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[BL] Rebirth of The First Demon Fairy by PurpleLove666
[BL] Rebirth of The First Demon Fa...by Mint Kawashima
Other Name: Rebirth of a Useless Waste: Number One Evil Immortal Original Title: 废柴重生之第一妖仙 [Fèi chái chóngshēng zhī dì yī yāo xiān] Status: Ongoing Author: 杰歌 [Jié Gē...
The Ephemeral (Book 1: Breeder) by gtgrandom
The Ephemeral (Book 1: Breeder)by Erica Gallegos
She's an outcast cursed to consume the memories of anything she touches. A woman fated to repopulate the nation's army. A breeder barred from the sword. And she's de...
The villain's contract lover 穿成反派的小可爱[穿书]  by 0_0nameless
The villain's contract lover 穿成反派的...by 0_0nameless
NOTE: This is NOT MY WORK. This story is uploaded here to make it available for those who love to read it offline. It's one of my favorite novel and i hope you'll enjoy...
Love Uncaged  by AriesCiel
Love Uncaged by Aries Ciel
Story between a half snake half human man that buys a half human half mouse boy from the black market where boys like that were sold as food to men like him. (Many year...
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Ginger // Lee Felix by straykidslogy
Ginger // Lee Felixby skzlogy
He's half human, half cat. And you're fully and madly head over heels. What happens when you bring home a cute, fluffy cat one day and then BOOM! It turns into Lee Fel...
BNA Shirou Ogami x Reader by Jaya-Chan
BNA Shirou Ogami x Readerby Jaya-Chan
"I will always protect you, idiot." Being half-human and half-beastman is a hard life to handle in Anima City. Too bad you were the one who that problem was t...
Half Human, Half Lion {A Narnia Fanfiction} -Completed- by RandomGimme
Half Human, Half Lion {A Narnia Fa...by tea?
Young Leona has always had physical features from her powerful father, Aslan himself. Unfortunately, that has placed a target on her head. In order to keep her safe and...
I'm [y/n]. An ordinary high school boy with a few friends that I know very well, and no talents ( ; . After school I go straight home ignoring everyone around me. But on...
My love for you by yami1269
My love for youby Carisi♥️
Arthur Curry has a best friend, her name was Yamilet Hera. She was half Human and Atlantean. King Nereus has an affair with a Human. But turns out she was pregnant. Yami...
Dignity || Nomu Bakugo AU by Bam_Bamm
Dignity || Nomu Bakugo AUby ~❤︎𝐸𝑥𝑡𝑟𝑎𝑠❤︎~
[Uncompleted] Being captured by the villains, there was no escape. He defied them from their plans, hoping he'd spare everyone some time to save him, but that only led...
The Paired by ThePaired_sj
The Pairedby ThePaired_sj
In a world of mythical creatures, these half humans are subject to a once in a lifetime opportunity. Love is a privilege in The Paired program. The Pairing chooses 40 p...
The Telepath's Adventures  by jonesNic2000
The Telepath's Adventures by NicoleJones
Cassidy Swan, Yasmin Khan's police partner, has a gift of telepathy from her alien father. She hears everyone's thoughts everyday and it drives her insane, but when she...
Stolen || (BBRae fanfic) [COMPLETED] by Scruffy447
Stolen || (BBRae fanfic) [COMPLETE...by 💖Scruffy🔥
Beast Boy and Raven have almost never seen eye-to-eye. But that might change when Raven gets captured by a new and mysterious villain and is used for her powers. [COMPLE...
Daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen by MalfoysWifey20
Daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cull...by Mrs. Draco Malfoy 🍏
Mom? Dad? They thought I was dead, but they were wrong. They left me, alone to die. I was on my own for three years in a Pennsylvania orphanage, then I got adopted. By t...
Rosalie's Daughter (#Wattys2016)  by PotterCullenBlack
Rosalie's Daughter (#Wattys2016) by PotterCullenBlack
The Cullen's are doomed. The Volturi are coming to destroy their family!!! So what happens when a Sarcastic young girl, who is not fully vampire, not fully human and not...
Danny Phantom: A Ghostly Trip by melanie_247
Danny Phantom: A Ghostly Tripby Melanie R
Danny Fenton also known as Danny Phantom. But no one except Sam Manson, Tucker Foley, and Danny's sister Jazz Fenton. Sam and Danny are engaged but one Tucker and Jazz...
Devil's Mate by werewolvesden
Devil's Mateby Mur Mur
Dante is always known as the perverted playboy half demon, so what happens when he feels this undeniable pull towards one woman. What will happen whenever he figures out...
Darkness by DarkAnarchy
Darknessby Shenna
"You can appreciate the light but before that you need to know the darkness."
Aphrodite  -My tail leads me to you. (Lesbian Story) by kelsbel01
Aphrodite -My tail leads me to yo...by Kell
My name is " Eros Lake. I've got white hair matched with amethyst eyes. I stand with 5'2 , you're probably thinking i'm a low life girl that lacks social skills and...
Naruto: The Kyuubi Sage  by Nightdragon632
Naruto: The Kyuubi Sage by Night dragon632
Naruto wakes up one morning to find Fox's ear on his head and it's all kyuubi fault and now naruto have 10 day to be half human and half Fox How will naruto reaction to...