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NIGHTMARES by OliverIsHereAndOueer
NIGHTMARESby Oliver Jones
this is a fanfiction about Connor experiencing a nightmare and getting help from Hank. (Warning: there is a gun scene and a few cuss words.)
This is our secret //HANNOR AU by Sunflower_duckling
This is our secret //HANNOR AUby droop snoot
Hank wipes the neon lipstick off his lips while the younger male on his lap was giggling. "You're the first person who laughs while having sex." He laughs hard...
His Pregnant Android | DBH Hank x Connor Mpreg by -Good_Boi-
His Pregnant Android | DBH Hank x...by 𝒥𝑜𝒽𝓃𝓃𝓎
Connor has some big news, he's pregnant! But Hank surely doesn't know how to take all of that in. I mean, Connor's an android, how can an android get pregnant? But Conno...
Imágenes Detroit Become Human by LittleMess_Harry
Imágenes Detroit Become Humanby ✨M O R G A N✨
Como el nombre lo dice, son imágenes que he podido encontrar y vengo a compartir con vosotros. Hay mucho Hannor (Connor x Hank) y algunos memes en inglés que voy a tradu...
Fuck Life by sorrynomoremegotold
Fuck Lifeby Sorry no more
After the Android Revolution, a law was created to give rights to androids to be treated as equal to humans. Unfortunately, not everyone is in agreement of this idea. On...
Freedom of more than just androids ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)   || Hank x Connor|| by Jeez-its
Freedom of more than just androids...by Jeez-its
After the revolution, things aren't as peaceful as you would think. The freedom of androids also brings on the freedom of issues. A new virus, about as random as devian...
✖✖ Connor x Hank|| Oneshots ✖✖ by Avoir_le_cafard
✖✖ Connor x Hank|| Oneshots ✖✖by Large Papi
This will be my first oneshots book, so I will take any suggestions you guys may have. I'm super excited and feel free to leave requests and corrections! ✖✖ CONTAINS: ...
Journey Through Love (Hank X Connor) by TheInsideOfBread
Journey Through Love (Hank X Conno...by Dangerboat
Hankcon? Honnor? Hannor? Whatever it's called to you, I like it, and when I'm bored I write fanfictions, and this is that? Oh, and sorry for the cheesy title lol. Anyway...
m y  m u s e //Honnor Artist AU by Sunflower_duckling
m y m u s e //Honnor Artist AUby droop snoot
Dainty hands pull on the silky white sheets. Pulling the sheets closer around the elegant and soft frame. The older male bites his bottom lip while staring at the nude p...
Detriot: Become Human Smut Book by hunybooboothang
Detriot: Become Human Smut Bookby wunderland
A full book on Detroit: Become Human Couples! [Can get Kinky] [Readers have a choice! Just comment!] [Suggestions! Please!] ▶Every "ship" has 2-3 parts. I star...
Human ( Hank x Connor ) (Being Edited And Continued) by OnoUnoOno
Human ( Hank x Connor ) (Being Edi...by What-A-Queen
"And I grew closer and closer to him he seemed to not mind, infact, I think he liked it" Connor is a Android sent by Cyberlife to help with the Detroit Police...
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Falling Into Your Arms Connor X Hank by -xXDorky-BoiXx-
Falling Into Your Arms Connor X Ha...by MAKENNA ASH
WARNING~ probably gonna have lots of smut in it~ probably gonna have lots of cursing in it~ DEFINITELY GONNA HIT VERRY SENSITIVE SUBJECTS SUCH AS Rape Suicide Murder
Hank x Connor by YourLocalMemeDealerr
Hank x Connorby Your Local Meme Dealer
Ay. Wus good. So I've developed love for this game and for this ship. Enjoy you amazing peoples.
El color de los Sentimientos [Hannor] by CatLikos
El color de los Sentimientos [Hann...by CatLikos
Luego de la revolución androide muchas cosas cambiaron en el mundo, para bien o para mal. Principalmente en Detroit, donde todo comenzó. Las personas debían aceptar a lo...
Instability : A Hank x Connor Fanfiction by HankxConnor
Instability : A Hank x Connor Fanf...by 0_Author_ 0
You all know the tale of Detroit and the revolution that took place where Androids were able to walk as their own people in society. Connor, the android sent by Cyberlif...
We Are Family │Hannor by -MeteorShower-
We Are Family │Hannorby -MeteorShower-
»Universo Alternativo« A veces las familias vienen con un teniente de policía malhumorado, un androide detective, un flojo San Bernardo y un niño que sobrevivió a un acc...
Connor and Hank Oneshots by DJJordanne
Connor and Hank Oneshotsby DJJordanne
Just as the title suggests. Requests open! There are darker topics (suicide mention, rape, etc.), supernatural (for halloween), fluff and (cringey af) smut. Update sched...
detroit become human oneshots ☆ requests open by morelikeboreragnarok
detroit become human oneshots ☆ re...by AOC'S WIFE
oneshots & imagines - includes simon x markus, gavin x rk900, connor/rk900 x reader, ralph x jerry, and much jericrew friendship fluffiness 💞 we have everyone's favour...
The hank trap (Hank Anderson x reader) by ninkynonky
The hank trap (Hank Anderson x rea...by ninkynonky
You meet a handsome older man (hank) at a singles mixer, at first he doesn't like you but with the help of his partner (Connor) you win his heart.
Connor X Hank (To Be Continued...) by RandomFandomTh0t
Connor X Hank (To Be Continued...)by RandomFandomTh0t
{To be continued} This story is based on the video game, Detroit: Become Human- The main characters will be Hank, Connor(A robot), Gavin, Colin(Also a robot), Markus an...