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Six Little Liars (Mike Montgomery love story) by Tori_vx
Six Little Liars (Mike Montgomery...by Tori
"... maybe it's the alcohol talking or it's just me being able to say this but I have feelings for you ever since we met", I told him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
The youngest liar  by xcloudystoriesx
The youngest liar by x.cloudy_stories.x
Rosewood is a town full of friendship, love, liars, mystery and secrets. Six middle school girls try to find their way in life after the disappearance of their friend Al...
Married Life : Hannily by BiancaAloud
Married Life : Hannilyby girlss-aloud
Married life with our favorite Hannily *Emily g!p*
I gave you my heart by Haylrenee
I gave you my heartby ❣️❣️❣️
I could never like girls, but that all changed once I laid eyes on Emily Fields, maybe I always had a huge crush on her and never knew it, hearing her talk about other g...
Somebody To You by Rainyday2003
Somebody To Youby cece
Hanna and Caleb are 'haleb', Alison came up with the name. But will --A get in the way of these 2 little love birds, how do I know, I'm --A, and Hanna's my favourite, sh...
السر (ماخوذة من pretty little liars)  by jane19999827
السر (ماخوذة من pretty little liar...by jane
ايلن و أصدقائها أمنية ،هانا ،سلمي ،ايمان فتيات جامعة ف كلية حاسبات ومعلومات ، و ايلن كانت مشهورة و متنمرة و أصدقائها كانوا مثل دمياتها ،في يوم من أيام ايلن تختفي و يظهر...
|Pretty Girls Lie| by KimMaitlen2
|Pretty Girls Lie|by Kim ❤️💙👑
Aria Montgomery, Hanna Martin, Spencer Hastings and Emily Fields are all Young girls as Alison Dilaurentis had 3 former best friends - Brianna Locker, Alyssa Brooks and...
True Liars | A Pretty Little Liars Fanfiction by aliceinwonderland404
True Liars | A Pretty Little Liars...by Alice Newling
Pretty Little Liars is going to be told from a different perspective, A. Each part of the story will be the different As. Starting with Mona, the going to Charlotte. Fin...
My PLL 30 day challenge  by sleepinforest_
My PLL 30 day challenge by Nat
ρяєтту ℓιттℓє ℓιαяѕ fαм
Damaged Goods{PLL}. by NowImASurviorNikki
Damaged Goods{PLL}.by Juice WRLD Baby 👅
Katerina Aka Katherine Dilaurentis is the half sister of Jason and Alison Dilaurentis. She was only 4 years old when she was sent to the Radley Institution after an frea...
Pretty Little Liars || Next Generation by dinosaurgang
Pretty Little Liars || Next Genera...by PIPPA
A is back! but who could it be? all the origional liars are grown up and now it's their kids turn to fight off A! Let the adventures begin!
Pretty Little Liars                  The second generAtion by kylaworldradio
Pretty Little Liars...by kylaworldradio
After it all... The liars are back, in the second generation... Jane Fitz Daughter of Ezra Fitz and Aria Montgomery Elizabeth Fields Adopted daughter of Emily Fields Ama...
Pretty Little.Liars by MagconGirl900
Pretty Little.Liarsby MagconGirl900
This story is just like the original PLL except for the relationships. In this story cameron Dallas comes into view. Who will he be with? Will him and one of the girls c...
Addicted to you ... (Spoby Story) by Pll_A_
Addicted to you ... (Spoby Story)by Pretty_Little_Liar
(PLL STORY) Spencer Hastings, who is also known as the clever, attends rosewood high school along with her Close friends, Aria, Emily, Hannah and Alison, During her time...
Pretty Little Liars Quotes by Pll_A_
Pretty Little Liars Quotesby Pretty_Little_Liar
Best /Fav Quotes/Quotes from Pretty Little Liars, all seasons
Pretty Little Liars Book #1 by itsMerna
Pretty Little Liars Book #1by Myra Anne
Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hannah, Rachel and Alison were the best of friends. Nothing could tear them apart, right? Well no. When Alison comes up missing and the cops have n...
Emily Fields and Skylar Cullen by MusicLover_97
Emily Fields and Skylar Cullenby Canadian
Skylar Cullen is just an average 18 year old.. or is she? Emily Fields Lives in Rosewood a quite town in Pennsylvania her and her 3 best friends Aria Montgomery, Spencer...