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The betrayed Guardian by pjheadcannons
The betrayed Guardianby pjheadcannons
Broken, betrayed, hunted these are not words that should be used to describe the 2 times saviour of Olympus but they are. The art is not mine, the characters are not min...
Unwanted by Shrimpington
Unwantedby :)
Percy Jackson was tossed out of Camp Half-Blood after being cheated on, and betrayed by all. No one believed he was innocent. Not a single being. No one. Not even his fa...
The Tides of Change by ianle3891e
The Tides of Changeby Μεεπ|ΠΡΟΓΑΜΕΡ|iii-iii
Percy walked into Mount Olympus. Wow, he thought, his ex-girlfriend did a GREAT job redesigning Mount Olympus. Ah well, life sucked for him; he had been through literal...
Percy Jackson: The Guardian by ShadowFics72
Percy Jackson: The Guardianby ShadowFics72
Percy was betrayed by the ones he loves most. Now he has a decision, Become the Guardian of the hunt, or try and survive on his own. ***I know this has been done a multi...
Guardian of the Hunt (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Artemus_Hunter
Guardian of the Hunt (Percy Guardian of Wolves
When Perseus is betrayed by the people he love's. He doesn't know what to do anymore and goes to the gods to die. But Zeus has other plans for him. I do not own PJO no...
Remember (A Percy Jackson Fanfic) by Sacai2005
Remember (A Percy Jackson Fanfic)by Sacai2005
After losing the one closest to him, he disappears for quite a long time. Another war is coming. Against an enemy that was never seen before. A war that will decide the...
The Hunt's Guardian by bgoodwin04
The Hunt's Guardianby Theamazingbri
I now hate my (ex) girlfriend. She was just so rude. Wait, let me start from the beginning, my name is Percy Jackson (former) son of Poseidon. Until now, I was a hero...
Guardian Of The Hunt by jusboredashell
Guardian Of The Huntby Pedro
Every Olympian has a Guardian. A Guardian is someone who would protect their Charge to their dying breath. They were a protector and friend to the gods and were treated...
The New Professor Pjo Hp Cross Over (Rewritten) by kermitthefrog54
The New Professor Pjo Hp Cross Dylan Rock
Plot has changed a small bit Percy is 29 Harry's in his 5th year Percy runs into trouble with a group of hunters and a certain goddess. Percy is a singer, professor and...
Scarred Percy of the hunt (Slow Updates) by titanofcreation
Scarred Percy of the hunt (Slow titanofcreation
Percy Jackson is betrayed by everyone at camp brutally tortured and broken in Tartarus will he ever be able to get feeling back and feel love again?
The Olympian Trilogy  by thezestywalru
The Olympian Trilogy by Annaleise Clár
"The son of Poseidon was going to go to Olympus, swear his innocence to the gods, and pray that they didn't smite him. After all, he wasn't an idiot. And if they di...
Percy Jackson: The Betrayed Guardian by WhackyDust3061
Percy Jackson: The Betrayed WhackyDust 3061
Percy Jackson and friends have recently won the Giant War. However, when a new camper shows up, Percy's life is turned upside down. Will Percy succumb to his Darkness, o...
The Hearth's Champion by cristianbrown32
The Hearth's Championby BadCopNoDonut
One quest. One quest and that's all that was needed for Perseus "Percy" Jacksons life to spiral out of control. #DISCONTINUED
percy jackson, guardian of the hunt Book 1 by outsidemyownbox
percy jackson, guardian of the OopsDidIDoThat
percy Achilles Jackson is used to his sometimes good life. his amazing smart girlfriend and equally great friends. everything seemed perfect. Gia was gone, the camps w...
Light Birthed Through Pain by AndrewThePekka
Light Birthed Through Painby ThePekkaNation
Death, Despair, and the entire package. Percy cried. It was the only thing he could do, after SHE and all his 'friends' betrayed him... I'm sorry, I don't own PJO or HOO...
Hunters of Artemis (Percy Jackson) by ilcadampaot
Hunters of Artemis (Percy Jackson)by ilcadampaot
What more do they want? I've lost Annabeth and my eyes already. Yes, I'm blind. I sacrificed my eyes to resurrect Sylvie. Anyways, what more do they want? Apperently, mo...
The Missing Hero by sonoftheseajackson
The Missing Heroby J
Artemis knew that her and her hunters have lost. "My master will be pleased to have captured the great Artemis!" Orion raked his eyes across Artemis's body...
Broken together (Percabeth) by AviAvon2007
Broken together (Percabeth)by Anurag Ojha
Last updated- 16 Feb 2022 What if Annabeth would have cheated Percy after the II Titan war? Will Percy be able to recover from his heart break and find someone to love a...
The Hunt for Life (Fem Percy Guardian of the Hunt) by PokemonDestiny
The Hunt for Life (Fem Percy Marissa
Life and death lie close together. The smallest things can push people towards one or the other. But sometimes those things aren't that small. Percy Jackson has seen far...
The Vengeance of The Demon King - A Pertemis Story (Book 2) by FireWriter07
The Vengeance of The Demon
After defeating John Chaos and End, Percy is officially the most powerful person in the Multiverse after travelling through it because of a curse while defeating everyon...