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Lost Words  by pumpkinlips
Lost Words by p u m p k i n 💫
When it gets heavy just cry it out and don't give up on yourself. Poems and 2 am musings. *warning* some chapters might trigger your mental health. Read at your own ri...
Inspirational posts by D____p
Inspirational postsby The Avid Reader
This is a compilation of inspirational posts that I humbly hope will help someone through the day.
The Teddy Challenge by TheTeddyChallenge
The Teddy Challengeby to spread optimism
Three girls create a challenge. The Teddy Challenge. Thousands of others try it out. Encouragement. Hope. Love. Care. Happiness. That's what it's all about. Happiness.
Hang on; by JessicaMawi
Hang on;by Jessica H Vaiphei
Who are you to end your story; as if you are the writer of your story? -Yama Buddha, we will miss you.
BURST by OnHiatus014
BURSTby OnHiatus014
I want it under control but it always able to burst out...
Could It Be Love? by D122203
Could It Be Love?by Mrs. Chris Hemsworth
Tom Hiddleston, actor best known for playing Loki, has never sealed the deal on any one. He never decided anyone was right for him. He was now on the verge of 43, and wo...
Death and back by spedan
Death and backby darkshadow
Trying to hang on after a bad wreck.
A promise I shall keep by k_i__k_i_lol
A promise I shall keepby k_i__k_i_lol
A normal high school drama? Far from it. A griping romance drama full of love, passion, heartbreak and a bone chilling adventures. Magic's sister has been killed but Mag...
THE NOTE 2: ALMOST THERE by dakota_cecil1215
THE NOTE 2: ALMOST THEREby dakota_cecil1215
This is my sequel to The Note and hope you guys like it Ps. I read your comments so that's why I'm doing this
Hang On by LaFemmeEcriture
Hang Onby Anne Marie
A regular Friday night out on the town becomes a serious life or death mission. Complete.
I Will Change (We Will Change) by user42207040
I Will Change (We Will Change)by
A song about bravery and the courage to hold on in dark times as a society.
Broken Glass by FirnilaFoster
Broken Glassby FirnilaFoster
She walked over broken glass. It's time for her cuts to heal. Trigger warning! Deals with transgender issues and related emotional upheaval.
Fault by THGfreak21
Faultby THGfreak21
All of my poems always connect to my life. These deal with a certain person that I'm passionate about.
One Life.One Day.One Moment. by A_Said
One Life.One Day.One Moment.by A_Said
Cute,Beautiful, Motivational and Inspiring quotes on everyday of the year.... Read it to find out what your favourite day of the year is all about!! Enjoy!!!
A Series Of Poems  by fairykisses98
A Series Of Poems by Fairy Kisses
Feeling down today? Just a reminder that pain is something we all go through, just a bad day, not a bad life
You are my art. by Spring_Blossom_PR
You are my art.by Dreams_to_Dream 💕☁️
Alone. Broken. Detested. Hated. Worthless. Not enough. Disappointment. Depressed. Helpless. Dirty. Unworthy. Heartless. Cold. Unlovable. Weak. If one of these descr...