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A new side of you... (Guzma x Reader) by LeviKenpokemon
A new side of you... (Guzma x Hawks
You meet this man, and you clearly develop feelings for him... But there's one problem. He's the leader of a evil gang... but somehow you don't think he's what people th...
it's ya boi guzma by cosmicchelc
it's ya boi guzmaby Chelsea
a really stupid fanfiction about guzma meeting the rest of the Pokémon villains. I might expand if people ask haha
You bug me |:| Guzma X Reader by Pearl_ThePersian
You bug me |:| Guzma X Readerby Pearl
Y/n recently came to Alola with her best friend Ash from pallet town. Soon after, they both enroll in the pokemon school with professor Kukui as their teacher. What frie...
Male team skull reader(reader x plumeria) by Shoboy15
Male team skull reader(reader x Shaun Ken-ucheonye
This is the story of how Y/N, a dark type specialist, ran away from his step parents after his parents pass away from an ultra beast encounter with his only real family...
Guzma X Reader  by Kinkweed
Guzma X Reader by Inkweed
This is my first xreader I've ever written pls be nice ꒦໊ྀo꒦໊ི
My beautiful champion  by steeldragonslayer
My beautiful champion by SteelDragonSlayer
This is a Pokemon Sun/Moon Guzma x oc, I don't own pokemon or any characters or any pokemon or any images or videos. In this the oc is originally from Kalos and is the w...
Pokémon Sun and Moon One Shots by PokemonTrashBabe
Pokémon Sun and Moon One Shotsby PokèTrash
CURRENTLY BEING EDITED! I do not own Pokèmon or its characters! I just write fanfic for them-
Not what i used to be (Guzma x My OC)  by underswapEmerald708
Not what i used to be (Guzma x PiPLUPGIRL708_2
A Long time ago, there was a girl who used to live in the Alola Region! but she didn't have many friends, nor was she considered..... Normal, to most kids, until one day...
Guzma x reader oneshot by AntiS0cialPrick
Guzma x reader oneshotby The name’s L
A very very short oneshot about how you met Guzma. He deserves more love but I can't write to save my life, enjoy! Cover image does not belong to me. All the credits to...
Forever Home (Guzma X Reader FanFic) by Sararah_rah
Forever Home (Guzma X Reader Sarah
(Your name), part one of a three part friendship, suddenly being dragged from her supposed forever home in Alola to her new home in Kanto is a struggle to bear with, esp...
Kukui x Guzma ONE SHOTS by Pikachu88123
Kukui x Guzma ONE SHOTSby The Alolan Professor
This is my first one shots of these two. I hope you guys enjoy! Also, LOTS of swearing and LOTS of yaoi! Read at your own risk! But, enjoy!
Yandere! Platonic! Pokemon Team bosses x Child! Reader (ON HOLD) by ThisWasABet21
Yandere! Platonic! Pokemon Team Villain Lover
Yep I'm doing another one. I don't know if this one will do as good as the last one but my hyper fixation is on the Pokemon Team bosses at the moment.
Pokémon x Reader [UNDER Nat-The-Black-Cat
The unpublished parts are being edited right now. Add this to your library/reading list or come back later if you're interested! I do not own any of the characters and a...
Guzma x reader  by Aawla_
Guzma x reader by Aawla_
You were just sent to alola to study Pokémon, and you meet this strange guy...
An Ultra Past Forgotten (Pokemon Sun & Moon) by May5696
An Ultra Past Forgotten (Pokemon FFXVQueen
Rescued by an island guardian, taken in by the baddest group in Alola, and no recollection of her life as a young child---that describes Chloe perfectly. Being a young t...
Guzma x Reader by Starlightslaughter
Guzma x Readerby ☆Star☆
Team Skull Leader Guzma x Alola Champion Reader, this is after you finish the main story of sun and moon. !WARNING! Sad, trigger warning, depression, parent problems, s...
Pokemon Fanfiction Oneshots (Requests Closed) by LunaStars13
Pokemon Fanfiction Oneshots ( LunaStars13
Hope you enjoy! Will do Ships and Reader Oneshots I will write ships! Hardenshipping is perfection.
Bouquet Of Emotions (Gladion x Reader) by Bumblebirb_
Bouquet Of Emotions (Gladion x Lenore
"Come on (Y/N)!" the blonde told the girl "Let's go play in the rain!" The two girls ran out the door into the pouring rain. "Ring around the...
Guzma One-Shots by MuffinsAndMurder
Guzma One-Shotsby MuffinsAndMurder
A book just about Guzma X Reader one-shots! Requests are open
Young Thug(Pokemon Various X Child/Teen!Reader) by Dragon_Descendant
Young Thug(Pokemon Various X Flare
After a young (Y/N)'s mother dies, Team Skull finds her with an Alolan Meowth. What will happen as (Y/N) grows up, claiming Guzma as her father? (WARNING: THIS MIGHT HAV...