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Viking Imagines by Sam5943
Viking Imaginesby Sammie Jade
Images of different Vikings from the show Vikings will appear in this such as, Bjorn Torvi Guthrum Siggy Hali Asa Ragnar Lagertha Ragnar Harald Halfdan Helga Floki ...
A Berserker And A Queen  by ThatFandomGirl141
A Berserker And A Queen by KadeLynn
***NOW FINISHED-SEQUEL POSTED*** •Vikings Revamped.• BOOK #1 OF THE BERSERKER AND A QUEEN SERIES Ragnar and Lagertha had a daughter for their first born named Daga who...
All Families Have Their Secrets by Sam5943
All Families Have Their Secretsby Sammie Jade
All families have their secrets some are just better at keeping them secret for longer. This is the world of fighting and so much more.
Vikings imagines by newtgotmelike
Vikings imaginesby newtgotmelike
{ REQUESTS ARE OPEN } Imagines / Requests / Preferences Will mainly be writing about the Ragnarssons, but feel free to request whoever you want. Enjoy!
Vikings imagines by krimsed
Vikings imaginesby krimsed
Various imagined stories based on the chracters from History Vikings series.
Vikings Imagines by lilGreenSunshine
Vikings Imaginesby  𝕡𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕖𝕤𝕤𓆉
In diesem Buch werden verschiedene Imagines, Von Charakteren aus der Serie Vikings gepostet. Don't like it, don't read it. 👏 started:29.04.2019☀️ Ps"pls don't copy
Your Never Gonna Be Able To Escape Him by Sam5943
Your Never Gonna Be Able To Escape...by Sammie Jade
She's not in it for anything but my him and he loved that. Torvi was a mother to all his children even though she wasn't at the same time. She didn't want anything from...
Raven  by ThatFandomGirl141
Raven by KadeLynn
As the news of King Ragnar's death hits home his children and grandchildren rally in his name to create an army so legendary it will go down in the history books to aven...
Valhalla  by Sam5943
Valhalla by Sammie Jade
Ragnar's all ways watching even from Valhalla.
We Will Always Have Paris  by Sam5943
We Will Always Have Paris by Sammie Jade
Bjorn knew that he had a wife back in Kattegat though there was something about Torvi that he wished to know, needed to know and along the way he fell for her one thing...
Heart of a Berserker: Hope (School of Dragons) by PedePaulie
Heart of a Berserker: Hope (School...by Dani
"The truth is too difficult, too sticky and full of nuances. People find it hard to accept that two seemingly contradictory facts can exist simultaneously. They wan...
Life With Out Torvi by Sam5943
Life With Out Torviby Sammie Jade
Torvi leaves when she finds her husband, Bjorn Ironside cheating on her. Packing up her life and children that wish to go with their mother, Bjorn is left to live with o...
Social Media In Lock Down (Vikings)  by Sam5943
Social Media In Lock Down (Vikings...by Sammie Jade
The world of Vikings meets lock down and social media what could go wrong? Nothing at all right?
Vikings Social Media by Sam5943
Vikings Social Mediaby Sammie Jade
The Viking world mets social media. More characters may get added in the future
Lost Love by Sam5943
Lost Loveby Sammie Jade
He told me that he lost love for me, so we ended our marriage. The next day he was married to Snaefrid and did so right in front of me, so I left... leaving our children...
Your A Man by Sam5943
Your A Manby Sammie Jade
Bjorn Ironside left Kattegat a boy and came back a man, but no one knew that he also left his son behind Erik. Erik leaves Hedeby a boy but goes to Kattegat a man but wh...
Secretly Married To Him by Sam5943
Secretly Married To Himby Sammie Jade
Bjorn Lothbrok rich, handsome, business man but never settled down or at least that's what everyone thinks. Torvi Nelson rich, beautiful, business woman never dated any...