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I Love you MORE THAN HIM!! Gust X Reader X Mint by Tinyfoxylover
I Love you MORE THAN HIM!! Gust Tinyfoxylover
Moving to Portia at first was scary, inheriting my father's old workshop witch was definitely a fixer-upper if i had ever seen one, but luckily I made friends and my fat...
Gust's Umbrella Problem! (My Time At Portia) by opalescentxreaders
Gust's Umbrella Problem! (My Opalescent x Readers
Gust has had it with the Crafter! Gust use to like umbrellas, he really did. But since the Crafter started giving him one everyday, taking up every last bit of storage s...
Oneshots I guess... by TheShy1sOut
Oneshots I TheShy1sOut
No idea about the title. It's a oneshot-book with broppy mostly ( but not only). I warn ya, I don't take requests. Enjoy :D
Dragon Origins  by SeasonalDragon
Dragon Origins by Seasonal Dragon
Preview: The stories of Dragons have been told many times. Now is my turn. This follows a dragon named Hagon, a dragon who can weld ten different elemental attacks with...
A Gust Of Wind by RosieOfParis
A Gust Of Windby Rosie
Izabelle Parker had always felt like she didn't belong. Her adoptive parents were nice, yes... but she felt like they were just being nice when they talked to her. And...
Olivier Jollin by olivierjollin
Olivier Jollinby Olivier Jollin
Find investment information and connect with Olivier Jollin, in Paris, France based startup.
ze story by Iamastab-a-corn
ze storyby Ilovetost
Idk man i was bord
Over Again  by MoonBae93
Over Again by Yellow Lane
Would you believe that a "stare" could make someone fall in love? Asha met someone from her new work as an editor in a famous magazine. Someone whom she has...
Magic Messenger: What's Your Prefrance by The_world_of_Vita
Magic Messenger: What's Your Gust
Origa Cadena is quite the independent woman. She had a steady part-time job and she lives in a nice apartment. She seemed like a regular, if a bit sassy, young woman. Se...
The Heist by JarenKhada
The Heistby Hooded
Walter Stone. Age: 31, Height: 1'71. Intel: Tends to keep quiet in almost all of the activities. Group he was once in: Unkown, Codename: Alpha. Ally's: Unknown
Just a Gust of Wind by amaka18
Just a Gust of Windby Emily
Brook was like your everyday preteen, that was until the day before her 12th birthday. When she dies and is sent to Heaven she must find her way out before Kate ruins it...
Gust by tubigforlife
Gustby Maria ✊🏽🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈
A short collection of poems. Definition of gust • A brief, strong rush of wind.