Gwynethberdara Stories

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A collection of Gwynriel stories from my imagination. Hopefully some of them come true. Enjoy!
Gwynriel Fan Fiction by meher-sumedha
Gwynriel Fan Fictionby Gwynriel fanfictionalist
You all can read any chapter you like cause you don't need to know the chapter before for reading the next one. I've named the chapters as well so you can read whoever's...
Gwynriel Oneshots by meher-sumedha
Gwynriel Oneshotsby Gwynriel fanfictionalist
Gwynriel Headcanons and Oneshots *all characters belong to Sarah J. Maas
Like Father, Like Daughter - An ACOTAR Fanfiction by alliemburns
Like Father, Like Daughter - An Allie Marie
In a world where all her choices are chosen for her, Merisa Aberra decides to make a decision for herself. But will that decision come back to haunt her or will it pay o...
☆☆ Love in the library ☆☆ - gwynriel one-shot // english version by Ella__1407
☆☆ Love in the library ☆☆ - Ella__1407
Where Azriel and Gwyn find themselves constantly looking forward to their talks at the library
Palm Reading by groovypizza1
Palm Readingby groovypizza1
One-shot of Gwyneth Berdara and Azriel from ACOTAR. Gwyn has a nightmare. Cover by the INCREDIBLE @Elizianna.the.One
Gwynriel Fanfic : After We Marry by meher-sumedha
Gwynriel Fanfic : After We Marryby Gwynriel fanfictionalist
TW in some chapters, 18+, read at your own risk
Love does(n't) exist - Feysand // english version by Ella__1407
Love does(n't) exist - Ella__1407
Rhysand almost gives up on love, but then Feyre shows up and he might still have hope... (⚠️Rated T for brief mentions of ab*se, nothing too much⚠️) English is not my fi...
The Heart in Heartbreak by j_ladyofaurora
The Heart in Heartbreakby Joyce
She smiled into the darkness of the library, and began to sing. He felt as though she carried the entire world just by her voice as it filled the library, emptying it o...
A Court Of Secrets And Shadows.- gwynriel story by bookish_bitch_
A Court Of Secrets And Shadows.- bookish_bitch_
After the blood rite when finally everything had been calm and quiet there was still Koschei's threat hovering over Prythain, so the high lord took help from the young p...