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Gumball X Darwin by fanfiction___love
Gumball X Darwinby fanfiction___love
Darwin starts to feel very attached to Gumball, after all, they've spent many years together. Gumball seems not to share the same feelings, that is...until a conflict wi...
Gumball X Darwin: Lemon by fanfiction___love
Gumball X Darwin: Lemonby fanfiction___love
Here are 3 lemon stories!!! Please be at a mature age to read these or you might wanna bleach yo eyeballs😂 THANKS FOR REQUESTING!!! And literally I loved making these a...
Gumwin one-shots. by mcstarco
Gumwin Kelsey
One-shots of one of my favorite ships. •I do not own The Amazing World Of Gumball or any of the characters. •No hate please or you will be blocked. (Real cover will be...
Gumwin Mistakes fluff by OrdinaryShiper
Gumwin Mistakes fluffby Ordinary Shiper
Gumball made a mistake he feels bad he read Darwin's diary. I am not good at giving a description. Also if the the way i write is improper tell me how to help it please...
Summer Love: A Gumwin Fanfiction  by fanfiction___love
Summer Love: A Gumwin Fanfiction by fanfiction___love
The two boys are on vacation with their family at a water park, After Penny moved away, Gumball is hopeful he'll find his special someone on vacation, but he doesn't kno...
ALWAYS YOU {GUMWIN} by Llama_Panda_02
ALWAYS YOU {GUMWIN}by alicia 💞
Darwin just moved into Elmore by himself which means Darwin would also have to go to a new school which was very exciting for Darwin cause he can make friends. He eventu...
Gumwin Lemon~~ by lemonsandblueberries
Gumwin Lemon~~by Galaxy_lemon 🍋
Darwin has always had a crush on gumball, and he tells him.
Gumball x Darwin smut and story by jajay5
Gumball x Darwin smut and storyby jajay5
It is not for kids...well maybe the start but there is sex/yaoi scenes in it so.......a warning.
Its the boyxboy type by Chris_Kane
Its the boyxboy typeby Obsidian
contains a mixture of sex, depression, death, love, rape, heartbreak, yoai, self harm, and other things.
Bloody claws by Yaoispecialist
Bloody clawsby Yaoispecialist
A step outside the door,was the biggest step of their life,even though hunting,running and hiding will be their hastened fate as they walk at the streets,they don't care...
Gumball X Darwin ( Fanfiction )  by fanfiction___love
Gumball X Darwin ( Fanfiction ) by fanfiction___love
Hi everyone! I'm a big GumWin shipper so yeet!!! This ship is goals! Just for a note! There will be sexual stuff in this fanfic and dirty talk! Just so everyone one is a...
Gumwin Book:Love A Brother by Yaoispecialist
Gumwin Book:Love A Brotherby Yaoispecialist
Book 1: The story revolves on the whole gumball characters but mostly about gumball and darwin,how they started to love each other,how will their parents accept it and h...
Gumball X Darwin: Love Is Hidden by fanfiction___love
Gumball X Darwin: Love Is Hiddenby fanfiction___love
Darwin has always had feelings for Gumball , Gumball finds out these feelings...And then returns them. But Penny becomes jealous, causing rivalry between Gumball and Pen...
_•Cluèless•_ by mythicsz
_•Cluèless•_by mythicsz
-Clueless is a Au of TAWOG- -It is very dark and might be too much for sensitive readers, so please watch with your own caution. -------- •Gumball and Penny had broken u...
Gumwin: can i have a crush on my bro? by YTCat123
Gumwin: can i have a crush on my Youra Elsendoorn
Gumball and Darwin are (almost) always together and know all each others secrets. But Gumball don't know about one secret of Darwin. Darwin has a huge crush on Gumball...
Gumwin things by full_on_weeb
Gumwin thingsby Shota_Aizawa_fan_boy
Two "brothers", well it's complicated. Anyway they both share the same secret from the world... see how the story unfolds and what will happen to their secret
Gumwin by PiggehLover101
Gumwinby Depressed.
I wrote this a while back and thought I should publish it (I was bored mans)
~You're More Than A Brother To Me~ Gumball x Yandere!Darwin by Acceptable_Gay_Shit
~You're More Than A Brother To Acceptable_Gay_Shit
Soooo, Darwin is a yandere in this. Niiiiice Lmao I'm gAy Aha, Happy would've gotten so mad it me if she knew I took the title from one of her books...
Tawog gumwin: In Paris  by kittylola190
Tawog gumwin: In Paris by kittylola190
A little gumwin a little penny and gumball. Just read sorry I'm just felling lazy
The Little Orange Ridinghood by RandomGoat
The Little Orange Ridinghoodby OFFLINE
Gumwin story~ Riding hood Au. Gumwin fans only, I have to do this, because it's a cute couple. Warning: Rape, slave shit, smut, mating, weirdass dreams. Also blood, gore...