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A Summer To Remember by Writerandreader17
A Summer To Rememberby Tawney
After a swimming accident leaves Dylan a triple amputee, he struggles to find a sense of normal in his life. He doesn't want to be known as the wheelchair kid. He wants...
A Woman's Best Friend by BetweenProjects
A Woman's Best Friendby Marit Brevik
When Allie is in need of a new seeing eye dog, she is set up with one that nobody else wants. He's big, scruffy, playful and very intuitive. And from what she can f...
Solid GrounD (MxM) by TheoryKierei
Solid GrounD (MxM)by TheoryKierei
This is the second book of the MiMiC series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but old characters will likely return. Being in another country was supposed to be an adve...
Life After Near Death by WildRhov
Life After Near Deathby Rhov
Gray nearly dies in battle. Although Natsu saves his life, Gray is left severely handicapped and may never walk again. Now Gray despises Natsu, feeling weak and indebted...
دڕندە تــرســـنـــاکــەکـــە😈 by Lilyarmy4ever11
دڕندە تــرســـنـــاکــەکـــە😈by _LILY_
من خانویەکم کڕی بەڵام دڕندەیەک ئاشقم بوو....😳 ئاهــ قۆزە خۆشەویستەکەم... بۆ هەندێک شێتییە گەر دڕندەیەکت خۆشبووێت بەڵام ئەمە چی کێشەیەکی تێدایە؟ تکایە جێم مەهێڵە منیش تۆ...
Little Purple by EneresPage
Little Purpleby Momo
Can you love someone full of fault? Perfect purple eyes, Hu Zi has a pair, but to her, they are just ornaments. She is blind. She met her teacher that taught her how t...
Some Terminal Flowers 📝 by IWannaLoveMyself
Some Terminal Flowers 📝by Viktoria Renauld
★ "Some Terminal Flowers" est un recueil de nouvelles et d'histoires écrites par mes soins. Les sujets qui y sont principalement abordés sont ceux de la relati...
Numb (Alliance Trilogy) by Ortiz-Novels
Numb (Alliance Trilogy)by Ortiz-Novels
No description because it will ruin the last two books. If you haven't read Alliance (The First Book) go read it!
THE BLIND and THE LAME by mikeburton52
THE BLIND and THE LAMEby Mike Burton
A tragic event brings two young friends to discover a common interest.
MATAR CANJI by miss_untichlobanty
MATAR CANJIby miss untichlobanty
The Captain and Manager - Tetsuro Kuroo x OC by Alicemoon888
The Captain and Manager - Tetsuro...by tayls
The start of April is when a young girl was brought into the world, strong and healthy. Lydia Alistar, or known to others as simple "Neku". She was a sports...
His Handicapped Wife ( New Version) by LuckyCharm007
His Handicapped Wife ( New Version)by Sowz❄
This story is now available in Inkitt for free. ~*~ He is a playboy who had the body that every girl drools over. In turn, he is a hot-blooded man who drools over beauty...
Sterling Inn by Feline_Fan
Sterling Innby ~Kate~
Secrets don't stay buried long... 18 years have passed. The Inn is a huge success in their region and financial worries no longer plague them. But the peace can't last l...
Atrophy Of The Heart 🖤 by Olea_Avis
Atrophy Of The Heart 🖤by Olea_Avis
After a tragic accident that cost the life of his younger brother, Gerard Way survives the crash, but is left completely paralyzed from the waist down. His life comes to...
Anoothi by nerd_positive
Anoothiby nerd_positive
The soft chime of the anklets was the harbinger of her presence. While no words ever left her smiling lips, they never got eclipsed by her sorrows. Her ears and eyes wer...
A Seeing Eye Wolf #watty2015 by maxd01
A Seeing Eye Wolf #watty2015by Mad Max
Jed was called by the Moon Goddess to serve as a seeing eye dog for a young human girl. Anise had lost her sight due to an accident and was now permanently blind. Why...
Just Sit Down... ((ToMatt Story)) by Naja_Kh
Just Sit Down... ((ToMatt Story))by Naja_Is_Trash
It was 2 years since the "Accident" happend. Matt looked up at the new school, would they judge him?... No, get it out of your head Matt. _____________________...
Dragon Ball Super: Broly "Another Path" by Arkaden200
Dragon Ball Super: Broly "Another...by Mr Nail
What if Goku & Vegeta took too much of a beating, and other Z-fighters had to step in? Our protagonists are down, and there are few left standing in Broly's way from Ear...
Camp of the Handicapped Demigods by chickorguy
Camp of the Handicapped Demigodsby Emo Chick or Guy
there is no Percy Jackson handicapped stories...so why not
Wheels of Love by TheRubyEyes
Wheels of Loveby TheRubyEyes
Anastasia Snow was different from most, from the moment of her birth it was clear that she would never be able to walk because of a defect in her legs. That didn't stop...