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REALITY | Arthur Pendragon | DISCONTINUED by yannannalays
REALITY | Arthur Pendragon | DISCO...by ˗ˏˋ fhreya ˎˊ˗
[SOCIAL MEDIA] in which the Merlin cast wakes up one day in England, everyone else thinks they're just roleplaying, and Arthur meets a girl he falls for whose name isn't...
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[Detective Conan]- Amnesia by Zii_Edogawa
[Detective Conan]- Amnesiaby Detective Ziii
Is Conan been amnesia?! The story is about Conan been amnesia after a car hit him untill Conan got coma for a week. And... I dont know how to tell you at this synopsis...
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Away Together {Jerza} [Fairy Tail] by SprinkleFever
Away Together {Jerza} [Fairy Tail]by | Aokusan |
Erza Scarlet A talented swordswoman and very strong. Also known as Titania because of her beauty. You might think her life is a piece of cake, but deep down she misses h...
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Lights, Camera, I Love You (Andrew Garfield-Emma Stone Fanfiction) by SensitiveNugget
Lights, Camera, I Love You (Andrew...by Aliza
(Highest ranking: #1 in stonefield) Known as the one of the most adorable couples of Hollywood; Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. People praise 'the way he looks at her'...
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Zootopia Drabbles: The Mystery by GeonjaJoSinh
Zootopia Drabbles: The Mysteryby GeonjaJoSinh
A year after the Missing Mammals Case, Nick and Judy have another missing mammals case to solve but, this time with children. When a visit to BunnyBurrows goes south, it...
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After Friday Night [Friday Night Lights] by rileyfred
After Friday Night [Friday Night L...by rileyfred
*Longer version of Tim and Lyla in Profile* It's been a long five years since the series finale of Friday Night Lights and we're all wondering the same questions: What h...
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Dancing-Bug {Miraculous LB} by SummerGoodfellow
Dancing-Bug {Miraculous LB}by Summer Goodfellow
There is a school dance party going on and Marinette wants to ask Adrien to go with her but instead Chloe asks him out right in front of her. Heartbroken as she is Chloe...
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The One My Father Didn't Kill [The Walking Dead] by ScribbleInkwell
The One My Father Didn't Kill [The...by Scribble Inkwell (AKA Nicole...
Watching from over her father's shoulder, hidden in their RV, is Abigail. The scene of the lined up people, each wondering whom they love will die is nothing new to the...
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Good Girl Gone Bad: A Taylor Caniff FanFic (Original MagCon Boys) by RyeRyeK
Good Girl Gone Bad: A Taylor Canif...by RYERYEK
What will happen to the 17 year old Allison Mahone, the sister of Austin Mahone, when she is reunited with her bestfriend Taylor Caniff? Will she stay her good little se...
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Life Without Her [CSI NY] by KayleenJung
Life Without Her [CSI NY]by Kayleen Jung
It has been years ago since Jess' death, leaving Don alone with a daughter. Together they struggled for a life after she passed away, a life without her.
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Suisei no Gargantia ~ Nagareboshi Umi No (Fanfic) by yemihikari
Suisei no Gargantia ~ Nagareboshi...by Yemi Hikari
Upon seeing a shooting star Amy tells Ledo about the tradition of making a wish. The silver-haired youth finds himself unable to wrap his mind around the concept, that s...
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His daughter (Sherlock fanfic) by EmilyWright466
His daughter (Sherlock fanfic)by Shipper on deck
My entry to the #whathappensnext contest! I don't know, this just came to me, but it sounded better to me as a script than a story. So sorry if the transition doesn't wo...
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CATHARSIS. the walking dead, carl grimes by feelsloved
CATHARSIS. the walking dead, carl...by — léa
❝Fear isn't part of my vocabulary.❞ ❝Perhaps, but it's in your eyes.❞ RATED PG-15 FOR THE FOLLOWING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE, CRUDE LANGUAGE, ADULT CONTENT AND EXPLICIT INTIMA...
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Teen Spirit {Teen Wolf} #fanficfriday #happensnext by QueennLex
Teen Spirit {Teen Wolf} #fanficfri...by A[lex]andra
After the Dread Doctors, Scott needed some time off. He needed to relax, he needed to take a break from everything. Summer is the best way to relax. What would happen wh...
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(Doctor Who Fanfic) 20 Seconds by banditwriter
(Doctor Who Fanfic) 20 Secondsby Bandit
What happens next?
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Scattered Mind (Finding Carter) #FanFicFriday #HappensNext #WhatHappensNext by BringMeTheAwkward
Scattered Mind (Finding Carter) #F...by Emily
In the next episode of Finding Carter, Max has been in jail for a week. Taylor has been moping about Max "rotting" in jail. Carter has been trying to make Tayl...
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Hesitant [Supernatural] by jewelbts
Hesitant [Supernatural]by smol bean
Dean could say many things, but he won't. So could Mary. So could Sam. So could Castiel. So could so many people. But they are too hesitant. [COMPLETED]
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If Izyaya meet with Hisoka in Geed Island by levi_ackerman1650
If Izyaya meet with Hisoka in Geed...by levi will never die
Izyaya goes to Greed Island and Meets Hisoka there. They talk about what they have in common and the people who have grudges against them and who they want to fight and...
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  A Curtis For Life  by wrtingforever1
A Curtis For Life by ❤︎Liv❤︎
Stella Curtis is Ponyboy's twin sister and the Curtis' brothers only sister. Life is hard when you're the only girl in a house full of boys. Will she make it out alive...
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Book 2: The Damphyr Protector: 9th Grade Is Brutal (Squal to 8th Grade FanFic) by DestinyAngel123
Book 2: The Damphyr Protector: 9th...by Angel
My name is Wicked, I'm just your average normal teenager starting in high school as a freshmen...but what you guys know that I'm more than your average student with more...
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