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Heroes and descendants untied (remake)  by Bakshane93
Heroes and descendants untied (rem...by Shane the guardian hedgehog
game call nicktoons Unite a powerful demon name Bill cipher want take over all parallel worlds but they some heroes save they world but few descendants like Raven stars...
Shanelight love (Friendship vs salve)   by Bakshane93
Shanelight love (Friendship vs sal...by Shane the guardian hedgehog
magic of friendships I live on earth with my friends wven they had friends even fell in love. one day a demon from hell want use my friends against me even destroy my b...
Masters  spies and rebels  of equestrian vs hell. (Reamke by shabaker1993
Masters spies and rebels of eque...by Shane the guardian hedgehog
Age 17 or up. With strong language and sex War was ending defeat Mephlies the dark hedgehog master spies, Team sonic, and Team Nightwing having peace time until A...
Double love story. Jakeshy and shanelight story.#Bestfriendgoal by shabaker1993
Double love story. Jakeshy and sha...by Shane the guardian hedgehog
Love is bloom song from mlp Jabok and Shane having hard time in New York. jabok was broken by Ryan. Shane was horrible because alot horrible people's want his powers...
Mystique by Belgan_Palextemplate
Mystiqueby 𝖦𝗂𝗈𝖦𝗂𝗈
In Another world. When a Person Fall They Go to 2 Places Anti-Haven or Distort! (BASED ON HABZIN HOTEL) But then a Demon Prince Named Saule Wanted to Make..A Bussiness...
🅃🄷🄴 🄲🅁🄾🅆🄽 // Hazbin Hotel Story by ilikespaceokay
🅃🄷🄴 🄲🅁🄾🅆🄽 // Hazbin Hotel...by mrghost
Who knew they were the Big brother to someone very.. Red. ( I DON'T OWN HAZBIN HOTEL. THIS STORY CONTAINS 18+ DEPICTIONS. MAY BE TRIGGERING. )
Your my everything. (Sad shanelight story) by shabaker1993
Your my everything. (Sad shaneligh...by Shane the guardian hedgehog
song love is bloom This story when a equestrian hedgehog live New York but Shane recover from fight against Angel the cat from underworld. Shane got friend's treat him...
Hidden to others unknown by Heartfade_and_Suara
Hidden to others unknownby Heartfade and Suara
A girl is going to a city where it reminds her of her childhood, but something doesn't feel right as she stays in the city.