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What is missing from the U.S. men's national soccer team? by Senjtorrey
What is missing from the U.S. men'...by Senji Torrey
Over the past few years, soccer in the U.S. has developed from a little known sport to a game that many people care and participate in, whether they are playing or spect...
  • goodolddays
  • usmnt
  • what
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He Promised Me by cody305
He Promised Meby cody305
I don't even know why people try to speak to me because I'm not listening to them. I'm. That. Bitch. I'm actually a nice person I just don't like small talk. Talking is...
  • secrets
  • ending
  • what
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My lil miracle  by _SpookyPumpkin_
My lil miracle by Ghostly Gal
A dog and a broken girl... living in a cruel world.... When they move to a new house They get separated... How will it end?
  • dog
  • heartbroken
  • truestory
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You Happened by mssPeachless
You Happenedby Pee Chee
Do not go looking for love, for love shall find you first. Ito ang hindi matitibag na paniniwala ni Cassey. Pero malapit na siyang lumagpas sa kalendaryo ay wala pa rin...
  • waiting
  • humor
  • cutestory
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So,  by d3vi0usminds
So, by d3vi0usminds
[Completed] -//quotes and shit//- "Be careful who you trust - the devil was once an angel."
  • love
  • happened
  • completed
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Us by AnEdgyFlannelGay
Usby Stillapieceofgarbage
A group of friends find out about each others problems at a sleepover for their friends birthday party. They discover more about each other, and help each other through...
  • trauma
  • support
  • depressed
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I am so PORZINGED! by BtsIca_98
I am so PORZINGED!by Jessica Fernandez
  • happened
  • whatamidoingwithmylife
  • latvianfriend
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The Forgotten Idols by hadiataufiq
The Forgotten Idolsby u_d_k_me
A new Kpop band by BigHit.But the leader is attacked.She leaves in stress and runs over Kim Ji Soo which tells her that she is in danger.But pushing herself forward she...
  • like
  • something
  • happened
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ACTUALLY 'did not' HAPPENED by Gabbi_T
ACTUALLY 'did not' HAPPENEDby Fanatic Disc
This book holds a collection of "TRUE" stories. These stories are all totally true and relatable and totally something that normally happens! They even have th...
  • realcomedy
  • funnystories
  • nonfiction
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Can't hold on by Amyk1111
Can't hold onby Amyk1111
BASED OFF A TRUE STORY Savannah is 12 now, but is swarmed with memories that some adults couldn't even handle. Her past is filled with secrets, betrayals and regrets. It...
  • love
  • real
  • crush
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The night it all went down🥵 by desydes1452
The night it all went down🥵by desydes1452
This story is about a freshman girl In college who has been crushing on this guy for the longest. But everything changes when he's knocking on her door in the middle of...
  • happened
  • night
  • ít
WHY by shogeee
WHYby shogeee
Detective milla thinks he has seen it all . Until he faces the worst crime in his career , trying to save everybody he can Can he survive?
  • death
  • fun
  • suspens
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SpongeBob and Squidward crack slash fic by MysteriouslyMe221B
SpongeBob and Squidward crack slas...by Mystic myself
Squidbob / Spongeward
  • fluff
  • thiswassupposetobesmut
  • happened
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Percy Jackson by PercyJackson2519
Percy Jacksonby Percy Jackson
My Name is Percy Jackson and I am a demigod son of Poseidon God of the waters. I live in Cambridge Ontario and camp half-blood long island sound. As a demigod, I spend m...
  • mythology
  • after
  • percy
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EPIC WHTRJ ONESHOTS???? EPIMCCC by whenyouwalkin
robot ojnes thimg....pee this is satire...m
  • whatever
  • jones
  • happened
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a tribute :)  by erinphobia
a tribute :) by erinphobia
i looked at my photos in my room for inspiration and decided to base it off true events
  • family
  • cancer
  • grandad
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Confessions of A Teenage (Almost Adult) Mess by Fandom_Trash_Queen
Confessions of A Teenage (Almost A...by Alexis/Alex/Loki
Title says all.
  • random
  • messedup
  • rants
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Secrets of the silent by MilesEridya
Secrets of the silentby MilesEridya
A story expressing the feelings of a girl I once knew. Nobody knew how fucked up things got to the end~
  • happened
  • rollercoasters
  • craziness
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THE ROOM by miniemoonwalker
THE ROOMby miniemoonwalker
It's about this room at my school that tow friends and me went up to and you have to clim a laser to get up to that SUPER SCARY UP THERE!?!?😰😥😓
  • almost
  • mystery
  • questionable
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See You Again by QueenVaFia
See You Againby April Diane Penetrante
Started: May 6,2018 JUST READ IT!!!!
  • bts
  • în
  • family
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