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Chasing the Stars ☾ 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙷𝚘𝚋𝚋𝚒𝚝 / 𝙻𝚎𝚐𝚘𝚕𝚊𝚜  by -syrix
Chasing the Stars ☾ 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙷𝚘𝚋�...by CloudyMind
"Life is like sun and stars... The sun is always trying to catch them, chasing them like a predator chasing its prey, but never succeeds. It's like an endless loop...
What Is Done by sadpacific
What Is Doneby jules
During the Great Fire of Arün five years ago, Prince Laverne Ingerman stared down death, succumbed to fear and accepted that his life was at its end to save his father...
The Lucky Clover Maiden~ Black Clover x OC (Under Heavy Editing) by epicface752
The Lucky Clover Maiden~ Black Clo...by AriesIsntAnAries
Asura Nightsong truly is a one of a kind girl. Of course you'd expect that from someone who's a half elf with a grimoire that only a divine being is said to be able to w...
Evertree Inn: The Evertree Saga by AsraJBlood
Evertree Inn: The Evertree Sagaby Asra JaeBlood
I grew up in Flom, the oldest of three in a family of humans. Comfortable living alongside nature, my true goal in life was always to become a dedicated scout. When a fi...
Silvaria by Lexunn
Silvariaby Lexunn
A story of a slime, a kaigo, a dwarf, a princess and a demon. They will travel the world of Silvaria, a world of magic and a large secret to uncover but first the slime...
a unexpected love by Thranduilsqueen25
a unexpected loveby Thranduilsqueen25
Lillian Baggins daughter to Bilbo Baggins she is half elf half Hobbit. She has elf ears and is 4'9 for height. What happens when she goes on a journey with her father an...
Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Adventures by Rodentlady
Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Adventu...by T. R. McDowell
The Dungeon Master says he did something to make the next game "more exciting". The players think he means he did something like getting background music, and...
Love Evermore by amsuet
Love Evermoreby amsuet
Legolas Greenleaf never expected to find anything special in the human pub. Until he heard a haunting melody of a half elf woman. This woman is in need of rescuing. Thou...
The Tale of Eossimar (Bofur x OFC) by Marvelhead17
The Tale of Eossimar (Bofur x OFC)by Marvelhead17
A mysterious warrior comes to the aid of Thorin Oakenshield and his Company when they are surrounded by their mortal enemy, but can the soon-to-be King put aside his gri...
The Dark Necromancer | Book Two of TALES OF THE AMULET by Robert_Zangari
The Dark Necromancer | Book Two of...by Robert Zangari
The search for the Keepers of Truth and Might have set into motion events that herald the return of Hemran'na. His harbinger, The Unspoken One, has awoken and shown hims...
LGOAA D&D Tales: Analise by thistragicomediclife
LGOAA D&D Tales: Analiseby thistragicomediclife
Just a sassy half-elf learning to asSASSin while attempting to escape Barovia [This original character will be featured in my first complete novel- story is in the early...
D&D short stories by boxocatsss
D&D short storiesby boxocatsss
Just a bunch of short stories based on the adventures of the games I DM
Brokenshield  by offensiveSouls
Brokenshield by offensiveSouls
This story is being writen by 2 best friends (I'll edit this asap)
Traveler by AerialKnight44
Travelerby AerialKnight44
The Forest of Grendelia used to exist in peace and harmony both within itself and with Dawn. But strange things begin to happen on the day of the midday night. -A myster...
Ooze Busters by Architexy
Ooze Bustersby Architexy
Loosely based off of a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign! The lives of four strangers converging as their destinies intertwine. From mystical creatures to mysterious ooze...
Secrets Untold by PenelopeM00n
Secrets Untoldby PenelopeM00n
This is a story and one few people know about, and even less believe in. A story full of secrets set in realm, not unlike the one you belong to, except this is a place t...
Letters to Abella by DracoAngelus
Letters to Abellaby DracoAngelus
Letters to a traveling chemist to his dear wife.
life of a druidic half-elf by shiruke-angela
life of a druidic half-elfby shiruke-angela
Follow the story of Colette. A half-elf girl who learns about the world and what it means to be a druid.
The Ties That Bind by AlexisTKingston
The Ties That Bindby Alexis Twili Kingston
The Ivellois family hire the waifs and strays of the elves to work for them, at a price. The newest recruit, Alben, is a victim of the war between the humans and elves...