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A court of water and worlds by lovely1972
A court of water and worldsby lovely1972
Takes place after a court of silver flames. This is my take on the next book in the Acotar series. This is basically Gwyn and Az's story. I have never wrote a fanfic be...
Our Stories to Tell - a Gwynriel fanfic by kh1776
Our Stories to Tell - a Gwynriel kh1776
Set after ACOSF with the every growing discontent in the Illyrian camps beginning to creep towards a potential uprising besides a restless Court of Nightmares and troubl...
You Were Worth The Wait by notsobadwritter
You Were Worth The Waitby Notsobadwritter
My take on Gwyn and Azriel. This story starts after Nesta saves Rhysand, Feyra and their child. Cassian and Nesta are having their wedding.
A Court of Darkness and Melodies by _BookAddict79
A Court of Darkness and Melodiesby _BookAddict79
Azriel is spiraling and shutting everyone out. Ever since that night on Winter Solstice, Azriel has been going in deeper and deeper, and even his brothers fail to pull h...
A Star and a Flame by heyheyeverybodyitsme
A Star and a Flameby heyheyeverybodyitsme
Two worlds. Two cities. One fateful collision. Nyx is the son of Feyre Archeron and Rhysand, the High Lady and Lord of the Night Court, but he is destined to grow up t...
ACOTAR oneshots by evia19589
ACOTAR oneshotsby feysand_.obsessed
Just some random oneshots or theories I have about ACOTAR because I want to. Feysand, Nessian, Amrian, Emorie, and Gwynriel are the ships I'll include, and possibly a co...
Gwynriel Oneshots by meher-sumedha
Gwynriel Oneshotsby Gwynriel fanfictionalist
Gwynriel Headcanons and Oneshots *all characters belong to Sarah J. Maas
☆☆ Love in the library ☆☆ - gwynriel one-shot // english version by Ella__1407
☆☆ Love in the library ☆☆ - Ella__1407
Where Azriel and Gwyn find themselves constantly looking forward to their talks at the library
Gwynriel Fan Fic by meher-sumedha
Gwynriel Fan Ficby Gwynriel fanfictionalist
Gwynriel Fan Fic - 18+, TW warnings, Read at own risk
A collection of Gwynriel stories from my imagination. Hopefully some of them come true. Enjoy!
a court of light and shadow by fanficwriterfanatic
a court of light and shadowby ნუცა ესებუა
this is a fanfic about Azriel and Gwen from the court of thorns and roses series by Sarah j. maas
A Court of Scars and Songs by boo10009
A Court of Scars and Songsby boo10009
-- On Hold -- Hello! I cannot explain how happy it makes me to finally be able to publish my own work here - and what better way to start than with a fanficition inspire...
Palm Reading by groovypizza1
Palm Readingby groovypizza1
One-shot of Gwyneth Berdara and Azriel from ACOTAR. Gwyn has a nightmare. Cover by the INCREDIBLE @Elizianna.the.One
A Court of Stars and Shadows by siriusly_prongs_
A Court of Stars and Shadowsby siriusly_prongs_
Azriel, the spymaster of the Night Court, one of the most powerful Illyrians to walk Prythian. He was damaged, he was broken, and he thought himself evil. He found solac...
A Court Of Secrets And Shadows.- gwynriel story by bookish_bitch_
A Court Of Secrets And Shadows.- bookish_bitch_
After the blood rite when finally everything had been calm and quiet there was still Koschei's threat hovering over Prythain, so the high lord took help from the young p...
Random One Shot Stories by FaithSappington
Random One Shot Storiesby FaithEmily
Random One Shot Stories ACOTAR Throne of Glass Enemies to Lovers (More to Come) I take suggestions!
Gwynriel Dinner Date (Headcanon) by emmamayfantasy
Gwynriel Dinner Date (Headcanon)by emmamayfantasy
Just a few ideas about Az and Gwyns relationship (if it happened) (Disclaimer I didn't design the cover message me for credits) These characters were created by the wond...
A Court of Golden Shadows by KValore
A Court of Golden Shadowsby K. Valore
Gwynriel fanfiction *Characters belong to Sarah J. Maas*
a court of firsts and banter by carsonlava
a court of firsts and banterby carsonlava
Gwynriel first kiss-azriel takes gwyn to his secret spot and things get a little intimate