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Stephew One shots by gemcavern2550
Stephew One shotsby Gem
I am apart of the GTLive community along with many of my friends. Many of them have incredible stories with these two wonderful people so I thought I would try my hand i...
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I Can't Lose Her {Stephew} by Scottsc20
I Can't Lose Her {Stephew}by Scott
(Special thanks to CaitlinIsInTheClouds for inspiring this story.) Matthew Patrick has been married to Stephanie Cordato for five years. They've scaled mountains, braved...
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Back To The Drawing Board (Stephew) by wandering_sadie
Back To The Drawing Board (Stephew)by wandering_sadie
Matthew and Stephanie Patrick are at a high point in their lives, successful both at YouTube and at their relationship. However, when Stephanie becomes pregnant and thei...
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Tiny Adventures [EDITING] by twinsister27
Tiny Adventures [EDITING]by Jordan
On September 16, 2016, MatPat and Markiplier both adopted Tinies. This is about them going through their lives now. What differences are they going to have to make? What...
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Youtubers- In Kindergarten! by mbunnyj
Youtubers- In Kindergarten!by Jess Ridley
5 year old Matthew Patrick is super excited for his first day of Kindergarten! The kids in his class are a little weird, like crazy Stephanie with the chicken nuggets, t...
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Survival - A GTlive Zombie Apocalypse FanFiction by andpeggy5
Survival - A GTlive Zombie andpeggy5
It was just a normal day at Duke University for Matt and Steph when the unexpecited happens. Now they must depend on each other in order to stay alive in this new, dange...
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The Midnight Game [YouTubers AU] by CiaraM11
The Midnight Game [YouTubers AU]by In a British Accent
Six YouTubers were chosen to play the Midnight Game. That's it. I suck at descriptions. • • • YouTubers involved (in order of appearance): - jacksepticeye - CaptainSpark...
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Stephew One Shots (MatPat x Stephanie) by LarkSweetsong
Stephew One Shots (MatPat x LarkSweetsong
Having noticed a lack of MatPat and Stephanie fanfiction within the Theorist community, I decided to create this collection. Some stories may be based on true events, ot...
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I Can't Break Free {Stephew} by Scottsc20
I Can't Break Free {Stephew}by Scott
WARNING: This is a sequel to "I Can't Lose Her". Go read that one first. It's been almost three months since Matthew Patrick had the most intense, terrifying n...
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Behind The Game-Stephpat (Completed) by Forever_reading09
Behind The Game-Stephpat ( Forever_reading09
Stephanie and Mathew Patrick are the cutest couple ever! Everybody loves them in the lives, but what about outside the lives? Stay tune to see the drama, romance, friend...
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Become The Game by mbunnyj
Become The Gameby Jess Ridley
A new indie horror title is sweeping the nation. Several speedruns have been uploaded onto YouTube, but no one knows what happens when you die in the game. Plus, people...
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GTLive: Karate Kick To My Heart by MorMor_187
GTLive: Karate Kick To My Heartby MorMor_187
Matthew Patrick was always considered weak. Bullies in his school are always beating him up and picking up on him. If there is something that he wants to do, is to fight...
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One Shots by andpeggy5
One Shotsby andpeggy5
Just some short stories about Matthew and Stephanie. Enjoy! Note- These were written before the pregnancy announcement, so some of these might be slightly different than...
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A New Life (Markpat) by AikoFanFan
A New Life (Markpat)by Actual Trash
All I'm saying is watch A Heist with Markiplier or you'll be hella confused.
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The Adventures of Treble Cleff and Sugar Bullet by mbunnyj
The Adventures of Treble Cleff Jess Ridley
*In which I turn Rosanna Pansino and Stephanie Patrick into a superhero crime-fighting team* Technology is booming in Citrus City thanks to a mysterious new clean energy...
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More Happy Than Not (Stephew) by weekdaygladers
More Happy Than Not (Stephew)by kitten
MatPat (The Game Theorists) and wife Stephanie have a child and have to learn how to produce their shows and live streams while changing diapers* *this book may mostly b...
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Escape the night season 3 by lesbianwhore2113
Escape the night season 3by End
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Lay With Me by sammisue_
Lay With Meby Vel (Sammi)
Matthew and Stephanie plan a picnic, in which the unexpected happens. Disclaimer: This is not for the faint of heart. We took angst to a whole new level in this work. Th...
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When Jason's away(Stephew) by MostlyMoreThanSmut
When Jason's away(Stephew)by NJ
Jason's away for a second honeymoon, Chris gets sick; and when the children are away, the parents will play.
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