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The 4 hunters in Guilty Gear (RWBY x Gulity Gear) by Halo686
The 4 hunters in Guilty Gear ( Halo686
3 hunters in a harsh world that they been through like abuse, neglecting, and bullied, until a huntsman name Qrow Brawnwen take them and train them for what they went th...
The New Guilty Gear (RWBY X Guilty Gear X Male Reader) by RevZero25
The New Guilty Gear (RWBY X Ex.Ellis.Max.Act
Mankind knew that they cannot change society. So instead of reflecting on themselves, they blamed the beasts. HEAVEN OR HELL F/N has lived a mostly routine life yea hi...
The anime multiverse! (Male reader x Anime universe) by HalosDestiny117
The anime multiverse! (Male Halos Destiny117
Y/n is a 17 year old weeaboo who is still living with his family. He thinks his life is boring and wishes to go to a world were all his favorite animes and anime games a...
Power heros go! volume 1  by Isolyng
Power heros go! volume 1 by crazy day time
This here, is a fan story about guilty gear and blazblue (mixed with my thing together) im gonna be writing it but soon, just not now
The Half Gear And The Half Gem (Guilty Gear x Steven Universe) by Halo686
The Half Gear And The Half Gem ( Halo686
You're the son of the Flame of Corruption and transported to another world which is Earth but different. You'll find yourself with new people and on a place called Beach...
X Reader Dump by Jokersenpais
X Reader Dumpby Last Train Home
A place for us two to dump our bad fan fiction. character x reader
The Dark Doctor (Danmachi x Guilty Gear crossover) by CatShipsDemAll
The Dark Doctor (Danmachi x Rozen
When Bridget kissed me, this happened. When I praised a rabbit, this happened as well. And when I kisses a rabbit named Bridget, all of this happened. Then that bridget...
Ky Kiske x Millia Rage Fanfic Collection by SasuhinaAddict
Ky Kiske x Millia Rage Fanfic P R E C I O U S
So instead of a Ky x Millia oneshot, I changed it into a fanfic collection.
Ragna Is Better Than Sol Badguy by CarlosTostadas
Ragna Is Better Than Sol Badguyby Carlos Tostadas
Sol badguy sucks dick and Ragna wants to kick his ass!!
Devil May Cry : Resident by Team_Google_Plus
Devil May Cry : Residentby Team Google+
From the creation of Strider Shift, Team Sora Adventures series , and Elsword : Book of Shadows ...I bring u Devil May Cry :Resident ! ....This story is about 6 people w...
The Fighting Game Book by -Beni-
The Fighting Game Bookby Lover of all things Dragon
This is gonna be a place where I answer questions about Fighting Games,report news in fighting games,discuss fighting games,etc
Dreamlike Reality: Bedman x Reader by WubMeister
Dreamlike Reality: Bedman x Readerby Wub Meister
MY FAVOURITE RANKING: #2 in Guilty Gear fanfictions You awake to find yourself in a dream, and are soon found by Bedman, whom you have a rather large crush on. Will he r...
My Character fave Book! ♥ by WingZeroJTepes
My Character fave Book! ♥by Jhunie Roque
A book about my favorite characters from various videogames and animes (Mecha included. ;P)
Were are you A.B.A? by Absoliyakana464
Were are you A.B.A?by Absoliyakana464
The Scientific research project, A.B.A has been roaming the world in search for a artificial life form for her dear friend Paracelsus. Yet when she comes upon a Gear w...
My KyXMillia Digital Fan Arts  by KawaiiJoe
My KyXMillia Digital Fan Arts by Joenela Claud
My digital fan arts dedicated especially to my forever OTP Ky Kiske and Millia Rage. Arts that I created using Autodesk Sketch and Medibang apps. All images are copyrigh...
Heroes of the Azure: Truth and Ideals Pictures/CGs by Aqua-Mage1000
Heroes of the Azure: Truth and Aqua
(Rated T) Basically, just pages of cgs from the original, just in case you guys missed it or isn't interested in the story that much and just want to look at some decent...