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Funny, relatable African memes.
FOR LAUGHS  by Alpha-black
HIGHEST RANKING |1st in growingupblack | 19/3/2019 | | 3rd in wtffacts| 19/3/2019 looking for something to entertain you? well here are some cheesy pickup lines, puns...
#GrowingUpBlack  by miaajessica
#GrowingUpBlack by miaajessica
funny things that black people had to deal with growing up?
Growing Up Black by heyboos9
Growing Up Blackby Rose Harrison
Ya'll if you black with black parents you can relate
#GrowingUpBlack by DrizzyHayes_
#GrowingUpBlackby Breezy Baby
My life growing up black
#GrowingUpBlack by Karasaekano
#GrowingUpBlackby |∆•¥•L|E|I|K•¥•∆|
This Book Is About Short And Funny Relable Topics Of Growing Up As An African American Child! Enjoy!
Storytimes by Hooxdlum
Storytimesby Hooxdlum
Ass whooping, fights, yada yada you name it..
Exclusive.Crackheads🙈 by fendiwipes
Exclusive.Crackheads🙈by fendiwipes
a spam book,if u have a problem wit the book,suck my toes,thas on some nahmir shit, you are warned....if u see some shit u don't wanna see don't I say i didn't warn you...
Skip Me  by Oh_No_She_Didnt
Skip Me by Oh_No_She_Didnt
Diary entries of a crazy, funny, complex, 13 year old girl who just so happens to be me .
Life Ain't Easy by stefani02
Life Ain't Easyby Steffi
POW! Where I'm from you need to control the bullet. POW! Where I'm from you live like there's no tomorrow cause who knows if yhu make it POW! POW! Where I'm from, men c...
Having Everything Revealed by beautiful648
Having Everything Revealedby beautiful648
This story is about a young girl name Saniaya, shes only 15 years old,And she's been living a lie her whole life, She doesn't now her true worth she only just puts on a...
#GrowingUpBlack🍫 by -Sprinklesss
#GrowingUpBlack🍫by ♌
.🍫 #54 in relate
Black Fire by HeadsInCloud9
Black Fireby TheDayDreamer
The end of high school is approaching, the stars flickering out one by one. After the tragic passing her of father, Kiara's light began to flicker and soon fade. Leaving...
Journal Entries: A Spotify Playlist by scxrletmxwell
Journal Entries: A Spotify Playlistby aj ⚔️
"Even at a loss of words or a loss of oneself, music is my one constant." This collection of personal, freewriting pieces cannot be truly expressed without the...