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Prince Charmings (BOOK ONE) by icanbeinterestingtoo
Prince Charmings (BOOK ONE)by stream suki waterhouse for cl...
LIFE IS ALL BUT A FAIRYTALE IN WAITING In which Beau Minders inability to think for himself lands him in legal hot water, and the only way for him to drag himself back t...
Fine by laceygwhyte
Fineby Lacey Grace
FINE: Freaking out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional -The Italian Job Levi: high school student, basketball player, Chase's best friend, openly gay. Nate: high school...
How Gay Can It Get? by LittleBitOfChaos
How Gay Can It Get?by Isadora Jane
Welcome to HalfBlood High! Where everyone is queer and there is a lot of trauma to be had! (Spoilers for Percy Jackson and The Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, and Magn...
Gold Script Awards by goldscriptawards
Gold Script Awardsby Gold Script
OPEN:✗ JUDGING: ✗CLOSED: ✔ Welcome to the GSAs! This contest is for Wattpad writers of all genres; we look forward to seeing all your applications! Cover avatar by: Pi...
The LGBT Magazine [April 2012] by LGBT-Library
The LGBT Magazine [April 2012]by LGBT-Library
The place to find all the hottest news, stories, competitions and our very own what's hot list's for LGBT stories! - As well as some random stuff related to the LGBT com...
As Long As You Need Me by FrogHornGoBrrrrr
As Long As You Need Meby StinkyRatBoi
LGBTQ+ youth unite to conquer discrimination at their school.
~GSA knight romance and fun~ by Nero_nuna_luna
~GSA knight romance and fun~by Nero_nuna_luna
just posting short stories either between the GSA knight or with reader -Sir Arthur -Meta Knight -Sir Falspar -Sir Nonsurat -Sir Dragato -reader (you) gotta find a...
Little Dragon by lil_adrians_world
Little Dragonby Kat
Oliver is an age regressor, and when his friend drags him to GSA, he meets someone who will take care of him. Or not... Someone who Oliver put all his trust into is tell...
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The Foggy, the schnitzel and the holey sweater by Batfamalam
The Foggy, the schnitzel and the
Foggy thinks he knows about most major religions as much as the average person, after living with his roommate, Matt Murdock he learns how little that is.
Broken | Drarry by nohomostylinson
Broken | Drarryby kissy
drarry oneshot in which a tispy draco shows up randomly to hogwarts' first gay-straight alliance meeting, lead by the one and only harry potter. {also posted on Archive...
Rainbow Road: Surviving Struggle Together by NemoHorseGirl
Rainbow Road: Surviving Struggle NemoHorseGirl
The LGBTQ+ community is a wonderful place, with great people, enjoying their truest self. Nobody said this rainbow road would be easy, but it is worth the battle, just l...
GSA by yinessca
GSAby yinessca
In a school where a new teacher starts a GSA. A non-binary Kid, Alek joins the new Gay-Straight alliance (something they thought they would never do) of his school in se...
Rainbow Flag Society  by Puffinlover852
Rainbow Flag Society by Massive Fangirl
Lalani Belmont, an 8th grader in a new school, is facing some difficulties. A new curriculum, but that could be expected. Racism (it's 2016, are you serious?) and someth...
Raffaele Tognacca by raffaeletog
Raffaele Tognaccaby Raffaele Tognacca
Por iniciativa da Diretoria da Câmara, do Secretário Geral Leonardo Freitas e da GSA, com seu Diretor Raffaele Tognacca, foi estabelecido em 26 de outubro o Grupo de Tra...
To Sell a Daffodil by Maebara
To Sell a Daffodilby Maebara
A story about faith, courage, and confidence to follow what your heart desires, even when society tells you it's wrong. Lillian found love in the right place at the wron...
Bloom // Peterick by sneakybean
Bloom // Peterickby sneakybean
Patrick has just come out and he finally feels free. He decides to join his school's chapter of the Gay-Straight Alliance. The club does a wide variety of things that he...
Conner's In The Closet  by nurlz001
Conner's In The Closet by Nothing is Everything
Everyone loves Conner. He's cute , adorable, and as innocent as a cub. But he has a tiny.. little secret. But Once he joins his school's GSA (Gay Straight Association)...