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Random Hamilton Smut by queennpippaa
Random Hamilton Smutby Mama Pip🥰
Smut that I read on Archive Of Own Own that I wanted to share with you guys :) credit goes to the original authors
  • hamilton
  • hamliza
  • jamilton
Hamilton Reacts To - Hamilton: An American Musical  by hamilton_stories
Hamilton Reacts To - Hamilton: An...by hamilton_stories
You wished to meet the characters of Hamilton but you never expected them to turn up at the theatre with you. Join them as they learn about their legacy and venture out...
  • elizaschuyler
  • hamliza
  • musicaltheatre
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An Ocean Away (A Hamliza short story) ~Completed~ by Luci-Trash
An Ocean Away (A Hamliza short sto...by ~Malayna~
Alexander and Eliza have been talking over the phone for awhile now. With Alexander living in the Caribbean and Eliza in New York its difficult to meet from the oceans d...
  • angelicaschuyler
  • elizabethschuyler
  • herculesmulligan
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{Jamilton} You Found Me? Let's See If You Can Fix Me Now... by caramelangel101
{Jamilton} You Found Me? Let's See...by !Jae!
Modern AU!! What else?? ~Trigger warnings~ -Cussing -Panic attacks -Suicide attempt -Mind break (is that what it's called?) -Fighting -Angst -Abuse -Self harm (??) -MAY...
  • alexanderhamilton
  • gilbertlafayette
  • angelicaschuyler
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First Love (Philidosia) by LittleHamlizaElams
First Love (Philidosia)by ♡
Philip Hamilton doesn't know much about Aaron Burr. Just knows that his father wants nothing to do with him. He also knows he has a daughter around his age, who Alexande...
  • philidosia
  • romance
  • burrdosia
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New Addition // Hamliza AU by HamiltonIsMe
New Addition // Hamliza AUby Chloe
Idea given by @ThePartOfMySoulILost Alexander and Eliza are two years into their relationship and the story starts with a big realisation.
  • hamilton
  • completed
  • hamiltonthemusical
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Hamliza fan club because why not by apple_boxx
Hamliza fan club because why notby 『 🅱️®️U H 』
A fan club for hamliza
  • hamilton
  • elizaschuyler
  • alexander
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Hamilton Reacts to Hamilton Ships (Short Hiatus) by Nights_And_Stars
Hamilton Reacts to Hamilton Ships...by Hunter FoxWood
Sweetheart.... Please... look at the title...
  • leeburr
  • burrens
  • more
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Hamliza Modern Day AU ft. Jeffmads by internallyscreaming0
Hamliza Modern Day AU ft. Jeffmadsby internallyscreaming0
Hammy boi is practicing law in kings college and shares a dorm with Thomas Jefferson and Jemmy James. Then he meets Miss Elizabeth Schuyler and things happen. Wow awesom...
  • hamliza
  • jeffmads
Crazy In Love With You (HAMLIZA) by LittleHamlizaElams
Crazy In Love With You (HAMLIZA)by ♡
Alexander Hamilton's father never really did like him. But he never knew he'd go this far. His father puts him into a mental asylum against his will, he's not crazy. But...
  • hamiltonthemusical
  • hamliza
  • hamlizaisliterallythebestshipever
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Wish I Never Met You by smolhelplessbean1776
Wish I Never Met Youby smolhelplessbean1776
Elizabeth Schuyler is a quiet reserved college girl. She is filthy rich, and yet being extremely quiet she is one of the popular girls at her college. When she was invi...
  • andpeggy
  • hamilton
  • eliza
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Raise A Glass To Freedom (Hamilton) by GoldsberryDiggs
Raise A Glass To Freedom (Hamilton)by Optimistic Whale
What happens when a university student from Washington, in the 21st century, apparently is plopped into New York City... before the American Revolution? It all started...
  • linmanuel
  • lgbtq
  • hamiltonmusical
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Soar // Hamliza by determinelydepressed
Soar // Hamlizaby m :)
• Sequel to Lift • Fighting and recovering from cancer at age 17 is never easy, especially when it seems like all it does is tear away your dreams and future, right befo...
  • alexanderhamilton
  • hamilton
  • hamliza
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Only Fate (Hamliza soulmate AU) by LittleHamlizaElams
Only Fate (Hamliza soulmate AU)by ♡
Elizabeth Schuyler has always believed in fate. In a world where the last words of your soulmate are written on your body, the person she least expects it may be the one...
  • fate
  • jeggy
  • hamilton
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That Would Be Enough~ Hamilza Oneshots by Glittersilver
That Would Be Enough~ Hamilza Ones...by 𝕼𝖚𝖎𝖓𝖓💓
"Let me inside your heart..." "My life's gonna be fine cuz Eliza's in it..." Oneshots about Eliza Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton. I might take reque...
  • ship
  • otp
  • hamilton
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Oh, Lover Boy { LAMS } // College AU // completed  by mcswoonfor_mcdoon
Oh, Lover Boy { LAMS } // College...by kaylee
College AU because I am original College is hard. Especially when your kinda in love with your roommate. Heavily inspired by caw-chan's Rebel AU and the fanfic Lams Mod...
  • alexanderhamilton
  • herculesmulligan
  • gay
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My Love - Philidosia (2) by LittleHamlizaElams
My Love - Philidosia (2)by ♡
This is a sequel! Read 'First Love' before this one! After years of dating and a successful wedding, Theo and Philip decide it's finally time to settle down. But as they...
  • hamilton
  • burr
  • theodosia
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Eliza and Alex (HAMLIZA) by LittleHamlizaElams
Eliza and Alex (HAMLIZA)by ♡
Eliza was a quiet girl, always felt as if her sisters outshined her. When a boy named Alex came along and quickly made many friends, everyone fell for his charming smile...
  • ship
  • hamilton
  • laurens
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Sharing (ELAMS) by LittleHamlizaElams
Sharing (ELAMS)by ♡
Eliza and Alex got history! When they move in together and Eliza is introduced to John, she develops forbidden feelings for both of them.
  • musical
  • oof
  • heliza
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