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Ace by JanelleeXOXO
Aceby JanelleeXOXO
Alexandra Grace, the best nurse in New York is asked to relocate and work full time for the young multi-millionare named Ace. Ace Anderson is an arrogant and stubborn p...
  • newyork
  • drama
  • handsome
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My Perfect Reject by haleighchristine95
My Perfect Rejectby Haleigh Buchanan
Lorelei Wildridge thought her life was over when Jaxon dumped her with no reason what so ever. With a broken heart, Lorelei is sure that life will never be the same. At...
  • heartbreak
  • drama
  • reject
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Wang Ye Captures His Wife by AmmaraMustafa
Wang Ye Captures His Wifeby Ammara Mustafa
Jade Hunter? The man which many women want to meet? If she really was a girl, then if she were to dress in a female attire... wouldn't she look beautiful and refine? She...
  • male
  • interest
  • characters
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[COMPLETED] Mr. Handsome | KSJ ff by jenim0905
[COMPLETED] Mr. Handsome | KSJ ffby jeni_army💜
What if you met a handsome guy? What if you hated him? What if you loved him? What if you left? What if you came back? *Note*: The plot doesn't represent real life, so p...
  • firststory
  • jenim0905
  • fanfiction
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Till heaven dies by codergirl20
Till heaven diesby codergirl20
simple yet friendly and social girl, Megan Madison, is quite popular and loved by her friends at the trinity high school. Her uncomplicated life becomes complicated, whe...
  • highschool
  • mature
  • lovetriangle
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.:Imagine:. by Fxyrouz_Shalaby12
.:Imagine:.by Fxyrouz_Shalaby12
When you can only imagine, that's what you'll do... Aladdin/Mena Massoud Imagines
  • willsmith
  • princessjasmine
  • aladdinreallife
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The Prince's Royal Lover by vladthewarlord
The Prince's Royal Loverby vladthewarlord
Tao Wen transmigrated and discovered that he had become the brutal scum lover in a tragic novel that he had just read. That scum character was a prince who, instead of l...
  • proactive
  • protagonist
  • transmigration
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DEVIL'S INNOCENT VIRGIN [18+] by mydreamtofly
"Please, leave me alone. I beg you." The teenage beautiful girl was trembling with fear. He was someone who cannot be anger by her. He is dangerous. Grabbing h...
  • handsome
  • marriege
  • lust
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i иєєɒ yσυ ✓ by jhopevitamen
i иєєɒ yσυ ✓by jhopevitamen
• park seo yoon • a normal girl living with her brother, park jimin. • their mom died from a serious disease • and their dad left them alone. • they were living a hard...
  • kimseokjin
  • bangtanjin
  • btsseokjin
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THE STRANGER'S BABY- ( Re-Editing) by craecraegthae
THE STRANGER'S BABY- ( Re-Editing)by Deanthae Smith
Camila boyfriend of two years broke up with her after cheating on her with her sister and also her best friend. he didn't even care that she was caught saying " I w...
  • hate
  • possessive
  • beautiful
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FORCEFULLY HERS  by fazee2018
FORCEFULLY HERS by fazee2018
This is my first story...but you won't be disappointed inshallah. "Stop the wedding" He roared making the hall silent. "How dare you stop my wedding?"...
  • love
  • mafia
  • islam
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My Sweet and Possessive Man by DeviMariaUlfa
My Sweet and Possessive Manby Nanami Mariya
Lyra Sui grew to be a wonderful 24-year-old woman with her dream job to be a fashion stylist in a girl group theater. All her life is perfect until she found her boyfrie...
  • dominating
  • adult-content
  • gorgeous
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Царайлаг ангийн дарга ( Bangtan story ) by user37807590
Царайлаг ангийн дарга ( Bangtan st...by Army1231
Шинээр сургуульд орсон 3-2 ангийн сурагч Лиса,мөн түүний анхаарлыг татсан ангийн дарга.Дарга хийхэд дэндүү царайлаг гэмээр Ким Тэхён ,мөн сургуульдаа алдартай анги.Гол д...
  • handsome
  • kimtaehyung
  • bangtan
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Gold Weaver | ✓ by matemenot
Gold Weaver | ✓by dari
[MATURE CONTENT] "Do you enjoy torturing me?" He asked on a groan as his hand travelled from my inner thigh to further upwards, finding me sans panties. "...
  • fantasy
  • drama
  • erotica
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SAMUDRA by jonjonyuk
SAMUDRAby Tasya Lubis
Pantai adalah tempat terbaik mengukir cerita bersamanya. Itulah pikir Samudra. Laki-laki yang begitu menyukai pantai hingga ia menemukan "pantai" tempatnya unt...
  • handsome
  • fiksi
  • love
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Unrequited Love by jasmineteahee
Unrequited Loveby jasmine tea
A Soft Nomin/Jaemjen love story by a soft fanboy (The story takes place in college)
  • wholesome
  • nomin
  • college
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2 in1 Handsome Up Pump In Pakistan _03018888752 Opentelemart.com Lahore by JaguBHai3
2 in1 Handsome Up Pump In Pakistan...by Jagu BHai
Handsome Up Pump Price in Pind Dadan Khan, Handsome Up Pump Price in Quetta, Handsome Up Pump Price in Rahim Yar Khan, Handsome Up Pump Price in Raiwind, Handsome Up Pum...
  • sadiqabad
  • rawalpindi
  • quetta
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HER by Narimannnn
HERby narimane
Wherever i go she's there,something about her she's not like everyone else she's weird beautiful interesting, I've never felt the way i do around her it's just...it's al...
  • lovestory
  • highschool
  • firstlove
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The Awakening [ Book 1: What Earth Became Series ] by miradonix
The Awakening [ Book 1: What Earth...by miracle osinachi
I still hear the voice in my head, I still see the pictures. Is this what will become of the earth? Is this the end or the beginning of some else.. ****** ...imagine if...
  • fiction
  • new
  • carl
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( o3o18888752 )king Handsome Up Pump Penis Enlargement Pump Made By UK by JaguBHai3
( o3o18888752 )king Handsome Up Pu...by Jagu BHai
Handsome Up Pump Price in Dhaular, Handsome Up Pump Price in Dina, Handsome Up Pump Price in Dinga, Handsome Up Pump Price in Dipalpur, Handsome Up Pump Price in Dir, Ha...
  • jang
  • ghakhar
  • pump
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