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Marked by Hayleighwhite18
Markedby Hayleigh White
One wants to protect her. Another wants to own her. She's been Marked #1 in Half-Vampire
  • soulmate
  • powers
  • magic
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Who Wants A Blind Mate? (Completed)  by Eunice_Amnell
Who Wants A Blind Mate? (Completed...by Eunice
When a vampire coven requests for a human sacrifice to live peacefully in the same territory as the small Thurman werewolf pack, the alpha's son Jake has little qualms a...
  • vampire
  • teens
  • half-fae
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Vampire Teacher Wattys 2015 by mukesbromance
Vampire Teacher Wattys 2015by mukesbromance
"Half human?" He smirked at me as he pins me into the wall. I kept a straight face, not letting him have the satisfaction of me being scared. His arrogant smir...
  • romance
  • half
  • thriller
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Difficult Master by SweetScribbles
Difficult Masterby SweetScribbles
True blood vampires rule the world with impure vampire clans as servants and humans as blood bags and pets. Ever since human pets became a reality hundreds of years ago...
  • ranks
  • vampirepet
  • master
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Shadow Embraced by DarkCherryYA
Shadow Embracedby Cheree Smith
What will one girl do when she's thrown into a detention facility for werewolves, witches and vampires? Join an underground fight club, what else. But when fighters star...
  • awakening
  • teenfiction
  • detention
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The Girl Next Door(Diabolik Lovers Fanfic) by Nqchristine18
The Girl Next Door(Diabolik Lovers...by Nqchristine18
What if the Sakamaki brothers and Yui Komori have a next door neighbor who isn't just an ordinary mortal? Erika Sawamatsu is a beautiful, but mysterious girl who moved r...
  • diaboliklovers
  • loveatfirstsight
  • action-romance
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Express by jackiec2426
Expressby Jackie columbo
Jasmine Cullen is back from private school in Paris. She stays away for guys most of the time because, she knows her brothers to well. But what will happen when she meet...
  • emmettcullen
  • wolfs
  • breakingdawnpart2
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Emmett's Daughter by Jessiete
Emmett's Daughterby Jessiete
Every Cullen has a history their not proud of, but what if Emmett's is coming back to bite him. When Emmett rebelled against Carlisle for changing him, he had a one nigh...
  • love
  • carlisle
  • renessemee
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Claimed || Minsung by Gamer1231
Claimed || Minsungby jimoanthy
Love has no restrictions. Unless its between a 30 y/o and a 10y/o ew. Oh and Humans and Vampires. * * * 3rd official book lmao. This is only for fun cuz i have inspira...
  • halfvampire
  • leeminho
  • hanjisung
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Mercy Michaelson - Volturi Love Story by ToriAnnBailey
Mercy Michaelson - Volturi Love St...by Tori Ann Bailey
°The cover is of Mercy after she grows into a teenager/young adult. ------------------------------------------------ 12 year old daughter of Klaus Michaelson, has a prop...
  • volterra
  • half-witch
  • multiplemates
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David x reader {Lost Boys} by Queen_Warrior186
David x reader {Lost Boys}by Queen_Warrior186
You're sister of Alan and Edgar the frog brothers. When you walked out in the boardwalk late then you seen them the vampires your brothers were afraid of
  • dwayne
  • davidxreader
  • marko
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Allison Haerza(The Immortal Royalty) by AhnLynne8
Allison Haerza(The Immortal Royalt...by Sky_Summer
Here,lemme tell you a story pal: Once upon a time,they was born and died,not born again but they live. They live,and continue living,but for how long? 'Till I'm alive an...
  • magic
  • halfvampire
  • poetry
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Amara Eva Cullen - Alistair Love Story by SeleneBailey1995
Amara Eva Cullen - Alistair Love S...by Tori Ann Howell-Friedrich-Bai...
Everybody thought that Renesmee was an only child. Wrong, she has a twin sister who was always left out because her mate was a tracker, an extremely gifted one, and beca...
  • volturi
  • cullen
  • emmettcullen
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Beyond this mask >Mikayuu< by pinkmurasaki
Beyond this mask >Mikayuu<by ■ʇsɐʞɹɐS■
If you see a vampire or a ghoul kill it. INSTANTLY. That is the only rule that Yuu, an merciless hunter followed. But then he got saved by a mysterious halfghoul and ha...
  • mika
  • vampire
  • halfvampire
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The Devil's Daughter | Stray Kids FF by darrinavv12345
The Devil's Daughter | Stray Kids...by •darrinaa•
Alexus Lucifer Vein, the only female half blooded left on this world, takes it hard to believe that her whole life has been a lie. And that she is indeed in fact, a vamp...
  • woojin
  • devilsdaughter
  • daughterofavampire
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Witch  (young Derek Hale ) #onhold  by freshleelove13
Witch (young Derek Hale ) #onhold by freshleelove13
You know that time where your in the middle of knowing who you are and what you are . Well Danielle thought she know who she was ,But when her brother died and her famil...
  • youngpeter
  • youngderek
  • witch
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Cat Ears And A Blood Sucking Veela by DeAThLY_RxSeS
Cat Ears And A Blood Sucking Veelaby DeAThLY_RxSeS
Harry wakes up in the middle of the night on his 16th birthday with a vigorous feeling in his body the next he knows he's even more of a freak with cat ears and a tail...
  • neko
  • dracomalfoy
  • halfvampire
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The Vampire Hunter's Vampire Wife by Eliabeacsp
The Vampire Hunter's Vampire Wifeby Eliabeacsp
I never knew what I really was till I met him.I never knew what I could do till I met him.I never knew I was a half vampire till he tried to kill me. And I never knew th...
  • forbidden
  • halfvampire
  • guns
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The Slave To Him  by reneapence
The Slave To Him by reneapence
Um so basically this is a vampire slave story ,so yes there are sex scenes if you don't want to read them I'll let you know in the beginning if there are ones . This sto...
  • vampire
  • blood
  • halfvampire
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Klaus is my teacher? by CDMarie
Klaus is my teacher?by C.D Marie
I've been on the run for years now. I betrayed Klaus when I was 15 and he has been looking for me ever since. Now I'm an 18 year old senior, the last thing I expected w...
  • theorginals
  • highschool
  • sarcasm
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