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Random stuff by PipPet12
Random stuffby 🏳️‍🌈 PRIDE MONTH IS HERE 🏳...
Random shiz
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Life Line (Royal family)  by Lovatodelagarzarocks
Life Line (Royal family) by Demi+BRF
Princess DeAnn daughter of the Prince of Wales And Diana Princess of Wales. Get a inside glimpse into her life. The happiness and sadness. (The story was inspired by so...
  • family
  • queenelizabeth
  • british
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I Fell In Love with My Maid(A TODODEKU Love Story💚💖) by Izuku_Todoroki_
I Fell In Love with My Maid(A TODO...by Izuku_Todoroki_Daughter
HAY ITS TIME FOR TODODEKU FAN-FICTION...There will be no quriks.But there will ba some lemon.This is a story of a maid (Midoriya)and the baby boy (Todoroki)and how they...
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Manan FF---the path of loneliness....How Long by KomalAggarwall
Manan FF---the path of loneliness...by komal
story of a girl....who are alone in his life ,who has everyone in his life like parent, siblings n family with so many relations...
  • happyness
  • arshi
  • love
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Funny riddles by Chetalipushkarna
Funny riddlesby Chetalipushkarna
  • happyness
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Jaden Smith S.m.c  by ugahgrace
Jaden Smith S.m.c by ugahgrace
(Jaden smith )love again about a girl who has not met the smith and left her future so her family will get disgraced but will be forced to marry Jaden
  • happyness
  • kindness
  • love
Why Me? (Naruto Fanfic) by KDLoveReadingIsAlive
Why Me? (Naruto Fanfic)by Kyo --- きょ 。
Naruto Gets Neglected For His Siblings, Mina (A Girl), Menma (A Boy). Except For One Other Sibling... Her Name Is Mika, And She Was Kind To Naruto. And A Girl Named Kyl...
  • kyla
  • mika
  • kushina
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Daddy's Little She-Wolf by violetb212
Daddy's Little She-Wolfby violetb212
Sara Rose.....Her world fell apart in one phone call..."I'm so sorry, so so sorry baby....your daddy died today" even her grand-mama couldn't keep the sting fr...
  • truth
  • brent
  • sadness
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Kookie's Kindness by BTSBeach
Kookie's Kindnessby BTSBeach
I woke up feeling an arm around my waist. It was the arm of my loving husband Jungkook. His heart was beating to the rhythm of mine. I feel so safe and loved when I'm...
  • cute
  • jungkook
  • romance
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Girls Like You| Finn Wolfhard X Reader & Noah Schnapp  by Mariareina011
Girls Like You| Finn Wolfhard X Re...by Mariareina011
Finn Wolfhard goes to y/n's school. His has an younger sister who has the same age as you(14).
  • netflix
  • fanfiction
  • moah
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My life (Woo hoo) by -iisabel
My life (Woo hoo)by ɪꜱᴀʙᴇʟ ᴍᴀɢɴᴏʟɪᴀ
So basically I'm just writing about day to day life.
  • depression
  • daytoday
  • cringe
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Our City- TMNT by 1mightyfangirl
Our City- TMNTby 1 mutant fangirl
Chloe Bell was trained as a ninja. one night her friend is kidnapped she follows the kidnappers and it changes her life forever. Than she meets the guys Leo,Mikey, Donni...
  • sadness
  • adventure
  • tmntfanfic
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The boy who cried puppy >An OC story by Snowy_Sloth
The boy who cried puppy >An OC sto...by Patricia La
This story is about my 2 ~Guy~ OCs Kaii and Nick. So im not going to put this in the story right of the bat but here- When kaii was younger >in kitten form< he was...
  • lgbtq
  • gay
  • happyness
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Sonic The Hedgehog One Shots by Caroline453
Sonic The Hedgehog One Shotsby Caroline453
(Sonic CharacterxReader) (y/n) your name (f/c)favourite color (t/o/a) type of animal (e/c) eye color (c/y/w) clothes you're wearing (c/o/f) color of fur
  • love
  • happyness
  • romantic
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ʳ ⁱ ᶜ ʰ ⁱ ᵉ ᵗ ᵒ ᶻ ⁱ ᵉ ʳ. by zoomer-r
ʳ ⁱ ᶜ ʰ ⁱ ᵉ ᵗ ᵒ ᶻ ⁱ ᵉ ʳ.by ꪶꪮꪜꫀ ꪑꫀ. 🕊
~You look like you're so damn scared~ After they defeated the flesh eating clown it was all over. ~I don't really think you care~ It's been 2 years, the Losers club was...
  • it2017
  • benhanscom
  • pennywise
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The Kurta's Love by KurapikaLover06
The Kurta's Loveby Kurapikalover06
Kurapika turned fifteen years old one month before (Y/N), and she turns fifteen in this story. She asks Kurapika to meet her at their secret waterfall where she met him...
  • elder
  • love
  • royal
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i know you better then that Lucy...(GREYLU) by NALU_profesion
i know you better then that Lucy...by !!Nalu_series_lemons!!
How could you do that Lucy! Natsu yelled at your face No! Lucy would never do that to lissana grey yelled back Well she did Erza claimed We're you even there!? Grey y...
  • bravery
  • starit
  • lissana
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Blank Verse ➵ a writer's journal by cxrls_
Blank Verse ➵ a writer's journalby a l l y
❝All you need to do is to write one true sentence after the other. Just write the truest sentence you know. ❞ | © cxrls_ | 2018 | German Ich hab absolut keine Ahnung, wi...
  • art
  • life
  • erzählen
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Winning Gold  by StoriesAndLyrics1
Winning Gold by StoriesAndLyrics1
This book is my Olympic special edition book centered around nathan adrian. Plot Two weeks away from the Olympics and Nathan trains day and night for a chance to win g...
  • fanflic
  • romancestories
  • adrian
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The Bad Boy is Indian by Siitarra
The Bad Boy is Indianby Sitara
In the end everything I know is Every Simran is meant for Raj.Every Raj struggles to win his Simran.Every Raj and Simran find their way back to each other.They are dest...
  • friendship
  • badboylove
  • happyness
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