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The Witch Hunters by songs4storys
The Witch Huntersby Anna
Hansel and Gretel Carpenter may be twins, but they've never been close. Hansel adored by their woodworking father and Gretel their mother, tragedy strikes when their mot...
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Hansel~~by mouli by introvertian99
Hansel~~by mouliby An introvert
"HANSEL"was the first word she prompted... "What!"asked a perplexed Randhir... "Cornea Hansel shaadi ka gift!"shivered her voice.... Sandhi...
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Jeremy Renner One Shots by nbarnes12
Jeremy Renner One Shotsby Natasha
Here are some oneshots with Jeremy Renner and his characters!!!
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WICKED by My_Name_is_Cookie
With a dead ghost cousin and talking wolf as a friend, Hansol ventures across the land to hunt down a witch coven to put a stop to them from bringing back an ancient dar...
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Loved by a Boy (boyxboy) by YaoiLover801
Loved by a Boy (boyxboy)by Saphire Goldsmith
[Book Two of the "I Fell for a Boy" Series] Due to his father's work, Hansel Moore has to transfer school and there he met Darren and his gang. Upon meeting, a...
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Waiting For You 'til The Sky Turn's Dark by Ashleyyyyyy_024
Waiting For You 'til The Sky Turn'...by Leiiii Ashleyyy
Vansell Arizhel She's cute She's lovable She's brave Yet She has a fragile side And Of course She loves me And She's mine Until one day...
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The Two Little Plumplings by RainbowRoseGirl
The Two Little Plumplingsby RainbowRoseGirl
A modern twist on Hansel and Gretel.
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love or lies by LiterateKindOfGirl
love or liesby LiterateKindOfGirl
A Mix-Up-Version of Hansel & Gretel: Greta 18 Y [Not Gretel] a very smart girl, daughter of Hansel and Gretel, has a little brother Hanso 14 Y [Not Hansel] is mentally...
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Fervent Sorrow {Completed} by BellatrixBells
Fervent Sorrow {Completed}by BellatrixBells
I fell in love with Hansel seven years ago. I fell in love with a side of him that was sweet, caring, persistent and loving. He taught me what it felt like to be human...
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( ĐN hắc quản gia) Song sinh sát thủ xuyên không by -zero_-
( ĐN hắc quản gia) Song sinh sát t...by Super Hot
Hansel con trai Gretel con gái cả hai là cặp song sinh bí ẩn và luôn đi đâu đều có nhau bên cạnh xem đi thì biết
Sentimientos de poeta [Dylansel] by CheemsonDinamo
Sentimientos de poeta [Dylansel]by CheemsonDinamo
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The dummy's dummy (mafia AU) Probably 2 by CHILLs_Studio12345
The dummy's dummy (mafia AU) Proba...by CHILLs_Studio12345
(2!!? what is this Prick!?) I guess you could say the its the second chapter? No? ok... Anyways please read the first book to understand the story a bit or you should go...
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Hansel and Gretel by Geek13
Hansel and Gretelby Geek13
Continuation of Gretel. Those who chose choice A this will be the story you want to see. Find out who was the other main character you chose by reading this~(though it's...
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The Weirder Ever After by vrizeu
The Weirder Ever Afterby vrizeu
a weirder ending in fairytales.
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I Caught A Stalker by Bobcat2134
I Caught A Stalkerby Jess, or Bobbi
STOP I KNOW THIS LOOKS BAD! Okay, so you probably typed in The Walking Dead or NCIS or something like that, and have no idea why a Doctor Who fanfic would pop up right...
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Hansel and Gretel's Fractured Life by xmermaidbonesx
Hansel and Gretel's Fractured Lifeby Dakota
A boy named Hansel and A girl named Gretel. Same two kids, same evil step mother, same rendering father, same candy house, and same evil cannibalistic witch. What happen...
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It Never Ends Hansel and Gretel by buttercup190
It Never Ends Hansel and Gretelby Gentle Lightening
"Why does it never end? There is no stop to what has happened, Gretel."
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Hansel and Gretel: The Witch's Tale by sarabeth120
Hansel and Gretel: The Witch's Taleby Sarah
The witch from Hansel and Gretel finally gets to tell her side of the story...
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Hansel and Gretel: The Witch by lizzyhoff
Hansel and Gretel: The Witchby Lizzy Hoff
When reading about villains, you may have no remorse when they are killed or scorned for the rest of their lives. You just pin them as the culprit and move on with your...
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Dragon Of The Underworld  by Weasley10w
Dragon Of The Underworld by Weasley10w
Hadie is the son of Hades and Maleficent him and his little gang go to Auradon
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