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Cigarettes ft. Minsung by bundle_ho
Cigarettes ft. Minsungby crybaby
Minho love the way Jisung smell after smoking. #7 hanknow #8 hanknow
Falling In Love With My Bodyguard by LoveMusicWings
Falling In Love With My Bodyguardby skz._.nana
Series #1 | MinSung Falling In Love With My Bodyguard Han Jisung, the manager of the financial division under a company owned by Bang Chan, his neighborhood becoming da...
PARADISE ━ MINSUNGby ⭒𝒈𝒍𝒐𝒘𝒚 𝒔𝒖𝒏𝒈⭒
♡.'- ❝Ellos nunca van a cambiar. Deberías huír.❞ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤlee minho & han jisungㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ♡; soft, angst, drama, ㅤromance, +16 ♡; inicio- ...
❝Saudade❞ ||MinSung|| by Nxxoss
❝Saudade❞ ||MinSung||by ✰♫ Lαѕ єѕєηcιαѕ ∂єℓ Jιѕυηg ♫✰
Hace dos años que Han Jisung había huido y Lee Minho lo había dejado ir. Hace dos años que se perdieron... ⨉ Minsung. ⨉ Omegaverse. ⨉ Mía.
Thanks to Fever by MightyMinsung
Thanks to Feverby Dyndelion♌️
"Should I just banged his head onto something? But that's a crime!" -Minho Jisung is sick and Minho has to take care of him all day long. They both left alone...
Double Self (MINSUNG) by karenkaten
Double Self (MINSUNG)by GhostGirl
Minho is a normal boy. At least he looks like one. He is sweet, a little shy and very handsome but he keeps a big secret. He has two selves. A "power" that he...
Fireflies //hjs x lmh// by Hwang_Minsungs
Fireflies //hjs x lmh//by Hwang_Minsungs
When 'forgetting' is a solution in Jisung's head. He and Minho broke up in few months ago. But this option was not as what he expects, it looks like his own plan was bet...
❝ minsung facts ❜❜ by JEONVENECO
❝ minsung facts ❜❜by ❛ annie ❜ HIATUS
━━ ❛ facts de los novios más lindos de stray kids. ❜ ; facts. ; pareja ; minsung/knowhan. ; minho ! top ; jisung ¡ bottom @JEONVENECO
His ft. Minsung by bundle_ho
His ft. Minsungby crybaby
Jisung doesn't like it when people touch what is his. #2 hanknow #6 hanknow
FLAMES. | minsung by -HANmericano
FLAMES. | minsungby siya <3
but what if the boy minho has been looking for is lying in his arms? side ships: hyunin changlix
yes or yes | hanknow by seraphichwang
yes or yes | hanknowby honggie
jisung no aceptaba un 'no' como respuesta. estaba decidido a conquistar a minho.
Claimed || Minsung by Gamer1231
Claimed || Minsungby wiljaesus
Love has no restrictions. Unless its between a 30 y/o and a 10y/o ew. Oh and Humans and Vampires. * * * 3rd official book lmao. This is only for fun cuz i have inspira...
forced // minsung [discontinued] by not_riae
forced // minsung [discontinued]by meansung
in which everything is dumb [short chapters] [texting au] [minsung] [crazy ex?]
Hey || Minsung (discontinued)  by hyunjinshairline
Hey || Minsung (discontinued) by sumi
Minho keeps messaging his brothers best friend Jisung. Jisung doesn't know that's Felix's brother. ⚠Contains:⚠ ⚠ Swearing ⚠ Some texting _ I update when I feel like...
pain | ❝ hjs+lmh ❞ by seraphichwang
pain | ❝ hjs+lmh ❞by honggie
❝ era tan doloroso amar a lee minho ❞
Perdidos En Argentina [Stray Kids] by sunnminnie
Perdidos En Argentina [Stray Kids]by lulu ✨
Ocho chicos son obligados a vivir en un departamento con la ausencia de sus padres en frente del supermercado familiar, nada puede salir mal, ¿cierto? 🍃 ❁ Viven en arg...
Changbin descubre que Hyunjin no es su pareja destinada Y ¿quien diría que seria pareja de Lee Felix? ¿Quien diría que dependería tanto de el? -Lixie~ -Hm? -Quiero mimos~
melancholy || minsung by Jxeongin
melancholy || minsungby 𝘭𝘰𝘭𝘢~
do all the things i should've done, when i was your man. jisungs pov
• predestined | hanknow •  by trouverai
• predestined | hanknow • by → ngàn ♡
"em không nghĩ một đời dài như vậy,em lại có thể gặp anh một lần nữa". bạn nghĩ sao về nhân duyên kiếp trước,bên nhau hay chia cách ? hanknow / author : trou...