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Rabbit #132, Welcome. by MarsmellowFlow
Rabbit #132, Welcome.by Marsmellow
(HABIT/Evanxreader) Hello, rabbit 132. Prepare yourself as you connect the dots, and piece the seemingly never-ending conspiracy that HABIT lays out day by day. You fall...
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[series][NoMin] hơn một chuyện tình by lanhtaduong
[series][NoMin] hơn một chuyện tìnhby Jance
lãng mạn hơn cả tình yêu, là tình yêu nảy mầm từ tình bạn, được ủ mầm bằng sự gắn bó, thân thuộc, thói quen và sự lệ thuộc về mặt tinh thần. vẫn được inspired từ những m...
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Habit by camrenbanana
Habitby OMG♛
Habit is about the way your past can anchor you down, it's about finding someone who can help you have faith in a better tomorrow, it's in reference to how little you ca...
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falling for the bad guy Evan/HABITxReader by MyDigitalAndyBlack
falling for the bad guy Evan/HABIT...by MyDigitalAndyBlack
"Y/N.....wheres Evan?" Jeff cautiously asks, you look at him and start laughing "ask him yourself"
Corrupted by Ravin_Raven
Corruptedby Ravin_Raven
EMH Fanfic
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Little Rabbit | Evan Jennings/HABIT; EMH by DarlingScoundrel
Little Rabbit | Evan Jennings/HABI...by DarlingScoundrel
Annabelle Poe thought everything in her life was fine, maybe even perfect, there was nothing she wanted to change, but within a few months, everything backfired. What on...
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For all those who are still Slenderverse fans in 2019 by SnowToast
For all those who are still Slende...by What am I
It used to be 'For all those who are marble hornets fans in 2019', but fuck it. HABIT made me do it. hello, my clan. I have come to appease you with gifts of whatever I...
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Masks by Cerberous10
Masksby J̷͙͓̝͉̺̫̯̘̇̌͑͂̑ǎ̢͚̦̩̤̆̓͂͂̇̑ͅ...
Once you see him, he'll never stop following you. Little by little my life became a nightmare. I watched my family die around me and friends disappear. Slenderman follow...
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Evonne's Guide Line  by Evonnix
Evonne's Guide Line by _fromtheneverland
Зоригтой алхам хийн, өөрийгөө өөрчлөхөд оройтоогүй. Бид бүгд өөрсдийн цаг хугацаанд амьдарч байгаа ба гагцхүү таны бусдаас нэг алхам хойно яваа чинь таны амьдралын хэв м...
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Consumed By The Lens(Part 2) by duck-struck
Consumed By The Lens(Part 2)by 𝕎𝕙𝕠𝕣𝕖 𝔹𝕚𝕥𝕔𝕙𝕝𝕖𝕥
Go and read Part one of you have yet to do so. Warning: Cringe Warning: Gore Warning: Foul language(Mostly Y/n) Warning: murder But that's the stuff you're here for!
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A Rabbit and a Deer (HABIT X WENDIGO READER) by Frisk1814
A Rabbit and a Deer (HABIT X WENDI...by Sam
Y/N is a wendigo that lives in the middle of the woods. They were wandering around their house, when they got shot with a tranquilizer dart. Y/N passed out, and woke u...
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Saved by a demon ? ( Habit x Readers)  by XBadHabitX
Saved by a demon ? ( Habit x Reade...by Lilly Laloon
You are a lost young woman who is changed by a man who I not if this world
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Walls by annaluthfiah
Wallsby Anna Luthfiah
The song lyrics of Louis Tomlinson album titled Walls
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AMOUR FOU | J.JK by Annalious
"Oh girl, isn't the vamp sex the best?" A man of impetuous passion but a feign lover. [warning: mature, skip at your own will.] All rights reserved. © Annalio...
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Slenderverse Shippings (NSFW) by THEHABITSOFMANKIND
Slenderverse Shippings (NSFW)by A BAD HABIT
Basically every ship
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Too Far Gone {everymanHYBRID x Reader} by ARandomWriter10
Too Far Gone {everymanHYBRID x Rea...by .*°Lucy°*.
[⚠strong language and mild gore] You move into a townhome split with three other people during college. You all soon got along because you all experienced some horrify...
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🥀Masky X Reader🥀 by smol_babe_1
🥀Masky X Reader🥀by smol_babe_1
young y/n l/n was a freshmen in collage. her life was going just as she planned. she had a loving boyfriend and the best friend anyone could ask for. but that all chang...
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I've Found Beauty In Your Arms by notafamilyshow
I've Found Beauty In Your Armsby notafamilyshow
"It's been ages, different stages Come so far from Princess Park" - Louis Tomlinson
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Slenderverse Headcanons, AU's, and the very rare oneshot by SadieTheTTfangirl
Slenderverse Headcanons, AU's, and...by ಠ_ಠ
A bunch of random crap for TribeTwelve, Marble Hornets, and EverymanHYBRID. I felt the random need to make this, I don't really know why. #1 in ARG #1 in observer #4 in...
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Crazy Brothers ... Or Brother Crazy? UNDERGOING EDITING by tiffanyyl
Crazy Brothers ... Or Brother Craz...by ♫Tiff-Tiff♫
Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn Stypayhorlikson are as crazy brothers can be! It's hard being around them for a long time. Let alone being their sister! Erin Stpayho...
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