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A Little Bit Of Fate by ilikehorsesandcake
A Little Bit Of Fateby Sophie :)
Hiccup Haddock the third is...to put it bluntly, a useless. While everyone else is out helping in the raids, he's stuck in the forge because he "will cause the leas...
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Secrets [The Fifth and Final Book of TBND] by BlackSorbet
Secrets [The Fifth and Final Book...by Ano
Astrid gets a surprise visit from a familiar face. Ingrid and Adnette make friends around the village (even if they were forgotten). And Carl becomes depressed. Will Sno...
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Mericcup One Shots by ArrowsAndFire
Mericcup One Shotsby Just another nerd
A collection of one shots on Merida and Hiccup from Brave and How To Train Your Dragon. They get progressively better written.
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Home ( Hiccup X Reader)  by ScarletSapphireMoon
Home ( Hiccup X Reader) by Lyfe (life)
Y/N spend her life protecting the dragons and The Hidden World. Most of her life she has been hurt because of saving them. And the rest was like torture because of the b...
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Hiccup the USELESS by spiderwebbb
Hiccup the USELESSby Spiderwebbb
Hiccup hadn't shot that dragon down, he had never won the dragon training, he never lost a leg and he had never made a single friend. His father's disappointment led Sto...
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The White Nightfury: Toothless x Lightfury by LeanaDillon
The White Nightfury: Toothless x L...by Galaxystar
When everyone has the same scales, someone different pokes out like a sore claw. Whiteout knows this feeling. She's a Nightfury who was born with white scales instead of...
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Between Two Worlds (Older Hiccup x reader) COMPLETED by disworks_productions
Between Two Worlds (Older Hiccup x...by rainbow & s
this takes place after httyd2! It does not include spoilers for httyd3, I came up with this before the trailer of httyd 3 came out Y/n y/l/n is an 18-year-old girl who...
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You Just Gestured To All Of Us by krazygirlo900
You Just Gestured To All Of Usby krazygirlo900
"There were dragons when we were kids" Hicca Haddock is the daughter of Stoick the vast, chief of the Hooligan tribe and twin sister to Hiccup Haddock. Because...
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The New Adventures of Tintin: The Search for the Lion's Mouth Treasure by Britarrian
The New Adventures of Tintin: The...by Britarrian
In the second instalment of Tintin's newest adventure, the hunt is underway for the ancient treasure hidden somewhere within the British Isles! And will Cockerel pose t...
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Hiccstrid A Romance by Xycodie
Hiccstrid A Romanceby Xycodie
AFTER HTTYD 2 This is about Hiccup and Astrids adventures and what they do once Drago Bludvist is defeated. But there's more than what meets the eye. Will they make it t...
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I miss you HICCSTRID by HiccstridAddict
I miss you HICCSTRIDby HiccstridAddict
Hiccup Haddock at 16 he has have been disowned,abused by his whole tribe one day he has the chance to get away from his home and he takes it he had enough...3 Years late...
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Out of a Mind's Control (Infrequent Updates) by delacruzjocelyn
Out of a Mind's Control (Infrequen...by Eclipse Hofferson
This is a story about what if Grimmel succeeded in the movie Httyd3. What if he captured Hiccup and he had no control of anything? What if Toothless was going to be kept...
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Tintin x reader one shots! by grif2013
Tintin x reader one shots!by grif2013
Come on in and give some requests! All requests welcome, but I will not write sexual content.
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Hiccstrid one shots by Hiccstridpsycho
Hiccstrid one shotsby Hiccstridpsycho
A collection of Hiccstrid one shots.
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Lost In The Clouds (Hiccup Haddock x Reader) by SkeletonDeer
Lost In The Clouds (Hiccup Haddock...by Skeleton Deer
A morning flight with Valka changes (y/n) and (d/n)'s lives together. What or WHO do they find on the casual flight through the clouds. Love is quite a beautiful thing...
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Tintin and the Treasure of Red Rackham by StrikerSkyKnight
Tintin and the Treasure of Red Rac...by Aimee
After discovering the Secret of the Unicorn, rescuing Haddock from his family's curse and finally kissing Chloe - Tintin was rather proud and content, ready to set off t...
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Stranded ~A Hiccstrid Fanfic~ by Rolopolo1406
Stranded ~A Hiccstrid Fanfic~by Rolopolo1406
This story is ♡Not Mine♡ so all credits go to rightful owners.
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Ask Tintin by grif2013
Ask Tintinby grif2013
Come on in everyone! Ask me a question! I'll answer it as soon as I can!
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The Hacker  by TheNightFury360
The Hacker by Abderrahmen Lioui
okay guys so this is going to be the book of the one shot i've wrote called The Hacker it's based on the video game called Watch Dogs but it's not going to be the same s...
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Hiccstrid In High School: My Freshman Year [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] by aegyosthetic
Hiccstrid In High School: My Fresh...by jae
One heck of a rollercoaster ride.
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