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Souls Intertwined (Fraxus) by Dofairieshavetails23
Souls Intertwined (Fraxus)by ScarletKnight20
He's just a shy, green haired kid who comes across a guildhall in Magnolia. Not much is known about his past, and not many people try to question it, apart from one pers...
From One Dragon To Another by Dofairieshavetails23
From One Dragon To Anotherby ScarletKnight20
19 year old Akari Ryu leaves her guild in search of a more powerful one to test her strength, she comes across Fairy Tail, in Magnolia, and has heard great things about...
💙💫Rebecca Heartfilia: The Elemental God Dragon💫💙 by Himeko24
💙💫Rebecca Heartfilia: The 🌹✨Zirra✨🌹
The Queen of all dragons, Rebecca Heartfilia. The daughter of the strongest celestial wizard and king of all dragon kind. What wold your life be like if you were raised...
Gratsu One-shots✔️ by arandomperson58
Gratsu One-shots✔️by arandomperson58
A book of Gratsu one-shots because I never get tired of writing about them. Enjoy! 🥰 Also, any of the list I use are not mine. I got them all from the internet.
Silver Lining by Rosey1510
Silver Liningby Rosey1510
Silver Draiger is a young skilled wizard who is struggling to find his identity in a world full of cruel laws and dangerous foes . By the mysterious appearance of a woun...
Necklace of the Fairies (ON HOLD) by cantspellhopewitoutj
Necklace of the Fairies (ON HOLD)by suga memez
Maya Rui, a 16 year old girl that is loved by all the boys. Why? You ask, well, her beauty, her power, her personality. Many things are loved my this girl, soooooo why d...
Lucy's old guild by III_Xyle_III
Lucy's old guildby PhysicallyImpossible
What happens when a group of hooded figures come to the guild? What will happen when they say they know Lucy? What will happen when they say they where guild mates? ____...
My Guildmates by Lucy_CelestialMage
My Guildmatesby Lucy Heartfilia
🌟Heya Guys! It's Lucy here! In this Book I will show you all who my Guildmates are and I also will put their accounts into the chapters! I will also welcome every new...
Stinglu ff by JasmineShu
Stinglu ffby Just me ♥
Lucy, went on a mission with team Natsu, but Natsu and Lucy were arguing and Natsu end up beating lucy. Typical..