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Fourtellers x reader Oneshots by The_Artsy_WereWolf
Fourtellers x reader Oneshotsby TheWildWolf
welp after I took a break and came back to life to play KH 3 I decided no ones gave love to the amazing fourtellers KH gave us, so why not show them some affection to??
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Ángel guardián +Servamp y tu+ by estrelladestructora
Ángel guardián +Servamp y tu+by 가브리엘라
Yo solamente queria un gato pero jamas pense que traerte conmigo estaba aceptando el destino que venia incluido en tu cuidado, nunca pense que aparte de eso mi gato fues...
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The Time Traveler (Kingdom Hearts Characters x Reader) by Vladimira121
The Time Traveler (Kingdom Amy Rosario
The reader time travels throughout all kingdom hearts and win the hearts of many characters she comes across! From the original masters, to organization 13, and the hero...
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When The Sky Fell by Oath_Keeper_Sora
When The Sky Fellby Oath_Keeper_Sora
What does it feel like to pretend on being a happy, go lucky teen? What does it feel like to hide your true feelings from the people you love and care for? What does it...
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Los 7 ninjas pecadores de Konoha by Kurama_demon
Los 7 ninjas pecadores de Konohaby Demon_Kurama
Konoha la aldea ninja mas poderosa en la actualidad, alberga en ella el ejercito ninja mas grande y fuerte en todo el continente elemental antes conocido como Britannia...
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War of the Hearts by khgirl678
War of the Heartsby ㅤ
In a time, during the Age of Fairy Tales, the universe was one world divided into separate Unions in which Keyblade Wielders decide which one to go to. It is an age of p...
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Sky Leopared by Commander_shadow
Sky Leoparedby Commander_shadow
(Warning possible Kingdom hearts 3 spoiler!!!!!!) After Sora saved Kairi from the cold grasp of death he vanished into light however instead of going to kingdom hearts...
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KH back cover- Bri  wearer of the cat mask by taintedredfox
KH back cover- Bri wearer of Rye
what if instead of five foretellers there where six? And what if the sixth had an import role one that involves the future wielders. well this is were her story begins...
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Kingdom Hearts X; The Forgotten's Keeper by Snowqueens13
Kingdom Hearts X; The Forgotten' Yuki
In a time when unions meant everything, the race to stop the keyblade war brings together unlikely allies. To save the world the unspoken rules must be broken, and frien...
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Yo rencarnando con el cuerpo de Zangetsu en Equestria by ghyguh
Yo rencarnando con el cuerpo de María Iscar
Como bien dice el titulo yo rencarnare en el cuerpo de Zangetsu en Equestria pero ademas de las habilidades de el mismo algunas mas de otros juegos y tendre enemigos de...
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By Daybreak's Dawn (Ira/Aced/Gula x Reader) by NurAfrinaNazifa
By Daybreak's Dawn (Ira/Aced/ Nur Afrina Nazifa
The Foretellers and Luxu had always been together ever since the Master took them under his wing; the six apprentices became Keyblade Masters after completing the Mark o...
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Kingdom Hearts; Before All Was Lost by Snowqueens13
Kingdom Hearts; Before All Was Lostby Yuki
A collection of short stories for my Kingdom Hearts series, pertaining to any and all characters that have made an appearance. Ideas I had after stories completion or id...
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Los siete pecados capitales by juglar28
Los siete pecados capitalesby gabitus
Los siete pecados capitales son una clasificación de los vicios mencionados en las primeras enseñanzas del cristianismo para educar a sus seguidores acerca de la moral c...
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GLUTTONY by Pryllenia
Dedicada a uno de los pecados capitales: la gula.
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Deadly Sins of Evil: Evil Food Eater Conchita by AlyxZiel
Deadly Sins of Evil: Evil Food AlyxZiel
What's Evil Food Eater Conchita? "Honor and praise our own great Conchita!" Posted on Nico Nico Douga in March 2009 by mothy, it used the VOCALOIDs MEIKO and K...
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Recetario continental. by patxdrmssn
Recetario Pato Diermïssen. 🌙
Tarea culinaria de Piscis para ZH.
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Los siete pecados capitales | sasunarusasu. by trxisidiry
Los siete pecados capitales | .・゜Ғancყ ・゜.
[El deseo que proyectan nuestros ojos es el mismo que proyectan nuestros corazones, sin importar bendiciones o pecados, yo te amaré hasta que el día se marchite y la noc...
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Dandelion's Lament  by AkiraHighwind564
Dandelion's Lament by AkiraHighwind564
In the Age of Fairy Tales, a girl named Haruka joined the Unions sworn to protect the light. She followed the way of the Keyblade wielders, collecting LUX and fighting d...
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