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The Porsche, The Beetle And How I Got Here by MadSloth
The Porsche, The Beetle And How I...by MadSloth
The story of Karen Smith, her friends, family, and how she got tangled into something much bigger and more complicated than she'd ever imagined. (And yes, this is intend...
This Life • (J.C) by LiveShining
This Life • (J.C)by LiveShining
Just a tall-tale about how Julian Casablancas found love; one particular name was changed to feel better about writing it. A Julian Casablancas fanfic• Completed•
Richard Hammond Imagines [Slow Updates] by Lol2508
Richard Hammond Imagines [Slow Upd...by Luna❤
😉___REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!!___🤩 Just some imagines about our favorite British presenter, Richard Hammond. Because I love him, he's so funny. And I didn't see so many fa...
Dr Alan Grant x Reader (Jurassic Park) by 29times
Dr Alan Grant x Reader (Jurassic P...by 29times
You are an intern in a dig site in Montana, wanting to learn more and perhaps gain a job. What will happen when this takes you on the adventure of lifetime? (Alan and...
Sebastian Stan Imagines by MissKatie1998
Sebastian Stan Imaginesby Lokitty
Short one shots about Sebastian because I don't think there's enough Bassie fanfic out there! I do not own Sebastian(sadly) or any of his characters, so I do not take ow...
IMAGINE RICHARD // HAMMOND by dontlikefriction
if you're into genesis - scram. #1 in #richardhammond #2 in "richard hammond" fic
The Lost World: Jurassic Kratts  by Loxodonta14
The Lost World: Jurassic Kratts by Loxodonta14
It's been four years since the disaster of Jurassic Park, and the Wild Kratts team embark on their most dangerous mission yet: to assist a research team in studying the...
Jurassic Kratts by Loxodonta14
Jurassic Krattsby Loxodonta14
After a traumatic incident that almost cost Chris his life, the Wild Kratts Team are invited to a biological preserve off the coast of Costa Rica. It's an adventure of p...
Jarrasic Park Prefences/Imagines by Casper-Da-Ghost
Jarrasic Park Prefences/Imaginesby Simp 4 Alot of people
Jurassic Park 1993 Film •Alan Grant •Ellie Sattler •Ian Malcolm •Lex Murphy (older/younger) •Tim Murphy (older/younger) Request are epresheated <3 And an early so...
Just A Bloke With An Umbrella by brookjes
Just A Bloke With An Umbrellaby brookjes
Layla is rushing to the train station in the pouring rain when the rain is suddenly stopped by an umbrella. she turns to see familiar brown eyes and a familiar bloke who...
1 | wormholes | | stargate sg-1 by underworld-king
1 | wormholes | | stargate sg-1by Hades
" i'm sorry, who are you? " " ah, major jackson, air force. " in which daniel jackson's twin sister is an air force major with a phd in astrophysics...
Adopted By Kate Connor by AWriterCalledJessxx
Adopted By Kate Connorby JessicaMarie🔐
Lucy Connor is the adopted daughter off Kate Connor and Caz Hammond. Lucy has had an extremely hard life up to the age off 10 when Kate and Caz adopted her. Four years...
Falling For A Superhero (Hawkeye and Serenity Book 1) by TokkiDokkiPhel4
Falling For A Superhero (Hawkeye a...by Phelene/RobinaThickette
All Serenity knew was this: one there were strange aliens falling from the sky in New York City and attacking her and her friends (they just went to go look around!), pe...
Sebastian Stan Imagines  by avenging_avengers
Sebastian Stan Imagines by Skye
Cover credit to @BbuchananBarnes A book dedicated to the most amazing man to walk the earth and how you and he would get along, romantically, platonically, or as siblin...
Alone Together by soma1251
Alone Togetherby soma1251
First fanfic I ever wrote and am still in the process of finishing up. There are several chapters to it so bare with me. A laid back California girl moves to NYC with o...
is this it [strokes fan fic] by boybanding
is this it [strokes fan fic]by boybanding
when maddie agreed to go on tour with The Strokes to follow her love, julian, she never expected to be involved in a world of sex, sadness, and heartache. when she finds...
jurassic world/park oneshots by invisigerb25
jurassic world/park oneshotsby invisigerb25
this is a bunch of random jurassic park oneshots witch will include indoraptor surviving john Hammond not being dead and uh just other stuff now the ships you can find...
Killer spider by ReeceHammond
Killer spiderby Reece Hammond
Just a normal family. With a not normal life. They are not expecting the events of which scare them gravely. A mother, a father and their son. All will be shocked
The Black Savior by GoldieAfton
The Black Saviorby GoldieAfton
Set two weeks after Fallen Kingdom Life has changed ever since Jurassic World was closed after Wu's hybrid,the Indominus Rex got loose. Then three years later Benjamin...