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20 years after the war  by Dramione0423
20 years after the war by ForeverInOurHearts
It's been 20 years since the war happened. Hermione has been gone since the war ended and know one nows were she is or what she is doing. What will happen when she bring...
Stutter || Larry Stylinson by youshouldbeproud
Stutter || Larry Stylinsonby Bree
Louis Tomlinson has always had a stutter. And because of this speech impediment, everyone despises him. He just can't seem to get on anyone's good side. He has lost frie...
Facade ✓ | SOPE FF  by SopeTownRoad
Facade ✓ | SOPE FF by 💜Sope💜
SG: You're the most disgusting mf I've ever seen in my entire life go choke on a dick or something bitch In which Jung Hoseok received a not so nice message but mostly i...
Hogwarts reunion  by Dramione0423
Hogwarts reunion by ForeverInOurHearts
Hermione has been gone for 16 years now. She left to search for her parents and get there memory back but that didn't work of how she planed. She didn't want to go back...
Weirdest Riddles! 🧩 by justsandrahere
Weirdest Riddles! 🧩by Sandra Adel
Are these the kind of riddles that make you go "*yaaawning*"? no. Are they the kind of riddles that make you go "man, i should've known"? Yes. I did...
 Riddles |✔ by Curls_X
Riddles |✔by Chloe
-The most rare riddles -The most weird riddles -Some popular ones too ~Riddles~ (Credit goes to the creditor of these riddles)
Guess Who? by freaks
Guess Who?by freaks
Is it possible to love someone you don't know? It was just a school assignment. They had to email each other anonymously; they had to guess who the other was. Nothing in...
Guess that Anime!  by Southernwolves
Guess that Anime! by ➳
Includes pictures and hints or riddles about certain amines and you try to guess that anime correctly!
Murder Mystery: The Case of Carry Vanwheeler by Elizabeth_Lux
Murder Mystery: The Case of Elizabeth Lux
Carry Vanwheeler is dead. Who killed her? And why? I dare you to find out in this short novella. Read 9 suspects stories about Carry and her untimely demise. Comment...
Lesson's Learned ((Jalex)) by McDougallBooty
Lesson's Learned ((Jalex))by :-)
teacherxStudent cause I like those stories so yea Mr.Gaskarth is the new music teacher at Jack's school. Jack doesn't enjoy school who does? But Jack is very disrespectf...
Anime Characters- Riddles by 1212ShoyoHinata
Anime Characters- Riddlesby 1212ShoyoHinata
Guess which Anime or Manga character it is in each chapter! There will also be some where you have to guess where you are. I will do my best to make them as medium level...
Guess the Anime by SammiTellsStories
Guess the Animeby Sammi Louise
I got bored and just did this for the fun of it. I do not own anything. All credit goes to the amazing people who created these!
My stalker (wybie x fem reader) by Oceaneyes415
My stalker (wybie x fem reader)by Oceaneyes415
what if Coraline had an adopted sister y/n who had a crush on " the village stalker" but did he have one on her? when It came to the other world y/n always ha...
Promise Me Money by DirtySoulsAndGuess
Promise Me Moneyby Chelsanna
Here at Deltalain Academy, Los Angeles, everyone has it all. The pair of signature Louboutins or that silver Lamborghini you wanted? They got it. They're practically the...
Guess The Celebrity by TheHamsterPlanet
Guess The Celebrityby Meg
In each chapter, I will give a short bio and a few facts about the mystery celeb. It's your job to guess who it is! Whoever comments first will get a shout out in the n...
Ash Betrayed- Pokemon fanfic by Ashleyninja
Ash Betrayed- Pokemon fanficby Ashleyninja
I hate betrayal stories, which is exactly why I'm writing one. So, yay, I guess. If there are any grammatical errors, they were intentional or mistakes. Thank you, this...
Guess The Anime Character by April_Flowerheart
Guess The Anime Characterby •April•
This book is about guessing the anime character. Basically what the title says.
who is that cat? by Mothbrook
who is that cat?by 🤍 moth !!
^^ Go ahead and try it out! <3
Satori Tendōu by insane6660
Satori Tendōuby Sa-to-ri_Tendōu
its just Satori Tendōu