into a VR Celebrity by BlackCat4937
The Popular Group Pranked Me So I...by BlackCat4937
Lucille was born to a loving family. Having a doting brother and a doting pair of parents, she ended up living a very complacent life. Adopting her brothers gaming hobby...
Stunning Edge by Bookworm-san
Stunning Edgeby Bookworm-san
Not mine! Starts at Chapter 41! Synopsis: When a cold and crafty girl travels into the body of a foolish, man-crazy, young female aristocrat, what will happen? A young...
Transmigrating into the Villain's Sickly Childhood Friend (BL) by Kingshi2
Transmigrating into the Villain's...by Pienpen
Qiao Wen was accidentally transmigrated into a 1970s Hong Kong style novel and became cannon fodder with the same name who died young. The cannon fodder was the villain'...
Afterlife by Lynz_xry
Afterlifeby Nissan Afdal
Before you further continue this story You must be aware that this is BL if you are not interested in it please leave this story I do not force anyone to read this stor...
The No-Good Seventh Miss Goes Traveling by YohoAruto
The No-Good Seventh Miss Goes Trav...by YohoAruto
Other than her name, there is nothing Chinese about Shuang Xiang. As a Chinese-American raised in America since a young age, and one of the core members of the Internati...
Our Second Master by purple0195
Our Second Masterby purple0195
STORY NOT MINE, FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY What would you say is the most valuable thing in this world? A mountain of gold and silver? Wrong. Then what is it? The return o...
Master of Trading Star Card Game by Xiao_Rongmao
Master of Trading Star Card Gameby Fluff
Author(s): Die Zhiling 蝶之灵 Status in COO: 400 Chapters (Complete) Please support this original translation at wangmamaread. Waking up after a sound sleep, Xie Mingzhe r...
THE GREATEST OF ALL TIMEby Mujunel the Mystic
Dive into a novel about the rise of a legendary sportsman. Follow Zachary Bemba on his journey to become the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) in the soccer world. He trav...
The Villainess's Redemption by GioVannaValentine
The Villainess's Redemptionby GioVanna27
Waking up one morning and finding out that the ruin and rise of the kingdom is a choice that hers to make... Sterne could only think of one thing: Total headache! Of all...
Reincarnated!? But Why Am I A Girl {On Hold} by eviedu
Reincarnated!? But Why Am I A Girl...by Eve Du
Zylon died yet he survived In a new world in a unknown place with a known yet unknown language He observed to understand But can somebody tell him why everything here...
FORO#2 GLSM by RainRainBlueAway
FORO#2 GLSMby Rain Blue
foro-for offline reading only Book Title: God-level Store Manager Great Good Author: Li Tian Wang Liang Description In Tianlan Continent, there is a magic store called O...