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Geeky Girl {LeviHan} by Luna_Yakamoto
Geeky Girl {LeviHan}by Luna_Yakamoto
Levi Ackerman didn't know how to react to this new nerdy girl. She was completely extraordinary. Rumors flew around, and he knew how an outsider can easily be more of an...
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Shitty Four Eyes by hokorix
Shitty Four Eyesby Gwen
On his search to find peace within the campus, Levi finds comfort in an abandoned laboratory, or so he thought. It is not abandoned and it is certainly the place he neve...
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Riverbank {LeviHan} [Manga Spoilers!] by Luna_Yakamoto
Riverbank {LeviHan} [Manga Spoiler...by Luna_Yakamoto
"Don't leave me." Hanji's last words to Levi faded away as he died on that riverbank. For how many years did her soul have to endure those last words? That nig...
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LeviHan Spookfest! by kittiv103
LeviHan Spookfest!by SV
A series of short stories from LeviHan Spookfest! Prompts: 25th October: Nightmare/Dream 26th October: Whispers/Screams 27th October: Scars/Gore 28th October: Ghost/F...
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Titan of the Wild ★ A.O.T by _Ackermann
Titan of the Wild ★ A.O.Tby _Ackermann
"Unlike a drop of water which loses it's identity once it joins the ocean, man does not lose his identity in the society of which he lives. Man's life is independen...
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Until Death by UnwillingCooperation
Until Deathby U|N|W|I|L|L|I|N|G
Over time, death will come. It is, inevitable. It's how we choose to live that matters. WARNING: If you are not up to date with Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin then p...
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Wipe them out~Levi x oc by Twelvethirty
Wipe them out~Levi x ocby love robin forever
Eren Jaeger wasn't the only member of his family to possess titan abilities. His older sister, Akira , also can shift from human to [as many would think of them] monster...
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Legend of the Woodland Magus (Levi x Reader) by SonderOpia
Legend of the Woodland Magus (Levi...by SonderOpia
A young woman seeks adventure with a childish passion, her wish eventually granted at last. She is transported from her home to the England countryside. There she become...
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Levi Reacts to Ships by Meeparoni
Levi Reacts to Shipsby Meeparoni
Author- Hello yes this is gonna be Levi reacting to ships from aot! I'm exited! Levi- Why me? Author- BECAUSE I SAID (>*^*)> Levi-Tch... whatever... I got nothing...
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